Friday, April 20, 2018

Edward Sweet

Jewel "Billie" Sweet, 91, of Fort Sumner, died Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2005, at her home.

She was born March 29, 1914, in Floyd, Texas, to Robert Hendryx and the former Nora Burkhalter. She married Edward Sweet on Jan. 12, 1931, in Santa Rosa. They farmed and made brooms for their living. The family moved to Puerto De Luna in the fall of 1936, where they farmed and made mattresses. They returned to Fort Sumner in August of 1939. They built and operated the "Billy the Kid" Museum in Fort Sumner in 1952.

She was a member of the First Baptist Church. She also taught the primary Sunday school Bible class for more than 20 years. Family members said she loved to paint and write poetry.

She was preceded in death by her husband; her grandson, Terry Lee Sweet; parents; sister, O'Dell Gibson; brothers, Preston Hendryx and Billy Wayne Hendryx; and niece, Mildred Liles.

Survivors include her son, Don Sweet (and wife, Lula) of Fort Sumner; grandson, Tim Sweet (Pam) of Clovis; great-grandsons, Kane Sweet (Keri) of Melissa, Texas, and Devin Sweet of Clovis; sister, Ratha Passafume (Phil); and brother, Alva Hendryx (Trudy), all of Las Cruces; and several nieces and nephews.

Rev. Coy Brewer is officiating.

Burial will follow in the Sweet family plot in Melrose Cemetery.

Pallbearers will include Kane Sweet, Devin Sweet, T.J. Walraven, Dick Haynes and Johnny McMillan.
Honorary pallbearers will be the deacons of the First Baptist Church.

The family prefers memorial contributions to the First Baptist Church Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 287, Fort Sumner, New Mexico 88119.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Robert Woodfin Lane Missing

Robert Woodfin Lane was born  1 Oct 1871 in Early County, GA. 

Here's what I found:

San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA
Bob Lane disappeared after 1906 SF quake and never heard from again. He was not killed in Quake. Genevieve Lane filed for Divorce Decree in 1910 and married Eugene Martin of Early County, GA in Aug. 1910.

San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA
Jennie and Bob were married at her parents' home on Howard St in San Fran.

Robert Woodfin Lane
BIRTH 1 OCT 1874 • Blakely, Early, Georgia


Genevieve "Jennie" Hoban
BIRTH 10 JUN 1877 • Silver City, Lyon, Nevada
DEATH 28 SEP 1950 • Blakely, Early, Georgia


Robert Lowell Lane
BIRTH 16 SEPTEMBER 1899 • Early County, Georgia USA
DEATH 15 NOVEMBER 1967 • Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia USA

His mom

Georgia A. Russum
his dad

Joseph Polk Lane
BIRTH 21 SEP 1849 • Early County, Georgia USA
DEATH 05 SEP 1919 • Early County, Georgia USA

His siblings

Mary Ida Lane 1876-1957
Susie Belle Lane 1880-

Joseph Rufus Lane 1883-1949

The story is he ran off because he was wanted.

Sometimes you just don't get the rest of the story.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Maggie McGee Wanted For Misdemeanor

Maggie McGee in 1910 she was married to Nils McGee age 35 and they had two children Thelma age 5 and William age 3. They were living in Rio Vista, Solona, California. She was born 1884 in California.

NAME: Maggie Kagee
GENDER: Female
COURT DATE: 24 Oct 1911
RECORD PLACE: Fairfield, California, USA
RECORD TYPE: Description of Criminals
BOOK TITLE: Description of Criminals and Stolen Property, 1903-1911

I think Maggie may have been lured by Manuel in some way and she ran off. I hope she came to her senses and went back home to her husband and kids.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Frank Hungerford Wanted For Child Abandonment

Frank B Hungerford I could not find out where or when he was born the dates I found were not correct. This is what I know for 100% sure.

He was in the Spanish American War

He lived in North Dakota, I found some newspaper clipping to prove his War record and that he had a son born to him in 1879.

I found proof he did go to California and was wanted.

He missed two court dates:

NAME: Frank Hungerford
COURT DATE: 24 Mar 1911
RECORD PLACE: Fairfield, California, USA
RECORD TYPE: Description of Criminals
BOOK TITLE: Description of Criminals and Stolen Property, 1903-1911

NAME: Frank Hungerford
COURT DATE: 21 Oct 1911
RECORD PLACE: Sacramento, California, USA
RECORD TYPE: Description of Criminals
BOOK TITLE: Description of Criminals and Stolen Property, 1903-1911

I also found him in a City directory for Fargo, North Dakota

NAME: Frank B Hungerford
RESIDENCE PLACE: Fargo, North Dakota, USA
PUBLICATION TITLE: Fargo, North Dakota, City Directory, 1896

This is all I found out and hopefully a family member will come along and help fill in some of blanks for us.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Henry Thomas San Quentin

Thomas Henry Hunt was born 23 May 1902 Magnolia, Iowa to Thomas Henry Hunt and Daisy Newcomb. He married Ethel Jean Limerick.

He was placed in the Iowa State Prison for breaking and entering, was received on 29 Sep 1921 as Inmate #6015 and he escaped for a day was returned on 13 Oct 1921 and discharged on 4 Dec 1922.

As inmate #4584 South Dakota State Prison Burglary received 15 mo on 2 Mar 1925, discharged on 17 mar 1925.

As inmate #10241 Nebraska State Prison 3 years received 26 Oct 1929. 

As Inmate #71225 San Quentin Prison 

As Inmate #224833 Folsom Prion Grand Theft received 22 Apr 1944, discharged on 4 Mar 1949.

 I found his marriage certificate 

He died 23 Aug 1958 in Placer, CA

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Daniels' Clairvoyant Way of Grand Larceny

William Daniels was born in 1884 in Pennsylvania and his beautiful wife Georgia was born in 1885 in Georgia. They were the best scammers of their time, using her clairvoyance to entice their victims out of their money.  In 1912 they convinced an elderly lady that the inheritance she received was curse.

William Daniels 1912

Georgia Daniels 1911

Georgia said to the Widow Mrs. Anna Neill "That money is cursed if not removed it will bring you bad luck."

Georgia put the money in a pouch and sewed it shut and said a few magic words to removed the curse and told Mrs Neill not to open the pouch for 2 weeks or the curse would not be broken. 

Mrs Neil had gone shopping and wanted to by a watch and found she didn't have enough change so she opened the pouch to removed a few bills and found it contained only paper.  She went to the police crying and explaining what had happened and the Daniels were arrested before they could leave town. They were both held in the Tulare County Jail.

William Daniels had been in the Stillwater Prison in Minnesota at some point before this charge.
He was received into San Quentin on 19 Jul 1912 as Inmate #25873 for a 4 year sentence being discharged on 19 Jul 1915. 

San Quentin Mugshot

San Quentin Prison Record

San Quentin Prison is located in San Quentin, California

Front of San Quentin Prison in 1900

San Quentin Prison in 1910

Georgia Daniels was received at San Quentin on 1 Apr 1911 and discharged on 1 Apr 1914 she was sentenced to 4 years.

Georgia Daniels Mugshot San Quentin Prison 1911

Georgia Daniels Mugshot San Quentin Prison 1911

San Quentin Prison record for Georgia Daniels 
I found no records for either of them after their release from prison.  

Saturday, February 24, 2018

High Society Couple Robs Elite Hotel Rooms

Aimee Wilkes Henderson was born 1883 in New York to Charles & Mollie Henderson. She married Albert Webb Meloling on 30 May 1904. This would be his 3rd marriage.

Aimee Wilkes Henderson
Albert Webb Meloling was born 27 Aug 1878 in New York to Albert Webb Meloling & Ella Edith Phelps.

Albert married first to Goldie Radcliffe 3 Sep 1894
in the District of Columbia. He was either a polygamist or they divorced because Goldie died in 1952.

His 2nd wife was Claudie M Mahan they married in California in 1899. They had a son Albert Webb Meloling the 3rd 1900-1928

Albert Webb Meloling

Aimee and Albert were  high society staying in fancy hotels like the Ormode. He was a Dyer and she was a nurse. Although they were both from fine families with good upbrings, they were burglars. They would go into other peoples rooms and steal things. Once Aimee stole a diamond ring which Albert gave to his sister. 

The good times ran out when they and a 19 year old accomplice named Ninon Goode were all arrested for 2nd degree burglary. 


After the trial Albert was placed at Folsom prison on 8 Jun 1905 as Inmate # 6136

Aimee was taken to San Quentin on 8 Jun 1905 as Inmate # 21178

Aimee was discharged from San Quentin on 8 Oct 1907

I found her and her husband still living together in the city directory in 1917 & 1928

NAME: Amie W Meloling
GENDER: Female
RESIDENCE PLACE: Santa Barbara, California, USA
SPOUSE: Albt W Meloling
PUBLICATION TITLE: Santa Barbara, California, City Directory, 1917
Albt W Meloling
Amie W Meloling

Name: Ami Meloling
Gender: Female
Residence Year: 1928
Street address: 3469 Lynde
Residence Place: Oakland; Alameda; Berkeley; Emeryville; Piedmont, California, USA
Occupation: Nurse
Spouse: Albt W Meloling
Publication Title: Oakland, California, City Directory, 1928

Albert was discharged from Folsom on 8 Jan 1909

The last document I found was for Aimee in 1951 flying from London, England to Detroit.

Albert Webb Meloling died 5 Dec 1952 in Alameda, Alameda, California

I could not find a death record for Aimee