Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The lives of Kate Morris & John Thomas Kibble

Kate Morris was born 1854 in Birmingham. Warwickshire,, England. She married John Thomas Kibble on 1 Nov 1891 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Tey had one known child Annie Marie Kibble born Jan 1893 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Married Lenard R Myring in 1930 and died Jun of 1968 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Not much is known about their daughter and all the records I found on Kate & John were criminal records. 

John Thomas Kibble started his life of crime at age 11 and was sent to Harwick Reformatory School for several years. This, however, did not stop him from assaulting his father among others and stealing. Below are photos of Hardwicke Reformatory School for Boys.

Church at Hardwicke

John Thomas Kibble Criminal records

It was listed in a census I came across that at one point John was a Brass Caster but listed as Unemployed. Also as you read through his criminal records you will see he was a soldier and he deserted.

What would make a young boy go down this path to despair?

His parents James Kibble & Harriet Powell seem to have lived productive lives, he died at age 70 and she at age 75. All his siblings also had good trades and had families except for his sister Mary Ann Kibble who was born 1847 and died 1851. 

So now let's look at Kate Morris life. I found very little on her. She was born in 1854 in Birmingham Warwickshire, England to William Morris and Ann. This is all the information I have on them.
Her siblings may have been Emily, Jane & Charles Henry, Agnes, Herbert & Elizabeth.
John Thomas Kibble died Jun 1921 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He was only 67 years old.

They lived in Birmingham as well.

Kate was black-listed from all the local pubs
here is her criminal record and mug shot. I warn you it's not pretty.She was noted for cuts to her face and missing fingers.

I wonder if she wasn't abused by her husband.
How did she lose her eye??? Did that and or abuse turn her to alcohol? She died in 1930 in Birmingham Warwickshire, England.

On the blacklist, each drunkard’s entry includes photographs, their name, alias, residence, employment, physical description, distinguishing marks, nature of conviction, and the sentence received for booze-related crimes.
Offenders came from all different backgrounds and worked as metal cutters, grease merchants, labourers and hawkers among other occupations.
A large number of the undesirables were women, working as bedstead polishers, hawkers and grease merchants. Some resorted to prostitution to supplement their incomes.
Many had aliases – suggesting criminal careers - 31 had scars or physical handicaps, ranging from Kate Kibble’s one eye to cut marks on faces, broken noses and missing fingers. Who hurt her? What Happened?
I guess we may never know.