Sunday, February 10, 2019

Albert Theodore Keitz: Burglary

Albert Theodore Keitz was born 7 Oct 1904 on Oklahoma to John Benjamin Keita (1871-1940) and Anna Elizabeth Dowd (1875-1952).

Inmate #24419 Oklahoma State Prison 
Crime: Burglary
Term: 3 years & $66.05
Age: 26

Albert was first married to Ethel Elizabeth Moore on 31 March 1928 Oklahoma (1908-2001).

He married second to Willia Marion Murray (1914-2003) married 22 Oct 1940 in Cleveland, OK, they had a daughter named Delores born in 1933.

He was caught in 1953 in Texas stealing tires and was sentenced to Huntsville Prison.

Inmate # 125684 Huntsville, Texas Prison
Crime: Burglary
Term: 2 years
Rec: 17 Apr 1953 
Discharged: 23 Apr 1954

I find this record very strange, the person above him has his name as their alias. His full name Albert Theodore Keitz. I don't know why.

He was also #5625 Kansas State Prison and I do not know why or what for, didn't find any newspaper clippings.

Albert died 5 Oct 1968 in Marion, Oregon.

I know there is more to his story. I made him a tree on Ancestry.

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