Friday, August 31, 2018

Prince Bohmam: Lies In The Folsom Prison Cemetery

Prince Bohman Born 1889 in  Alabama to Albert B Bohman and Amanda "Mandy". Prince had two brothers Edward and Sylvester Bohman. Edward was in prison at Quinton, Walker, AL in a Coal Mine in 1920. This was common practice in those days to be sentenced to hard labor. 

Inmate #10215 Folsom 
Rec: 18 Aug 1916
Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree
Term: 3 Yrs
Discharged: 19 Dec 1918 (We will discuss this at the end)

I found one newspaper clipping for Prince.

Prince died in the Folsom Prison Hospital for reasons unknown to me, I did not find any records. He is buried in the Folsom Prison Cemetery.

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It broke my heart to know this poor man died just a few months after being received into the prison, did someone kill him? Did he kill himself? Did he get sick and died?

He is resting now although I would think a prison cemetery would be as lonely id not more so as the prison itself.

R.I.P. Sweet man

So the Discharged date is 19 Dec 1918 and I have seen this many times in old prison records, my opinion is that the paperwork took time to go from the hospital to the warden and then the state had to declare him dead on their records and therefore he was discharged from prison officially two years after dying. 

He looks like he was a very intelligent man, would love to have a conversation with him.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Americus Martinelli: A Man With Many Numbers

Americus Martinelli was born  6 Jun 1880 in Italy. I have not found his parents with 100% clarity yet but I did find two brothers Alfred and Leo. Here's Americus story.

Inmate #2031 McNeil Island (Federal Prison)
Rec: 19 Jul 1911
Crime: Counterfeiting 
Term: 7 years
Transferred to Leavenworth

Inmate #8160 Leavenworth
Rec: 5 Sep 1912 From Portland, OR (McNeil Island)
Crime: Counterfeiting 
Term: 7 years
Discharged: 14 Sep 1916

He was part a the Italian Black Band.

Inmate #22772
Rec: 4 Jan 1940 As Lorenso Martini
Crime: Grand Theft 2 Counts run CC
Term: 1-10 years 2 Counts Run CC
Alias Lorenzo Martini
Transferred to San Quentin 

Americus had lots of police records to boot, Santa Ana, CA, San Antonio, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Detroit, MI, Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, NYC, Seattle, WA, POrtland, OR, Clifton, NJ.

He also had the following alias: Frank Benard, Lorenzo Martini, George Lucast, Frank Martinelli, Frank Landi, Frank Miller.

I did not find any death record for him under any of these names. I suppose he most likely died behind bars under an alias and was buried in a county cemetery in a unmarked plot.

That's really sad to know. I might have found a wife but I am not sure it's a census record and I need to do more research before I would post it here.

I believe his real name to be Americus Martinelli because I found his brothers which were list in his Leavenworth Prison records. He was 60 years old when he entered San Quentin but there is no discharge date so I think he might have died there. 

Where ever you are Americus it was an adventure trying to tell your story. I enjoyed finding out about you what I did. I wonder if we will see each other in the after life so I can find out your whole story.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Russell Augusta Hosler: Pilot Smuggler During Prohibition

Russell Augusta Hosler was born 28 Jul 1902 in Huntington, IN to Milo Alexander Hosler (1868-1940) and Della Lona Eddingford (1873-1962).

Inmate #38731 Leavenworth 
Rec: 25 Apr 1931 from Detroit, MI
Crime: Prohibition Conspiracy
Term: 2 years
Age: 28
Occupation: Aviation
Paroled: 16 Feb 1932

In 1931 Russell and two other inmates decided to plot an escape plan from Leavenworth Prison. They had items smuggled in to build a glider to take off from the top of the prison shoe factory. He had built planes before and knew what he was doing. They even had bicycle wheels smuggled in.

Here's an article that was with his Leavenworth Records.

The following articles I looked up.

I would imagine it to be similar to this but with wheels

  He started flying in shows and derby's, found this newspaper article from before he was sent to prison.

Russell was flying the following planes across the Canadian boarder picking up whisky and bring it back into the U.S. with the help from William Holton and Peter Kelly.

The plane above is a Stinson-Detroiter similar to what Russell flew with his No. 1370

This one is similar to the Woodson  Bi plane No 7531 he few

When Russell left prison he went back home to help with the family farm but he did not stay grounded. 

Russell died 6 Dec 1979 in Toldedo, OH and now he will always get to fly.

Russell your story captured my heart, my daddy had a small plane when I was little and he would take me and brother up in it. It was the most amazing thing in the world. To look down and see the cars moving on the roads and the animals, is like a little fairy tale land. I will always have that precious memory. It was nice to get to know you and now I told your story.

Me and my brother on my Daddy's plane