Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Levi K Dixon:Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Levi K Dixon was born 5 Apr 1875 in Cambridge Dorchester, Maryland to Henry Richard Dixon (1831-1916) and Charlotte L Keene (1848-1932).

Land feuds were very common back then, probably why fences were put up.

Here's a great read on the subject. Almost like the Hatfields and McCoy's.


Levi's Father Henry was a General Store owner  in 1870 in Dorchester, Maryland, by 1880 he took up farming in the same area. By 1900 he was farming in Big Canyon, Idaho. Before his death they moved to Kansas where he died in 1916 in Wamego, Kansas. His wife outlived him dying there in 1932. Here are their other children Levi was child #3.

#1 Harry H Dixon 1873-  (Twin)
#2 Henry Richard Dixon Jr. 1873-1950 (Twin)
#3 Levi K Dixon 1875-1958
#4 Charles Turner Dixon 1877-1925
#5Mary A Dixon 1879-
#6 Bertha M Dixon 1879-
#7 Ulysses Grant Dixon 1882-1949

Levi died 9 Jan 1950 in Los Angeles, CA

Levi is missing from the 1920 census, I also never found a wife or children. Interesting newspaper articles though, they shed light on why he was charged with Assault With A Deadly Weapon. One never knows what behind the criminal's reason for what they have done.

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