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Pvt. Franklin Brother's in Leavenworth Prison

Henry Franklin 
Inmate# 2805
Leavenworth Prison, KS
Rec: 12 Dec 1901
Term: 1 year and 1 day

Caesar Franklin
Inmate# 2806
Leavenworth Prison, KS
Rec: 12 Dec 1901
Term: 1 year and 1 day

This is all the information I have found, I am not even 100% sure they are brothers, but I am assuming they are related. If you notice there inmate numbers and date received, that's what lead me to believe this. Hopefully we will get a family member to help us with their story.

Leavenworth Prison is a Federal Prison, They called "The Big House" therefore the inmates came from all over the United States, which makes research difficult when they have a common name.

The United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth (USP Leavenworth) is a medium-security United States federal prison for male inmates that is located in northeast Kansas. It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice. It also includes a satellite federal prison camp (FPC) for minimum-security male offenders.

I did find a Caesar and a Henry in different newspaper clipping in Oklahoma for larceny. 

I also found a Caesar Franklin living in the Creed Nation, which was not uncommon back then.

I did make a Family Tree for them on Ancestry hoping to find a match but no luck. 

When I started this blog it was to find out more about these people's lives and hopefully make a connection for their families who didn't know their story. As time has gone by I have noticed more and more that certain races have very few or no family trees. This has compelled me to make some. I believe we are all family and therefore we should work together and share with all. I have over 50 trees made on Ancestry that I am not related to because each tugged at me to look for their story. I don't always find what I am looking for but I do go back at times and keep trying to add more information. 

If you feel compelled to help feel free. Maybe you can find out if these gentleman are brother or relatives of some kind.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Three Adams : Houston, TX 1917 Riot Camp Logan Series

I have been going through some Leavenworth Prison mugshots and records and came across some men with the same last name. My inner detective got the best of me and I did some digging. I am a huge history buff and I have not heard of this, (shame on my history teachers). In 1917 in Houston, TX at Camp Logan there was a riot where 13 black soldiers were convicted and hung and 41 other black soldiers tried and convicted and sentenced to life in prison. 

Almost from the arrival of the Twenty-fourth Infantry in Houston, the presence of black soldiers in the segregated Texas city caused conflict. The Jim Crow laws had not been enforced when the Twenty-fourth was deployed in Columbus, New Mexico, but in Houston the soldiers encountered segregated street cars and white workers at Camp Logan who demanded separate tanks of drinking water. Soldiers from the Twenty-fourth were involved in a number of "clashes" with city police, several of which resulted in the soldiers receiving minor injuries.

Map 24th infantry camp; Houston, Texas, showing bullet holes in vicinity (circa 1917)

Camp Logan

The Trial:

 Largest Murder Trial in the History of the United States. Scene during Court Martial of 64 members of the 24th Infantry United States of America on trial for mutiny and murder of 17 people at Houston, Texas August 23, 1917. Trial held in Gift Chapel Fort Sam Houston. Trial started November 1, 1917, Brigadier General George K. Hunter presiding. Colonel J.A. Hull, Judge Advocate, Council for Defense, Major Harvy S. Grier. Major D.V. Sutphin, Assistant Advocate. Prisoners guarded by 19th Infantry Company C, Captain Carl J. Adler.

On August 31, 1918, President Wilson granted clemency to ten soldiers by commuting their death sentences to life in prison. Wilson issued a rare public statement in order that the basis of his action might be "a matter of record.
I will be doing a series on this because I have almost all their mugshots and I am compelled to tell their stories so they can be heard from the shadows of their graves. This is unacceptable to me. These men were soldiers for the United States of America, there were all discharged from service and received a dishonorable discharge, they had to forfeit all pay and allowances due them and be confined to prison for the rest of their lives. 

Before I am done I will be getting each and every one of them a pardon. Starting with my local senator. I will keep you posted.

The Adam brothers Story: (Updated)I found out they are not brothers and are no relation as far as I can tell.

Earnest E Adams was born abt 1891 in Little Rock, Ark He had a wife Bertha who sues for divorce while he is in prison.

He was Inmate #12241 
Rec: 16 Dec 1917
Leavenworth Prison

John Adams was born abt. 1892 in MO
Inmate #12242
Rec 16 Dec 1917
Leavenworth Prison
He became a Nurse in the prison hospital

Wash Adams born abt. 1896 possibly MS
Inmate #12243
Leavenworth Prison
He became a nurse in the prison hospital

I have not found any death records for any of them, but here's some newspaper clipping on the event.

I also found the following document concerning Earnest E Adams

The next is Wash Adams document

 This is all I found. 

I am hoping a family member will come forward and let us know if they ever got out or did they die in prison.

Now on one of these documents it says confined to life which it says is 10 years 9 months. Hum? But I still never found any death records for these gentlemen. I also checked Find A Grave for the Leavenworth Cemetery and they aren't listed.

The Adam brother's were apart of 24th United States Infantry Company I

If anyone else finds out anything please comment. Thanks. 

Update a friend found this:1927

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Clyde Arthur Bruce: Aka Frank Williams: Drug Addict

Clyde Arthur Bruce born 14 May 1882 in Everett Woodson, Kansas to Arthur William Bruce (1847-1910) and Caroline "Carrie" Bump (1852-1918). He was married to Nelena Florence Orme 11 Apr 1909 in Prescott, AZ. They had a daughter Farne Bruce born in 1912.

Clyde had several Alias: 
Frank A Williams
Frank Williams

He was Inmate # 22729 Folsom Prison
Received:30 Nov 1939
Term: 0-5
Crime: Receiving Stolen Property
Place Crime Occurred: San Francisco County, CA.

Prior Offenses:

Inmate#34199 San Quentin
Crime: Vio Sec 28 M.V.A. (motor Vehicle insurance)I am 100% sure, it could be vehicular manslaughter too. 
Received: 20 Nov 1920
Sentenced 1-5
Paroled: 16 Jan 1923
Discharged: 16 Jan 1923

He was also Inmate #2801 in Leavenworth Prison
He spent 90 days in Los Angeles Jail in 1918 for Vio. Poison Law (Drugs)

My belief is that he was a hardcore addict. If you read his prison cards where it describes his scars, he has hypo marks on both arms.

He had three siblings I found:
Jessie L Bruce 1871-1950
Alfred James Bruce 1874
Rollie Chester Bruce 1881-1959

Clyde Arthur Bruce died 6 Mar 1943 and is buried in the Folsom Prison Cemetery. His Find A Grave #170032650

He was 60 years old.

I have no idea if his line go to The Bruce or not. Mine however does....

Monday, May 28, 2018

John Jibson McBride: Gets Life for Rape of Step-Daughter, Wife Takes All

John Jibson McBride was born in 1869 in Utah. He was a miner in Idaho, which was a hard life back then. I do not know what he was mining for, could of been gold, but also could been coal, Silver or other minerals. Whatever he was mining it was still dangerous, hard work that didn't pay much. Most didn't live to be old men.

Idaho Mine 1890's

In 1893 he married a Mrs. Estabrook who had a little girl named Flora. In 1896 he was sentenced for Rape and received as Inmate #516 in the Idaho State Penitentiary at age 22. As he was on trial his wife could not testify against him. This poor man was accused of raping his step daughter Flora age 12 at the time. He had no idea his wife plotted the whole thing. She went to visit him in prison to have him sign over his property and assets to her, which he did. She sold off everything and divorced him and ran off with another man named Mr. Post and went to Utah. 

His friends rallied together for him to receive a pardon. (See Newspaper Clipping below).

I made him a family tree so I could try and figure out who this woman was, I came up with two women he married Alice Howard and Clara Whittle. He married Alice in 1894, I couldn't find the year he married Clara.

I found his parents and sibling and added them to his tree.

John Jibson McBride was discharged from prison on 14 Dec 1904 a forever changed man.

I found a photo of his grandfather Thomas McBride. I have McBride's in my family but I did not find a connection yet.

I hope John had many children a kind loving, trustworthy wife and lived a happy life.

Thomas McBride

John Jibson McBride died 25 Jul 1950 in Nampa, Canyon, ID at age 82

His Find A Grave #
if you would like to leave a memorial for him.

I wonder whatever happened to Flora? I pray she got away from her mother and lived a good life.

So I was so taken by this story I kept digging and found so much more to this story and just had to share it with everyone.

As you may remember John Jibson McBride was sentenced to the Idaho Prison for raping Flora Eastabrook which we found out was most likely a lie. I was wondering what ever happened to Flora. I found out a little more about her but first let's see about her mother Alice M Howard.

She had several husbands I found.

Clyde Eastabrook
Howard Duncan
John Jibson McBride
Benjamin Melroy Post

Busy women. As far as I can tell she only had 2 children.

Susie Eastabrook Born Jan 1887 in Idaho
Flora Eastabrook Born Sep 1897 in Idaho
Sherman Eastabrook 

When Alice ran off she married Benjamin Melroy Post first before leaving Idaho, I found a 1900 census with them and the 2 girls living in Reservation, OR. 

I did not find out anything else about Miss Flora Eastabrook. I was hoping to find husband and children.

Alice M Howard was born 30 Oct 1871 in Idaho, died 6 Sep 1948 in Midway, Canyon, Idaho she is buried with her last husband Benjamin Melroy Post. He was born 25 Jan 1875 in Buckhannon, WV and died 27 MAr 1954 in Midaway, ID

Alice M Howard was born to Anderson Abehue Howard born 24 Jul 1835 in Indiana and died 19 Oct 1920 in Midway, ID. Her mother was Martha Cox born 13 Nov 1843 in MO, died 17 Jun 1895 in Midway, ID

Alice has a FAG Memorial #89433005
She had 8 known siblings.

I did notice something strange about her marriage document with Duncan Howard, they were married in 1881 she would have been about 10, I think her birth date is wrong or she lied about her age when she married which is most unlikely. Just more interesting things to add to this story.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tomaso Chelini :Murdered His Lover while Wife Was In Italy

In re-application of TOMASO CHELINI (his name on his prison records and Newspapers have it as  Tommaso Killin/Kellin) for Pardon
AGE: 48 years CONFINED AT: Folsom, #4517 
PAROLED: JULY 1, 1909 
PLACE AND DATE OF CONVICTION: City & County of San Francisco, December 28, 1898 
SENTENCE: Life Imprisonment DATE OF RECEIVING APPLICATION: September 19, 1919 APPEAL: None taken

He was paroled on 1 Jul 1919 and got a Pardon on 19 Aug 1919. Below are some newspaper articles I found about the murder and his sentencing.

I believe this women scammed him out of his money and her lover helped. I do not for one moment believe he was having an affair with her. He was saving his money to send for his wife and daughter. I think he shot this women accidentally. He did not speak any English.

   I couldn't find a death record for him, but I did find him on Find A Grave FAG # 44366275 he died 15 Jan 1926 in SAn Francisco, CA, along with his wife Adele who was born in Italy and died 27 Aug 1950 San Francisco, CA.

They had a son Mario Renato Chelini born 11 Nov 1910 (which means Tamaso was married while out on parole) in San Francisco, CA, he died 5 Nov 1987 in Redwood City, CA

There is a book called Mugshots & Crime Files From the Gangster Era Vol 1, but his story in this book is very different from that of the newspaper clipping. The women he killed they say was from the underworld. I notice between the newspaper clippings and this book her name changes a lot. Louise Shaniche, Louise Parker, Louise Spain. 

 His wife and daughter were living in Italy and when he was out on parole he sent for his family to come to America. His daughter married and had four children.

I only found her Naturalization card 9 Nov 1942 it was dated.

I made a family tree for them on ancestry because there wasn't one and I felt obligated to tell his story.

I have since had family members contact me and have hadded much to the tree on Ancestry.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Theodore Scott Blevins : Sodomy

Theodore Scott Blevins was born to Thomas Clarke Blevins (1868-1941), and Martha M McConell (1874-1943) on 30 Nov 1904 in Volant, PA. He was an inmate at the Western State Penitentiary, sentenced on 3 Feb 1956 for sodomy (2ct), at age 51 for a term of 2-4 years.

He died 13 May 1965

Obituary: Theodore S. Blevins, 60, of 456 Neshannock Ave. died in Jameson Memorial Hospital at 9 a.m. today following an illness. He was born in Volant Nov. 30, 1904, to Thomas Clark and Martha McConnell Blevins. He was a member of First Christian Church. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Hollis (Esther) Johnston of Volant RD 1 and a brother, Ivan C., of Baltimore, Md. He was preceded in death by a brother, Earl E., four years ago and a sister, Anna E. Blevins, 13 years ago. Friends will be received in the Richard S. Cunningham Funeral Home, 454 Chestnut St., from 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow. A service will be conducted in the funeral home at 3 p.m. Thursday by Rev. j. Stanley Carpenter. Burial will be in Plain Grove UP Cemetery.

New Castle, PA., News, Tuesday, 11 May 1965 on Page 2 Column 7

I did not find any newspaper clipping on the story. There was a huge Vice ring with a underground prostitution ring and they were all charged with sodomy, so his arrest probably wasn't noted at the time, unless he was apart of that ring.

He is buried in the Plain Grove United Presbyterian Church Cemetery. FAG #116101162

As far as I can tell he was never married.