Thursday, September 19, 2019

Charles Lawrence & Augustine Mirano: Murder

Charles Lawrence and his half brother Augustine Mirano and their friend Charles Padilla, murdered H. C. McCarty Sep 1902 in Elk Grove, CA. 

Inmate #5306 Folsom Prison
Rec: 12 Feb 1903
Crime: Murder 1st Degree
Term: Death by Execution

Inmate: #5219 Folsom Prison
Rec: 20 Jan 1903
Crime: Murder 2nd Degree
Term: 17 years

Inmate #5308 Folsom Prison
Rec: Murder 1st Degree
Crime: 1 Feb 1903
Term: Death bu Execution

They were all Hop-Pickers hop farmers employed both Native Americans and whites to work their fields. Hop-pickers H.C. McCarty and Frederick Mize rode a cart into Elk Grove on September 4, 1902, to buy provisions, including wine. The above men new they would be coming back with a cart full of goodies including the wine. According to Mize, Morano and Padilla, both fifteen-year-old lads, had been drinking. The boys asked McCarty and Mize for wine and they were all too happy to share the spirits with the boys. Charles Lawrence, Morano’s half-brother, soon joined them. When the Indians demanded even more wine, Mize and McCarty refused. Padilla struck Mize in the head with a club, rendering him unconscious. Around midnight, Mize awoke to find his cart and belongings gone. McCarty laid dead in the road, severely beaten and with a bullet through his head. 
” Based on witness accounts of the men boasting about the murder, police arrested Morano, Padilla, and Lawrence for the murder of McCarty. Witness Frank Blue said that the men claimed they had “kicked hell out of a couple of fellows down the road.” Each one of the men had a seperate trial. None denied the charges but finger pointing was going on between Padilla and Lawrence. prosecution presented the theory that all three conspired together to commit the robbery when they earlier happened to overhear McCarty’s and Mize’s plan to purchase liquor. Lawrence rode into Elk Grove, confirmed the purchase, then rode back to inform his fellow conspirators.
Charles Lawrence denied this story, he tried to protect Mize and was nowhere near the cart or McCarty when Padilla shot him.
 Even though the jury heard much conflicting evidence, the members found Lawrence guilty of murder in the first degree. After the Lawrence verdict, Morano tried to save his half-brother by claiming he, not Lawrence, shot McCarty. Instead, a judge sentenced Morano to seventeen years in prison. After receiving a death sentence himself for the murder, Padilla secured a new trial. Five days after Folsom executed Lawrence on October 7, 1904, Padilla was sentenced to life in prison.

On 7 Oct 1904 at 10:17 in the morning Charles Lawrence swang from the gallows of Folsom Prison it took him 11 minutes and 10 seconds to die. He is buried in the Folsom Prison Cemetery. Here is the Find A Grave link to his memorial.

The only thing on his gravestone is 5308 his inmate number. I did not find very much genealogy information except Charles was born about 1878 in California and his brother Augustine was born about 1886 also in California. 

I really would like to know what happened to Augustine when he left prison in 1913. I am still researching so I will do an update on this when I get more information. I made him a tree on Ancestry, it's the only one.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

William Williams: Murder

William Williams was born about 1853 in New York, He was married to Annie (Unknown) who was born about 1857. She had 2 daughters Annie Webber & Phoebe and an unknown son. (Annie's first husband was Mr. Webber).

Inmate #1545 Folsom Prison
Rec: 30 Nov 1887
Crime: Murder
Term: Life
Transferred to San Quentin 

Inmate # 13007 San Quentin 

William was a bricklayer: His nickname was "Billy the Brick"

William had said his wife had been to a house of Ill Fame (Whore House). He tried to stab her with a knife once.
This was explained at the trial after he shot and killed his wife some months later, by his daughter Annie. Below is a a newspaper clippings of her testimony.

Here is the whole clipping about the case:

Annie was in a play here are some newspaper articles.

This must of been a very special memory for her because it would of been one the biggest moments she had with her mother.

This is all the genealogy information I found, which saddens me, I want to know what happened to Annie and her siblings.

William died 22 July 1896 in California. I have no idea if he died in prison of not, I didn't find a death index or a Find A Grave Memorial.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kokichi Hidaka: Murder

Kokichi Hidaka was born about 1874 in Japan. In Oct of 1902 he was living in Seattle working in a hotel.

Inmate #5326 Folsom Prison
Rec: 3 Mar 1903
Crime: Murder 1st Degree
Term: Death 

Kokichi while working at a hotel in Seattle fell in love with Haro Yoshimoto, a waitress at the hotel’s restaurant. Hidaka had saved nearly two thousand dollars from his job as a cook. Haro persuaded him to give her the money to save for their upcoming marriage. She then disappeared. He was known be honest and a hard worker and was always very careful with his money.  He became unhinged and so heartbroken it left him mentally unstable, he was broke, after working so hard to save all that money and be betrayed it was just too much.
Months later, he read in a Japanese newspaper that Haro was in Sacramento and had a husband. Crazed with anger Hidaka set off for Sacramento to get his money back. Hidaka confronted Haro at a restaurant, but she denied any knowledge of him or his money, (surprise, surprise). On October 22, 1902, Hidaka returned to the restaurant, sat at the bar, and drank sake. He went downstairs and found Haro. Hidaka claimed not to remember what happened next. But during the trial this is what was found out. 
The prosecution later theorized that Hidaka shot Haro in the abdomen, killing her. When her husband came to her aid, Hidaka shot him in the shoulder. He died soon after in the hospital. As Hidaka fled, he also shot and killed M. Tokutomi, a waiter who tried to stop him. Revolver in hand, Hidaka escaped into the streets and spent the night walking to Florin, a town located ten miles away. Officers arrested him as he attempted to purchase a train ticket to Fresno. He confessed to the murders.

                         Hidaka insanity plea did not hold up in court and      the judge sentenced him to death. After an unsuccessful appeal to the California Supreme Court, Hidaka died on the Folsom gallows on June 10, 1904.

He was 30 years old. I didn't find any family information. I made him a tree on Ancestry and sadly it's the only one. Someday a family member will find him and know the rest of the story. Hopefully he wrote home to Japan to let them know, but chances are he probably didn't. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Vivian Doris Parm: Shoplifting

Vivian Doris Parm was born 8 Jan 1916 in Pierson, MI to Frederick LeRoy Parm (1885-1964) & Margaret Isabell Workman (1889-1981).

Inmate: #6475 Grand Rapids Jail
Rec: 7 Apr 1934
Crime: Shoplifting
Term: 1 year delayed & sentence

She married Martin F Boven (1909-1990) 17 Mar 1934 in Grand Rapids, MI they had 2 children and divorced 10 Jan 1947 in Grand Rapids, MI.

She then married James E Foster 13 Aug 1948 in Grandville, MI they had 3 children.

I am not going to list the children some may still be living.

I didn't find any newspaper articles or any other family information.

Vivian died 17 July 2012 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Harry Jerome Martin: Drunk Driving & Burglary

Harry Jerome Martin was born 17 May 1900 in Grand Rapids, MI to Frank S Martin (1863-1936) & Rose Devriendt (1870-1952).

Inmate #4288 Grand Rapids Jail
Rec: 4 Nov 1928
Crime: Drunk Driving
Term: $100 & Court Costs

Prior convictions:
12 Feb 1938 Burglary 
Term: 6 mo-5 yrs
Paroled: 5 July 1938

He married 8 June 1927 in Grand Rapids, MI to Adela Buggert (1901-1994) they divorced 13 Jan 1930 in Michigan and she claimed nonsupport and drunkenness.

They had a son: Irving R Martin (1928-1980).

 I found some really unusual newspaper clippings on Harry. Here's the first one.

Marshall Evening Chronicle
Marshall, Michigan

21 Jul 1931, Tue  •  Page 3

Then in 1938 he tries to have his x-wife murdered

I did not find a marriage record for Minnie and I am actually wondering if that was Adela nickname or middle name or the newspaper got her first name wrong. Nonetheless he was a character for sure. I was thinking he should of played dead and then he wouldn't of had to pay alimony and support, but the booze probably infected his judgement in many ways.

Harry died 3 Dec 1979 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Raymond Lewis: Armed Robbery

Raymond Lewis was born 1 May 1906 in Chattanooga, TN to Luther C Lewis (1872-1948) & Mattie Cowan (1875-1948).

Inmate #4286 Grand Rapids Jail (MI)
Rec: 2 Nov 1928
Crime: Armed Robbery 
Term: 2-5 Years
Age: 21

Raymond also had the following records:

1923 Knoxville, TN 37 days for Vagarency 
1924 Chattanooga, TN 30 days for Vagarency
1924 Harrison, IN 60 days for Vagarency 

His parents both died in 1948, his father in February and his mother in March. Here is a list of their children and Raymonds siblings.

Ethel Lewis
Sadie Lewis
Luther Lewis
Rozellus Lewis
Rosa Lewis
Raymond Lewis
Bertha Lewis
William Lewis

I didn't find any newspaper articles for Raymond but I did find his death certificate. It blew me away.  

Raymond was murdered 12 July 1931 in Chattanooga, TN.

Someone cut his throat, he was dead on arrival to the hospital. I want to know why and what happened. So sad.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Ernest Edmund Chesse: Church Thief

Ernest Edmund Chesse was born about 1872 to Marie Antoinette Boutin (1825-) &bLouis Ernest Chesse (1821-1888).

Inmate #1656 New Orleans Police Dept.
Rec: 27 Jan 1913
Crime: Church Thief
Age: 41 

His occupation Railroad Man
He lived at 1721 Marais St in New Orleans, LA
Here's a photo of the house today.

1721 Marais St. New Orleans, LA

Ernest married 28 Dec 1893 in New Orleans, LA to Mary Emma Dubois (1876-1908).

They had the following children:
Ernestine Chesse 1896-
Ernest Edmund Chesse 1897-
Julie Chesse 1900-1964
Milton J Chesse 1900-1923

He lost his wife in 1908 and had to care for the children alone, Ernestine his daughter became a seamstress and Milton was a baker until he dies in 1923. I do not know what happened to the family after this, I didn't find any other death information for them. Julie does get married in 1926 to August Monette and they have a daughter Barbara.

I found this last article in the paper from 1910.

Something interesting some may come across as they search their family history is race, Ernest was malatoo, his mother was listed as black and he and his wife at times in records were listed as all. This happened for various reasons and was the person who was doing the recording, such as census records for instance they may have written any of these depending on who they talked to at the door. If a lighter skinned person was answering the questions the numerator may of assumed they were white. Now on a war draft card he would of filled that out himself. so it's important to looked at the record over all see and match names and places.