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Son of Sam Connections in North Dakota Part II

John Carr was born abt 1947 most like in Yonkers NY.  He died 16 Feb 1978 Minot Air Force Base Minot, ND to a gunshot to the head (Assumed Murdered) The police officials on the base ruled it a suicide. Yet he was found laying on his stomach, which would not  happen because of the force of the blast to the head. 
Their Father Samuel was born on 14 Sep 1912 and died on 21 Mar 1996 he was 83 yrs old 

I have yet to find any information on Samuel's wife.

Wheat Carr worked for the New York police Dept and married a police office. She was born about 1951 also most likely in Yonkers, NY.
This is all the information I could find on this family. 

Michael Vail Carr & sister Wheat Carr

Maury Terry  Author of The Ultimate Evil was able to connect the 1978 death of John Carr at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to both the Process Church and Son of Sam murders. Carr, who was shot in the head at the home of his girlfriend, was initially listed as a suicide, but it turned out, John’s father, Sam Carr of Yonkers, was the inspiration for the term “Son of Sam.” Berkowitz told Terry the group likely killed John Carr, a user of illicit drugs and diagnosed schizophrenic, because of his bizarre behavior and the fact he was untrustworthy. Berkowitz also fingered Carr as one of the Son of Sam shooters. 

Michael was killed in a car crash in New York on 04 Oct 1979 He was born 12 Jun 1952 in Yonkers New York. The police report says there were no skid marks and looked suspicious. 

Following his trip to Minot,ND. Terry next traveled to Stanford where he retraced Arlis Perry’s steps that led to her death. He concluded that as many as four people were involved in her murder, including Mentzer, and one or more cult members from Bismarck. Terry was of the opinion that Arlis did something back in Bismarck that convinced the group she had to die. “She might have heard or seen something she shouldn’t have,” he surmised. “They may have feared she would expose them.” Either that or she discovered there was a person, or persons, involved in Satanism, who, if exposed, would be greatly embarrassed and possibly lose a position of authority. “Someone in Bismarck okay-ed this and someone had the hooks to get help on the West Coast. This was a pretty sophisticated operation,” he insisted. “I think one of them was the law firm visitor. And one of those two still lives in Bismarck, ND.”

 Rumors were circulating in Bismarck about well-known men and women who were members of a Satanic club that sacrificed animals and drank blood. Brad King, a Bismarck dentist and former classmate of Arlis Perry’s, recalled: “There were a lot of religious groups coming through town at the time. I remember seeing people dressed in priest’s outfits. But instead of white collars, they wore red collars and sported upside-down crosses draped around their necks. I think they were called the Holy Order of MANS.” Nevertheless, he wasn’t convinced Terry’s theories concerning Arlis’s death were correct. King recalled being interviewed in his office by California detectives just before he attended his 10-year class reunion. “The police heard a rumor that someone in our class had set up an altar for her, but it was just a couple of photos of her along with other classmates who passed away,” he said. Around the time of his 30th class reunion, King called law enforcement officers in Santa Clara County to ask if there had been any breaks in the case, but was told there was no new information. Of Terry’s book, King said: “It didn’t surprise me that someone came out with some kind of conspiracy around her murder. I don’t know if I agree with the author that she was stalked from Bismarck to California. I remember a lot of weird religious stories going on around here in that time, like convents dancing under the full moon and rituals taking place down by the river bottoms. But in her case, I think she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Michael Vail Carr  and a sketch of one of the shooters

Sketches from witnesses of shooters

I am appalled at our police officials across this land. It would be so much better if they would just work together and share information. IT's everybody's sandbox!!!!

Update another North Dakota connection to Son of Sam
'Organic farmers' jailed for making drug 'crank' Leading North Dakota "organic farmers" Barry and Serena Dossenko were sentenced May 31 on charges of manufacturing illegal drugs and tax evasion by federal district judge Patrick Conmy. Barry Dossenko was sentenced to four years on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, known as "crank" or "speed" and his wife Serena to one year on charges of tax evasion. The Dossenkos have been identified to EJR as associates of the satanic Son of Sam cultist  
John Carr in Minot in the I 960s. Satanic paraphernalia was discovered on their property during the drug raids on their farm according to police. The prosecuting U. S. Attorney referred to Dossenko as a pioneer in the organic farming movement. They are activists who publish a newsletter and head an organic farming group called "Organic Futures," which sponsors meetings and seminars. They are active in the 'sustainable agriculture' circuit. A character witness for Dossenko was Dan Carlson, a University of Minnesota based geneticist who has invented a "miracle" fertilizer called "sonic bloom."
Source: Click here for Full Issue of EIR Volume 17, Number 24, June 8, 1990  

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