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Mamie Stuart: Missing for 42 years

 Amy "Mamie" Stuart was born 24 Nov 1893 in Sunderland, England, to James Stuart (1853-1921) & Jane McGregor (1861-1945).

Mamie was her stage name, she was a chorus girl.

She married George Shotton (1880-1958) Jan 1919 in South Shields, England. He was already married to Mary Leader and they had a son named Arthur. He was a Marine Surveyor, so he spent a lot of time traveling. 

                                      George & Mamie

Mamie disappeared Nov-Dec 1919, here are some newspaper articles I found. (Just click on the links to read). She had written her mother several letters before she disappeared saying George was abusive and neglectful.

Staff members at the Swansea’s Grosvenor Hotel noted in March of 1920 that a leather trunk was left by a male guest the revious December and was unclaimed for about three months. There was no address or tag on the luggage, the manager of the hotel contacted the police and theyopened it to discover women’s dresses, a pair of shoes, they were all cut and torn apart. There was also some jewelry, a Bible, rosary and manicure kit.

 When a maid that was cleaning her & George’s cottage in preparation for the accommodation of new tenants,  she discovered a mildewed brown leather handbag concealed behind a dresser in an upstairs bedroom. The handbag had two pounds in loose change and Mamie’s Sugar ration card. 

By the Spring of 1920 South Wales Police suspected Mamie had been murdered, and that she died at the hands of her husband George Shotton, and the motive was either rage control or jealousy or a mixture of all. Scotland Yard was contacted and Chief Inspector William Draper was put on the case. He  ordered an investigation of Ty-Llanwydd, the grounds of the property, and surrounding area. A nationwide search For George  took place including fliers that circulated with his description. NO leads were yielded.

The inspector found George living in Penarth with his wife and child, less than 2 miles from Ty-Llanwydd. He admitted to knowing Mamie and to leaving the trunk at the hotel, shortly after he says Mamie left him after an argument because she was unfaithful, he denied he had married Mamie, and did not know where she was. Because there was no body they couldn’t charge him with murder. So the inspector proceeded to check out a bigamy charge. 13 July George Shotton was sentenced to serve 18 months for bigamy. His legal wife divorced him after he was released in 1922.

              George's prison record found on

After George release he moved to Tintern where he ran a smallholding. He was a regular church goer and ran the local tennis club. But in May 1938, George threatened his sister Gladys Austin with a revolver out at her farmhouse. He was also charged with causing actual bodily harm to her. 

This incident was sourced from resentment between the siblings regarding their respective bequeathments in their mother's will. This would give him a twelve month visit to the inside of the local jail with hard labor. He moved to Bristol later.

42 Years after Mamie went missing, on the 5th of November 1961, her remains  were discovered in a rotting sack, that was hidden behind a large stone slab  about 50 feet down a disused lead mine shaft at Brandy Cove in Caswell by 3 potholders. Her body was concealed just 200 yards from her home she had shared with her husband George. 

The remains were taken in for the Forensic Science Laboratory to examine in Cardiff. The bones were reassembled into a complete skeleton minus the rib cage, the bones belonged to a women between 5’3 and 5’4 inches tall and was missing one canine tooth in the upper jaw. Three of her wisdom teeth were present suggesting her age to be over 20 years old. There were 2 rings on the body and Mamie’s friend identified them as being Mamie’s rings. One was a gold wedding band and a diamond engagement ring.

Sadly all her family had passed as well as George who died of natural causes  on 30th April 1958.

A formal inquest was made and and she was laid out in the courtroom on a table to show that the body had been severed at three equal lengths, one cut was made by the lower femur, right above the knees, the second was made horizontally through both the humerus bones at the mid-section, with an instrument used to dissct her body also severing her lower shoulder blades and her spine. To the examiner it looked as though the murdered had problems cutting her up as there were cut marks that were started and then moved on to a different part of the body. Her rib cage was not found.

It was concluded that George Shotton murdered Mamie between 12th November and 6th of December in 1919. 


Newspaper article on finding her

Here's an awesome account of her life on a YouTube channel I found.

 According to Wikipedia

At the conclusion of the 1961 inquest, Stuart's skeleton was retained at Cardiff University, where eminent forensic pathologist Bernard Knight is believed to have occasionally used them to teach students. No efforts were made to locate surviving relatives and return her body to her family.[40]

Stuart's great niece, Susan Oldnall, only discovered the whereabouts of her great aunt's remains in 2019 when she was approached by researchers for a programme on the CBS Reality channel focusing upon unsolved murders. Oldnall then discovered her great aunt's remains were being stored in a cupboard inside a Cardiff forensic laboratory. The senior forensic pathologist at the laboratory, Dr. Stephen Leadbeatter, had retained the remains—despite being urged to dispose of them—in the hope a surviving member of Stuart's family might reclaim them. Upon learning of Oldnall's whereabouts and wishes, Leadbeatter personally took Stuart's remains to Oldnall in order that they may be interred by her family.

Stuart's body was buried in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Sunderland in December 2019. She was buried in a grave alongside her parents. Four of Stuart's descendants attended the service. Shortly thereafter, Mrs Oldnall commented to the BBC: "She's been treated with such lack of dignity, and now she's with her parents. I'm not religious, but I do feel much better about it now ... I only did what a lot of people would have done and I hope, if there is a heaven, that the family are all finally having a good time together."

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Juliet Stuart Pyntz: Missing


(Photo taken Wikipedia)

Juliet Stuart Poyntz (last name was originally spelled Points) was born 25 Nov 1886 in Omaha, NE to John James Points (1845-1926) & Alice Eulalie Stewart (1854-1926).  She went to Barnard College in Jersey City and was a member of the Daughter's of the American Revolution. She earned her degree in 1907 and was class treasurer and class president, secretary of the Bernard Union, and last but not least president of the Undergraduate Association and chair of the student council when she was a senior. 

(Juliet is the top right photo, this was taken from Ancestry Yearbooks, Bernard College 1905)

She was a member of many clubs & organizations while attending Bernard including theater. She received her A.M. Degree from Columbia University. A great achievement for her time.

She became a suffragist, feminist, trade union and a socialist, just a few occupations of hers, including communist, political activist and spy.

She was married once to Fredrich Franz Ludwig Glaser, they married 8 Oct 1913 in Manhattan, NY. 

On 3 Jun 1937 she was at the American Women's Association Clubhouse at 353 West 57th St in Manhattan, NY and disappeared and has not been heard from since.

Police started an investigation and found no clues to where she could of been, all her belongings, including all her clothes and luggage were in her room...Below is the link to that building as it looks today.,-73.9854011,3a,75y,35.59h,93.66t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVjOzCPGX6PO-sFc9-FafSA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

What the clubhouse looked like then:

It is now the Henry Hudson Hotel

here are some newspaper articles on her disappearance

In the beginning of 1938 an Italian-America anarchist Carlo Tresca accused the Soviets for kidnapping Juliet so she couldn't defect. There were others that said she was kidnapped and assassinated because she became a traitor.

As I was doing her research I made her a tree on and I found many passenger lists for her some of her travels.

1934 went to England on the SS Layfette 

1928 went to Boulogne France on the  SS Veendam

1931 went to Bremen Germany on the General Von Steuben

1923 went to Copenhagen on the Hellig Olav 

 1912 went to Liverpool on the SS Haverford 

Above are a couple of the passenger list records I found on and mentioned above.

I also found this index for Naturalization 

New York, U.S., New York County Supreme Court Naturalization Petition Index, 1907-1924

Name Juliet Stuert Glaser

Address 358 W. 22 St.

Date 12 Mar 1924

Volume # 628

Page # 198

Below is a YouTube video that mentions her disappearance but it's the only one I could find, which I find strange, so I guess that will be put on my to do list. I also found a video on the early years of Bernard College that is really informative. 

I am guessing she was kidnapped and assassinated as many communist party members claimed through the years. But until Russian documents are produced to prove this claim it will remain a mystery. 

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3 Amigos: Eleuterio Corral, Rumaldo Lozano, & Jesus Rocha

 3 Amigos 

 Genealogy information: Taken from

1) Eleuterio Corral was born 8 Oct 1905 in Tepehuanes, Durango, Mexico to Refuglo Capeda & Marcelina Corral.

Carlsbad Current-Argus
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Fri, Jan 20, 1922 · Page 1

The Deming Headlight
Deming, New Mexico
Tue, Jan 17, 1922 · Page 4

The Spanish American
Roy, New Mexico
Sat, Feb 11, 1922 · Page 7

El Paso Times
El Paso, Texas
Sat, Jan 21, 1922 · Page 2

2) Rumaldo Lozano was born in 1900 in Casas Grandes state of Chiu. He came to America when he was just 14 years old.

3) Jesus Rocha was born abt 1899 in Cludad Jurarez Mexico, his mother was Encarncion Rallos

Here are some newspaper articles:

Three males were being held in the Grant County Jail in New Mexico for various crimes. Eleuterio Corral, Rumaldo Lozano and Jesus Rocha. Corral & Lazono shared a cell.

On the 2nd of April 1921 Eleuterio & Rumaldo early morning they loosened some bricks in the wall of their cell and climbed through a fan light into the corridor , while the jailer Ventura Bencoma was asleep as he was sick with the flu. There was a cell next to them that was used for firewood & coal and an axe. Corral grabbed the axe bludgeoned Ventura and they grabbed the keys and his gun. They tried to free Jesus Rocha but they could not get the lock to his cell to release, so they left him. They had threatened the other jail inmates to be quiet or they would shoot them, including a women who was locked up. But as soon as the fugitives ran out the door the inmates started yelling and screaming for Sheriff Casey who lived above the jail.

Sheriff Casey runs into the jail to asses the situation and then gather a posse to go after the escaped inmates. After a couple days on the run the sheriff and the posse catch up to the boys and after a brief gunfight they are captured and returned to the jail. 

Corral starts bragging about their escape and how Rocha was suppose to join them and that the whole plan was Rocha’s idea. 

Their families bagged the court for mercy saying their boys were too young to die, Eleuterio being 16 at the time of his hanging and Rumaldo being 22. The authorities didn't believe the ages of the boys and had a doctor examine them and he said they were older than they appear. According to my research they were wrong.

They were all 3 charged with murder, this case went to the Supreme Court.

Jesus Rocha got lucky on his outcome but the other two got death sentences and were hung 20 Jan 1922 in Silver City, NM and were buried in the Memory Lane Cemetery in Silver City, NM.
Jesus was again in the New Mexico State Prison as inmate #1372 on 18 Aug 1922

Jesus Rocha was released and again he found himself in prison on 2 Dec 1925 for Larceny as inmate #5561

I believe these articles are about him

I did not find a death date or place for Jesus but I think he might be one Jesus V. Rocha who died in 1993 here is the index I found on Ancestry. I am not 100% sure as there are many with his first and last name in New Mexico & Arizona.

Jesus V Rocha
1 Jan 1902
20 Dec 1993

There is a book that has the hanging details and trial details
called Death On The Gallows, I posted a photo below.

Here are two websites with little information on their hangings

All the newspaper articles are from and all the prison records and genealogy information was taken from

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Michael Jacaho Tocaze: Arson

 Michael Jacaho Tocaze was born About 1888 in Romania. He owned the Russian Eagle Cafe located at 8640 Sunt Blvd, Hollywood, CA. I did not find any family information. 

Inmate: #45839 San Quentin

Rec: 18 Aug 1928

Crime: Arson 1st Degree & Burning Insured Property CC-

Sentence: 2 Life & 1:10 CC-

Age: 44

Discharged: 13 Dec 1940

According to newspaper articles there was $75,000 in damages, eight people injured. Here's a link to one detailed account. Although some reports in the papers do differ.

Here are a few more articles:

Los Angeles Evening Post-Record
Los Angeles, California · Wednesday, June 13, 1928

The Sacramento Union
Sacramento, California
Sat, Jan 05, 1929 · Page 15

The Morning Press
Santa Barbara, California
Mon, Jan 07, 1929 · Page 10

I looked for his record for the hospital at, Mendocino State Hospital in Ukiah, Mendocino, California, I didn't find him but his last name has several spellings. Ancestry does hold those records as well as the San Quentin & Folsom Prison records. 

Was Michael in need of the money because his business was going under? was it bad management of funds? He had celebrates coming to his restraint including Charlie Chaplin. Maybe he did just go crazy and destroyed it all including himself.

The 1930 census has him as an inmate in the Mendocino State Hospital. His discharge date of 13 Dec 1940 means he was no longer the prisons responsibility and his term was served in their eyes.

I find Michael's case fascinating and hope a family member leaves us a comment telling us more of Michael's story.

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George Masters & Dorothy Hector WANTED

 George Masters was born in Centerville, IA according to his obituary, abt 1902, his father was Henry C. Masters.

I did not find a previous marriage for him but that doesn't mean he didn't have one.

Dorothy Hazel Hector born 22 Feb 1907 in Santa Barbara, CA to John Harrison Hector & Erma Hilton. She had 2 sisters and 4 brothers.

He and Dorothy did marry Apr of 1925 so obviously they had to marry a second time, which may be because of his first marriage not legally ended.

The Tribune
San Luis Obispo, California
Fri, Apr 17, 1925 · Page 7

Here are the articles about his wanted poster

The Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, California
Fri, Dec 05, 1924 · Page 12

Morning Tribune
San Luis Obispo, California
Fri, Dec 05, 1924 · Page 3

Visalia Times-Delta
Visalia, California
Thu, Dec 04, 1924 · Page 2

They had a daughter named Dorothy A Masters (1924-2008)

George died 7 Jan 1934

The Arroyo Grande Valley Herald Recorder
Arroyo Grande, California
Fri, Jan 12, 1934 · Page 8

The Tribune
San Luis Obispo, California
Fri, Jan 12, 1934 · Page 3

Dorothy gets married again to 
James Frank Brown They would have 2 sons, James Frank Jr. & Edward R Brown both now deceased.

James JR. died in a car accident in 1960

Dorothy would die 29 Jan 1986
here's her obit

Auburn Journal
Auburn, California
Fri, Jan 31, 1986 · Page 3

I found George & Dorothy's story so interesting, all I had to start with was their wanted poster and I research newspapers first, then I put a tree together on Ancestry and it all went together from there.

I did research Barcello's Garage where George worked but I couldn't find any photos.

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Mamie Stuart: Missing for 42 years

 Amy " Mamie" Stuart was born 24 Nov 1893 in Sunderland, England, to James Stuart (1853-1921) & Jane McGregor (1861-1945). Ma...