Thursday, December 2, 2021

Wilbur Chester Foster: Drunk Driving & Burglary

 Wilbur Chester Foster was born 24 Aug 1911 in Denver, Colorado, to Michael Andrew Foster (1865-1941) & Mary J Dickey (1868-1938).

Inmate: #66368 San Quentin Prison

Rec: 1 Apr 1941

Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree and 2 priors

Here are the newspaper articles I found.

He was also in Oregon State Prison as Inmate #14131, here's the newspaper article for 1936 for drunk driving and theft charges and stealing a car.

Wilbur was never married but he listed his sister Mabel as a contact on his prison records. 

Here are all his siblings, he was the youngest.

Nellie Foster


Claude Dell Foster


Maudie Foster


Elmer Bert Foster


Mable F Foster


Wilbur Chester Foster


His father married again 5 Jul 1939 in Yuma, AZ to Antonia May Taylor (1877–1944).

Wilbur was transferred to Folsom prison

Inmate: #23675 Folsom Prison
Rec: 9 Apr 1941
Crime: Burg 2nd Degree

I also found this from 1938

Inmate: #21527 Folsom Prison
Rec: 2 Feb 1938
Crime: Burglary
Note the description of the tattoos he had.

He died in Folsom Prison 21 Jan 1948 and was buried in the prison cemetery.

Photo by EDHGS Find A Grave

Link for his memorial

I didn't find any newspaper articles on his death or any reason in his prison records for his death either.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Walter Ballington Ford: Incest/Rape

Walter Ballington Ford was born 17 Oct 1893 in Morton Corners, New York, to Rev. George E Ford (1857-1907) & Gertrude C Van Ord (1869-1904).

Inmate: #54537 San Quentin Prison
Rec:5 Aug 1933
Crime: Incest  

He was transferred to Folsom Prison as Inmate #25131

 Here are some newspaper articles I found.

Here's his WWI Draft Card

I also found his WWII Draft Card

He also had a Passport Application

He went to Mexico for work.

He married Hazel Louise Lyon on 19 Oct 1924  Kirksville, Adair, Missouri. They had 2 children a son & a daughter.  The son was Eugene Lyon Ford, I didn't find out the daughter's name.

Walter died in Folsom prison and was buried in the Folsom Prison Cemetery on 31 Jul 1953. I have attached the link for his Find A Grave Memorial.

Photo posted by EDHGS on Find A Grave

Walter's wife was married two more times:

Harry R Bartlett



Earl Eugene Howell


She died in Washington.

Some family trees have skeletons and some people continue to hide those skeletons and some just embrace them. I found in doing the research for his story that many people added everything about him to their trees. This is what genealogy is all about the good the bad & the ugly. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Jesus Flores: Burglary At Age 19

Jesus Flores was born 1885 in Mexico.

Inmate: #5862 Folsom Prison
Rec: 24 Oct 1904
Crime: Burglary

I found one newspaper article on his crime, he received 3 years.

 I found an article about the district attorney and how many cases he had won and Jesus is listed as one of his cases, click the link to read the article. 

What happened to this young man? Where was his family? Look into his eyes in those photos, do you see fear?

He died in Folsom Prison and I did not find out how, here is the link to his find A Grave Memorial and his Grave photo taken by EDHGS.

Monday, November 29, 2021

William Fletcher: Grand Larceny

William Fletcher was born 1875 in Virginia, USA.

Inmate: #5238 Folsom Prison
Rec:  10 Nov 1902
Crime: Grand Larceny

 Here are some newspaper articles I found.

Below is the link for the above article

William died in Folsom Prison 2 Jun 1906 and I didn't find out the cause but here is the Find A Grave Memorial. I also didn't find any other information about William, no census records for the state of California.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Louis Fisher: A Miner With A Temper

 Louis Fischer was born on June 8, 1879, in California to Henrietta A Brauer (1839-1923) and Louis Frank Fisher (1849-1922)

Inmate: #28130
Rec:   6 Jan 1915
Crime: Burglary

He broke probation in Nevada City and served jail time, a 100 days for possession of liquor. 
In Feb of 1913 he committed robbery and received probation, which he broke in 1915.

Here are 2 newspaper articles from 1913, which would of been his 1915 service in prison for burglary.

He had the following siblings:

Richard Fisher


Arnold Fisher


Anna R. Fisher


Louis Fischer


Louis Fischer lived in Downieville, California, in 1880, then in 1910 he was living in  Nevada, California.

Inmate: #45281 San Quentin Prison
Rec: 27 Apr 1928
Crime: Assault With a Deadly Weapon
Transferred to Folsom Prison 30 Apr 1931 as Inmate # 17000

Louis World War I Draft Card

His transfer to Folsom Prison

In 1936 he was ponce again incarcerated

Inmate: #20444 Folsom Prison
Rec: 14 July 1936
Crime: Burglary

Louis died at Folsom Prison 31 Aug 1940 and was discharged on prison paperwork 14 July 1951. He was buried in the prison cemetery.