Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Frankie Ray: Has Sticky Fingers

Frankie Ray was born about 1885 in Kentucky. In 1903 she was 18 and living in Los Angeles County, California.

Inmate #20179 San Quentin Prison
Rec: 13 June 1903
Crime: Grand Larceny
Term: 3 Years
Discharged: 13 Oct 1905

She was very good at pouting, according to the newspaper accounts of her action in the courtroom.

I can see her sitting behind the defendant's table acting like a child, pouting and trying to get herself out of the situation. Like a spoiled child. I wonder where her parents were. She was 18 years old and seems to be on her own. I did find a Ray family in the 1910 census with a 24 year old Frankie listed as daughter but I didn't attached it to her tree because I want more proof. This information is all I have on little Miss Frankie Ray.

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