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David A Wardell: Confidence Man, Swindler

  David A Wardell was born about 1880. He had a few alias, here's the one's I've found, David Coleman, Donald Coleman & C. A. Phillips All the articles are from March 1913. He had a wife and child in San Francisco I did not find them, he married Laura Crew I did not find their marriage certificate, yes there would be one even though it was not a legal marriage. I also tried to find his newspaper advertisement for a secretary but couldn't find it either. I checked all his alias and found no records. But what a story, imagine if he would of gotten away with it, but Laura got at least $3,000 of her money back and she will not be trusting no fella for a while.
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Ruth Johnson, Gladys Brown & Daniel Perry: Burglary

  Ruth Johnson was born about 1899 in Oklahoma. Inmate: #53360 San Quentin Prison Rec: 21 Dec 1932 Crime: Petty Theft Inmate: #57343 San Quentin Rec: 18 Feb 1935 Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree 3 counts Was transferred to the first women's prison in California called Tehachapi Prison on 18 Feb 1935. CLIPPED FROM The Ventura County Star and the Ventura Daily Post and Weekly Democrat Ventura, California 23 Nov 1935, Sat  •  Page 3 I didn't find any newspaper articles on her first San Quentin crime. Gladys Brown was born about 1904 in Louisiana. Inmate: #57342 San Quentin Prison Rec" 18 Feb 1935 Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree 3 cts She was paroled 8 Jan 1936 She may have been Gladys Thelma Brown born 5 Mar 1904 LA & died 14 Jul 1986 in Los Angeles County, CA. Daniel Delamara Perry was born about 1876 in Oklahoma. Parents Daniel Perry & Maudie Williams. Inmate: #57300 San Quentin Prison Rec: 15 Feb 1935 Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree 3cts I did not find out any other genealogical f

Martha Fern Brown & Louise Clark: Grand Larceny

Martha Fern Brown was born abt 1895 in Ottawa, IA Inmate: #3054 San Francisco Jail Crime: Grand Larceny Acquitted Age :21 Actress Louise Clark born about 895 in Muskogee, OK Inmate: #3053 San Francisco Jail Crime: Grand Larceny Fined: $25 Age: 21 Actress Below is a photo of the Grant Hotel still around and running, in San Francisco, CA. I wonder what room number they were in?   The two women took a Mr. B McNutt to their room and rolled him of 6 $50 bills totaling $300. There must not of been much proof against the ladies (Using this term lightly) because one was acquitted and one fined $25. He willingly went up to their room for I am sure we all know what and in 1916 this was a hushed thing people did not talk about although it was going on everywhere in the city at that time. I wonder if the Hotel still has the sign in book? Would that be a great genealogical find. Unfortunately I didn't find any newspaper articles to tell us more of their story.

Herbert E. Browne: Money Problems

Herbert E. Browne was born 1 Jan 1895 in Nevada, USA Inmate: #14593 Oakland Jail (Oakland, CA) Rec: 22 Jan 1934 Crime: Checks Case was dismissed 9 Nov 1934 Inmate: #58060 San Quentin Prison Rec: 7 Sep 1935 Vio. Sec 476a PC California penal Code 476a defines writing or passing bad checks as follows: Anyone who willfully, with intent to defraud, makes or delivers a check for the payment of money when they know at the time there are not sufficient funds for full payment of the check. He was also Inmate #3012 at Nevada State Prison Curiosity of the Nevada State Prison Website   Herbert had several jail terms as well as you can see on his prison card. He must figured he could write bad checks and get away with it, be interesting to know what he was all buying with those checks.He also had a tattoo that suggests to me he may have been in the service at some point in his life. Herbert died 24 Apr 1940 in San Francisco, CA. I didn't find any family information or newspaper articles.  His o

Terry E Pace & Lucy Paige: Burglary

Terry E Pace was born about 1904 in Cincinnati, OH   Inmate: #14204 Oakland Jail in Oakland, CA Arrested: 9 Sep 1933 Burglary Investigation Term: 1 yr County Jail & 5 yr probation Age: 29 Salesman He was married to Lolita Parker 6 Jun 1932 in Whatcom County, WA Lucy Paige was married and from Thornwood, WA born about 1910. Inmate: #14208 Oakland Jail Arrested: 11 Sep 1933 Investigation of Burglary Released: 12 Sep 1933 I didn't find any newspaper articles for either of them in California or Washington. Unfortunately  this is all the information I have found so far, thought if I made a post maybe someone would have more on their story to tell us. They were both so young and he was a newlywed.

Ethel Lee Robinson: Missing Person, Charles Gibson Escape, Harry Porter Murder

Ethel Lee Robinson, had 2 brother's Joe & Edward.  Here's the rest of the above article, lots of facts Inmate: #15298 Moundsville Prison Rec: 1 Apr 1926 Crime: Grand Larceny Term: 5 Yrs Age: 20   Charles Gibson escaped from Moundsville prison (in West Virginia) on 10 May 1927 and took off with Ethel and they eloped. Her (X)husband Harry Porter who was also in the Moundville Prison for killing a Prize Fighter named "Golden Munsey" (I did not find anything on this). Charles was in prison for Grand Larceny, he stole a car. One article says Ethel was found dead and had been strangled and Charles was awaiting a hearing, then an doctor examined Ethel and said she died of Acute Alcoholism. So he was off the hook for murder. Now Ethel had another alias Patterson so this maybe another marriage. Terry found her death certificate and emailed to me. THANK YOUB TERRI!!! There might be another one that has updated cause o

R. L. Carroll Real Name R. L. Kimball: Grand Larceny & Escape

R. L. Kimball might be Robert L. Kimball born about 1908. Inmate: #22450 Tn State Prison Rec: 27 Jul 1933 Crime: Grand Larceny Term: 3 Yrs Age: 22 Escaped:   Here's one more: So his wanted poster gave me clues, like his wife's name Kittie and that he lived in Montgomery, AL This is how I found a marriage record that might be him & Kittie She was Kittie McDonald they were married 8 Dec 1930 in Jefferson, AL. If he is Robert he stole a car as why he was charged with Grand Larceny.  I found lots of newspaper articles on his escape and capture but none on just his crime. I was lucky they supplied me with his alias of Carroll or I may not of found any of these articles. Just some ideas to help you find your criminal ancestor's records. Crazy how there were so many escapes back then and you hardly hear of any these days. I do remember an escape from the North Dakota State Prison in Bismarck, ND when I was kid, but not man