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I have been doing genealogy for 30 years. My Great Aunt Ella introduced me to this fascinating adventure when I was a teenager and boy did I get hooked. She inspired me and taught me the importance of my roots and where I came from.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Inez Curtis: Grand Larceny

Inez Clara Curtis was born Inez Clara Nichols Oct 1875 in Wisconsin  to Thomas J Nichols (1845-1909) and Clarissa Bayman (1843-1930). She married Charles L Curtis 29 Aug 1902, which is strange because she she was using his last name when she went to prison in 1901.

Inmate #18905 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 4 Mar 1901
Crime: Grand Larceny
Term: 1 1/2 yrs
Discharged: 4 Jun 1902

Inez and William had 2 boys

Amos Edward Curtis 1903-1986
Charles Lewis Curtis 1911-1997

Daniel Curtaz I couldn't find any other information for, except he was a bartender. I guess he may have deserved the smacks for leaving her with the bag and getting off.

Inez died 11 May 1939 in San Bernardino, CA

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Emma Pennington: Felony

Emma Pennington was born Emma Jackson Jul 1879 in California to Carter Jackson (1817-1897) & Elizabeth (1835-).

I found little information about Emma, I do know she was a very sad lady.

Inmate #18903 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 3 Mar 1901
Term: 1 1/2 yrs
Crime: Felony

I saw her sad eyes and almost cried, she was in alot of emotional pain when this photo was taken. 

She was also Inmate #24881 San Quentin
Rec: 25 Feb 1917
Crime: Manslaughter
Term: 10 yrs
Discharged: 27 Aug 1917
As Emma Ward

(Carousel means drinking binge)

She shot him in the groin, that says he was trying something she wasn't going to partake in. I would of shot him too.
 Here is where the murder occurred and what it looks like today.

This is after her release from the above events.

Her Father Carter Jackson died 

She was the youngest of  9 children.

Henry Jackson 1857-
David Jackson 1860-
Barbara Jackson 1862-
Molinde Jackson 1864-
Louis Jackson 1867-1892 lived to be 24 years old. He died of phthisis pulmonalis (Tuberculosis).
Louisa Jackson 1870-1957
Isaac Jackson 1875-1883 died of Typhoid Fever
Annie Jackson 1877-1928

One Of Emma's Husband's

Edward Pennington

Edward Pennington died 21 Oct 1911 in Folsom Prison, Folsom, Sacramento, California

Emma Died as Emma Dodge on 13 Nov 1947 in California. Her husband Samuel D Dodge died 23 May 1942 in Sacramento, CA.

I found Emma married to Edward Ward in a 1917 city directory living in Sacramento, CA.

I made her a tree on Ancestry. I feel bad for her, she was in so much pain, I wish I could talk to her and find out why and what her life had been like before all this. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Roscoe Miller: Pimp, Vagrant, Petty Larceny

Roscoe Miller was born Byron Roscoe Miller on 27 Mar 1887 in Lincoln NE to Charles W Miller (1864-1926) & Louisa Ann "Lulu" Farrow (1867-1920).

Roscoe was in jail at Clark County, WA several times. He was so a problem that Portland Oregon police kicked him out of their town in 1910. I just love this photo of him, which by the way he's drinking. Prohibition started in 1920 and continued until 5 Dec 1930 so he was safe on that charge.

He married Myrtle Olia Probst(1896-1972) on 11 Mar 1915 in WA and had 8 children.
He was a farmer.

His daughter aurabella was carrying twins when she slipped and fell.

His father in 1926 committed suicide. He was hard working farmer they raised 7 children together. I think he may have been sick.

Lafayette Weekly Journal, pg. 1, column 6
Friday, March 11, 1892
Lafayette, Indiana

C.W. Miller, Sr., died Wednesday at 11:27 p.m at his residence near Hull's mill. He died from the ravages of a cancer and suffered much pain before the intervention of death. His last moments on earth were sad when measured by the tears of regret which fell at his bedside but were free from pain.

Mr. Miller was 77 years old. He was the descendant of sturdy, honest ancestors and was born at Manheim, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He came here eight years ago and selected the Wea as his home. His wife preceded him to the grave four years ago and one son, C.W. Miller, Jr., is the only member of the family surviving. The deceased was a member of the German Reformed church at his home in Pennsylvania, and was an earnest Christian gentleman. He was quiet and unassuming in manner but was an industrious, thrifty and honorable gentleman, the ideal of a valuable citizen.

The funeral services were held at the residence Thursday at 3 p.m. Rev. W.G. Vessels, of Shadeland, officiating. Today at 10:10 a.m. the remains will leave for his old home in Pennsylvania for interment in accordance with his request.

His father was also a farmer born in Kentucky.

Roscoe died 1 Dec 1953 in Centralia, WA.

The death of his father had to of been a hard time for him and his family.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Edward Morley: Fenian Brotherhood

Edward Morley was born in Ireland. He was a Civil War Soldier for the 183rd Pennsylvania Infantry for 13 months.

He was recruited in 1863 to the Fenian Brotherhood and later sent to Mountjoy prison where this photo was taken.

If your researching your Irish Civil War Veterans you might want to take a look into Fenian Brotherhood.

There are many mug shots, I haven't found any actual records yet.

The Fenian Brotherhood (Irish: Bráithreachas na bhFíníní) was an Irish republican organisation founded in the United States in 1858 by John O'Mahony and Michael Doheny. It was a precursor to Clan na Gael, a sister organisation to the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Members were commonly known as "Fenians".

Here are a few good links

Here's a few mugshots I found

Valuable genealogy find.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Evelyn Holt Shoots Hypnotists Boyfriend In The Back 1898

Evelyn Holt fell in love with Charles Fecker (Conrad) a hypnotist in San Francisco. The plain facts are that they had for some months sustained relations that led her to expect he would eventually make her his wife; that while she was out of town he married another woman, and that she, a woman scorned, vented her fury by attempting to take the life of her lover. The power he claims to exert Is not the supernatural art it would have been considered a few years ago. Tho Investigations of the great Charcot of Paris and of other scientists have shown beyond dispute that by practice one can learn to deprive others of their free volition and make them subject to the hypnotizer will. 

 Evelyn Holt came from Los Angeles less than two years ago. Unsophisticated In the ways of a great city, she sought a strong arm on which to lean, a shield against the evils that threaten girls In a great city.  

For eighteen months, according to her story, he was everything to her. "I fell in love with Charley at first sight," she says, "and a strange spell came over me every time we met. I could not keep away from him. I had money when I first met him. During the short time of our acquaintance I should Judge that I have given him fully $3,000. When he was in business he would come to me, tell me the rent was unpaid and get as much as I had with me. He would find other excuses, but no matter what they might be he always managed to get it from me." Not only this, but in the conduct of his business, too, she Bays she helped him, putting a matrimonial advertisement in one of the papers at his suggestion, the replies to which he used to further his own ends. It was through these matrimonial advertisements, she avers, that Fecker met his present wife. "I did not know she was corning on the scene," Miss Holt declares, "In the latter part of June he urged me to take a trip to Los Angeles. I left on June 24th, and the same day he was married. He kept me in Ignorance of this until my return, Home six weeks later, although he wrote to me every day." Fecker was an ardent letter-writer. Miss Holt kept all his correspondence and will use the letters as evidence In her defense in her preliminary examination. Commencing with June 27th and ending a month later, he sent her twenty-one letters. In these he addresses her as "My Dear Love," "Dear Little Sweetheart," "Dearest Baby," "Dearest Sweetness." On June 27th, three days after his marriage, Fecker wrote: I was very lonesome after you left, and cried for two days.

He conducted his hypnosis at 402 Geary street was clearing $280 a month, and could be greatly extended by energetic work. Newman Invested the money, but the profit vanished. Fecker had his preliminary examlnatlon before Judge Low and was halt to answer before the Superior Court. That case was dismissed.

 from The San Francisco Examiner, 07 Sep 1898, Wed, Page 12

Holt almost succeeded In ending her life on Tuesday Since she was released from prison were she was awaiting judicial action for - attempting to kill her lover Charles Fecker the hypnotic taker add alleged - real estate dealer she has been living at 207 Powell street and has been much In the company of Grace Hays a card reader Fecker made persistent  efforts to renew his control over the young woman wishing her to leave San Francisco until the case against her was Settled. Last Tuesday she visited Grace Hays and arranged to stay all night, later Miss Hays was startled by hearing a noise a crash of glass, upon going into the bedroom she found Miss Holt unconscious rigid and near death, a bottle of Chloroform on the floor of the room reeked with the pungent odor of its contents hastily  another woman in the house got help while Miss Hays worked over Miss Holt and finally got her awake. 

Th court couldn't come to a decision so it was left to the judge and dismissed all charges against her and she went free.

By 1900 she is still being called Miss Holt and her x-lover is getting a divorce from his wife.

So he fight's to get his foster son, and we have no idea what happened to Evelyn after this. The plot thickens. Twists and turns everywhere. 

Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, Volume 

So one story says Fecker kidnapped Conrad and his wife proves that the child was adopted by her first husband who died. She renamed the boy, poor kid. It was never proven where this child came from. Rhoda said her husband adopted the said child Benjamin. 

APRIL 14.—(CASE No. 132,214.) The case of little Conrad Fecker (whose picture appears on another page of this report), and whose remarkable history as it was developed in the contest between foster parents, for his custody, attracted much attention, and received extended treatment through the press. The child had been taken from this country to Germany some time previously by the foster-father, who returned, leaving the child behind, he having separated from his wife. The latter in turn forwarded the passage money for the return of the child to this country, and he had been placed in charge of a stewardess on the steamer Lahn. On its arrival both parents met the child, and a quarrel ensued regarding his custody. The police interfered, and both parties, with the child, were brought before the Supreme Court to obtain a decision as to the proper guardianship and custody of the boy. Pending the hearing little Conrad was placed by Justice Leven tritt in the custody of the Society. The boy was bright and attractive. An exhaustive investigation followed, in which this Society aided the court in ascertaining the facts. Lengthy correspondence and the execution of necessary legal documents in distant western cities followed, which proved that neither of the so-called foster parents, each of whom had themselves had a varied and question able history, were legal or proper guardians of the boy. Finally Justice Leventritt, on May 19, 1900, ordered “that the said child Conrad Benjamin Balhorn (Fecker) be and is hereby hereby committed to the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children during his minority.” A proper home for his care has been duly found by the Society.


So Rhoda claims the following husbands:

Dr. Charles Hamilton (can't find, must be imaginary) 
John Carl August Ballhorn (Whom she claimed killed himself)
Mr. Webber
Mr. Cannon

She also claims she was the daughter of the former Mayor Joseph Stringham. Inreality she was the daughter of Aaron & Mary Catherine Hall. 

Clipped from The Indianapolis News, 13 Feb 1900, Tue, Page 9

Siblings were:
Charles M Hall  
Fred L. Hall
Cora Hall (Claimed to marry a Mr. Gray)
and Rhoda Hall.

1900 Conard "Charles" Fecker"  has fled to Germany!

Then a newspaper clipping shows up that a ship Elbe had sunk in 1895 and on it was a letter to Conrad Feckler from his niece.

Can you believe this, it was found and sent to him.

Ok so Mr. Fecker had a wife before Rhoda and he filed for divorce in 1895, grounds of cruelty. Her name was Alice S. I would of hit him with a broom.

He finds himself in some real trouble by 1902. He meets a widow and swindles $3,000 from her and she ends up dead, and he flees 1902.

SLAYER IS STILL FREE Police Have No Trace of the Man Who Killed Nora Fuller. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 15. Nora Fuller's slayer is no nearer to capture than he was twenty-four hours ago. "Absolutely nothing new in the case," was Chief of Detectives Seymour's announcement this morning to the newspaper men. And this afternoon the declaration was repeated. Asked if he. attached suspicion of the murder or of any complicity in it, to Conrad Pecker, who was a friend of Bentley and 'suddenly- disappeared from this city on January 22. Captain Seymour said that there is no suspicion of "John Bernett" or "C.  Hawkins," there is no good reason to suspect him.  Fecker went East with a widow who had $5,000, and with whose he became' acquainted through a newspaper matrimonial advertisement. His present whereabouts is known to Captain Seymour, and if he is wanted he can be brought back. But just now there is not evidence sufficient to justify the expense of bringing him here.

At some point in Conrad "Charles" Fecker adventures he owned 23 restaurants at one time, so if he had those why would he need this widows money?


I found another article that said the police were watching him, if so how did he flee?

Name: Charles Fecker
Arrival date: 31 May 1883
Birth Date: abt 1861
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: German
Place of Origin: Germany
Port of Departure: Le Havre, France
Destination: New York
Port of Arrival: New York, New York

Ship Name: Labrador

Now lets look at Rhoda Hall and her family especially her mother. She divorced her husband in 1880 and he dies by 1900. She then is in Wisconsin claiming to be the wife of Reuben Parkinson. She had written him many letters as if they were husband and wife and then files for divorce asking for alimony.

He won the case and ran off and changed his name. By the way he was a graduate of Princeton. Reuben was a juror away from home when she said they were Married, he broke down in tears with relief. 

Rhoda and her mother Catherine lived with Cora on property they were told to vacate and after this i can't find anymore records for them. 


This is right out of the Bermuda Triangle.