Monday, February 4, 2019

Richard Atwell Bartley: Criminal who Become A Human Fly

Richard Atwell Bartley was born 8 Sep 1908 in Butler, PA to Charles Ross Bartley (1876-1961) and Viola Blanche Kibler (1882-1972).

He made a name for himself and the newspapers called him the Human Fly.

It was April but Newcastle, PA still had loads of snow. Richard was on the roof of Book's Shoe Store. A man saw him and surrounded him and arrested him he had robbery tools on him and he had been drinking. After the police locked him up he escaped through the window in his cell and up the escape ladder he went and jumped to the next building. His rooming house was around the corner. 9How convent for the police). He was arrested before dawn. He was given a 2 year suspended sentence. 

The 10 Jan 1941 he married Anna E. Novatowsta and that ended the story of the Human Fly.
He was an Electrician.

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