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Albert Frederick George Vereneseneckockockhoff: Murder 1st Degree

Albert Frederick George Vereneseneckockockhoff born about 1830 in Germany. He was a upholster and a handyman, who drank and had a male companion named Robert Goepal a shoemaker who was his alibi and commited suicide 16 Sep 1898. They lived together at 524 Post Street.

524 Post Street San Francisco, CA Today's view

He then lived at the Lindell House at 262 6th Street, the one under construction.

Victim was Mrs. Mary Clute who was in the process of moving from 230 Page Street this number no longer exists, here's the block she would of lived on.

She moved to 803 Guerrero Street, which also no longer exists but here's the block. 

Mrs. Clute's wanted some new carpet put in and had asked Hoff (as he was called) if he would install it. Well the store she placed the order from said they had to install it and Hoff got mad, so Mrs. Clute's to compensate Hoff for his time asked if he would be willing to hang some painting for her and he agreed.

The neighbors had seen him there and had seen his tools. That would get him a death sentence.

Inmate #17694 San Quentin Prison
Rec: 5 Apr 1898
Crime: Murder 1st Degree
Term: Death

Later transferred to Folsom as Inmate # 4867 and his sentenced was reduced to Life although he was discharged 12 July 1915.

I think they got the wrong man.

This is why I think this: I think it was the carpet layer. Also another fact is Mrs. Clute's wasn't the first women murdered in that area.

Murder weapon 

Some newspaper articles:

Albert died 18 Dec 1926. I found no genealogy information for him. There was a 1910 census when he was in Folsom prison that stated his parents were both born in Germany he came to America in 1850 and was Naturalized.

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Charles Becker was born July 1839 in Germany. He was called the cleverest forger of modern times, and the Pinkerton's were out to get him.

Inmate #18022 San Quentin Prison
Rec: 31 Dec 1898
Crime: Forgery
Term: 7 Years
Discharged: 30 Sep 1903

He and an accomplice forged a $12.00 check for $22,000 at the Nevada Bank in San Francisco. The Pinkertons were employed by the bank to catch the thieves.   

Charles was also a prisoner in Kings County Prison in New York sentenced 10 years. He was locked up many time for the crime of Forgery all over the world.

His first known crime was in 1872 The Third National Bank in Baltimore, Maryland. They opened The Chapman & Elliott Brokerage Firm one floor over the bank. They tunneled through the floor and into the vault and fled to Europe, with $50,000. They were captured in Smyrna, Turkey.
They were tried in English Consular Court and sentenced to three years. They escaped Elliott and Becker fled to London leaving Chapman behind.

In Omaha they defrauded five banks in one day. Clearing approximately $100,000.

One of his partners James Creegan Below

Inmate#4564 Folsom Prison
Rec: 27 Mar 1899
Crime: Forgery
Term: 2 Years
Discharged: 27 Nov 1900

Here's the newspaper accounts of the San Francisco Crime:

Charles Becker was married newspaper says his wife was Clara Bechtel, but the Google book mention he was arrested along with his father-in-law Clement Hearing. So he either was married twice or someone got a name wrong, or Bechtel was her first marriage. I have not found any marriage records.

Charles Becker walked out of San Quentin Prison in 1903 before any other prisoners were to be release as to his request. He got onto a stagecoach and headed to San Francisco where he planned to live out his life.

Their other partner McCluskey died shortly after the trial.

Charles was taught to be an engraver and he was so good at it he was teaching his own teacher.
What an amazing story and life he led. He was clever and very intelligent,  too bad he wasn't smart enough to invest the money and not get caught. I have Becker's in my tree but I didn't find a connection yet..Mine also came from Germany, but the surname Becker is as hard to trace as Smith and Jones. But I made him a tree on Ancestry and maybe he is an ancestor only time will tell. I will embrace it. His death is currently unknown.

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Frank Charles Blumlein: Espionage

Frank Charles Blumlein was born 19 April 1875 in  M├╝nnerstadt Anterlvankan, Baycon, Germany to Michael O Blumlein and Martha E Phriem. 

Frank was Captain of Company K of the  New Mexico Militia.

 He was a sharpshooter and competed in many competitions and won many medals. 

 Inmate #12882 Leavenworth Prison
Rec: 12 June 1918
Crime: Espionage 

Inmate #778 New Mexico State Prison
Rec: 22 May 1918
Crime: Safe Keeping (Stolen Guns)
Was transferred to Leavenworth

These are files from the FBI I found on 3Fold

This is a list of weapons and ammo found in his possession 

 Frank went back to Germany to visit his brother.

S.S. George Washington 
Frank was married twice:

Elizabeth May Alice Peach 1883-1937

They had a son named Ray Charles Blumlein 1909-1988

Kelly Blumlein Boyd originally shared this on 28 Mar 2008

Maria Lutz 1901-1938

They had 2 children:

Jane Blumein
Frank Charles Blumein Jr.

Frank was also a volunteer firefighter for the Sante Fe Fire Department 1897-1898.

He plead not guilty to the charges he was accused of.

Was he upset over the War with Germany? What was he planning with all those weapons and ammo? Some questions that may never be answered, unless he kept a journal.

Exterior view of Harvey House, Santa Fe Eating House, a locomotive is puffing down the tracks. An "Ore Monument" made of stones and a wooden fence are at the side. Man to left of monument is F. C. Blumlein, Supt. of Round House, Winslow Arizona. Several people are milling about. Powerhouse stacks in background were not installed until Dec. 1908. See Economic-Kingman-Desert Power & Water #8898. Info source A. J. Legault, Powerhouse. SW corner 4th and Andy Devine. Source:

Frank died 13 Apr 1944 in Clovis, New Mexico. I made him a tree and attached tons of records, including more FBI records. 

He was buried in Desert View Cemetery in Winslow, AZ.

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Mah Noon:Assault To Murder

Mah Noon was born about 1874 in China.

He was a part of the Tong Wars in San Francisco,  California. These Wars begun in 1880's and progressed violent through the 1900's.Tong wars could be triggered by a variety of inter-gang grievances, from the public besmirching of another tong's honor to failure to make full payment for a "slave girl" to the murder of a rival Tong member. Each tong had salaried soldiers, known as boo how doy, who fought in Chinatown alleys and streets over the control of opium, prostitution, gambling, and territory.  Here is Mah Non's story.

Inmate #17829 San Quentin Prison
Rec: 6 Jul 1898
Crime: Assault To Murder
Term: 14 Years
Paroled: 6 May 1907
Pardoned: 9 Jan 1903

Here's a newspaper account of what happened:

George McMahon. Corporal Dan Sylvester, his squad and Special Policemen George Downey and Gus Finn were on the scenes of both affairs soon after they happened. The officers learned the cause of the trouble and until a late hour searched for Mah Noon, but" were unable to locate him. Noon is' the man who, on March - 30, 1898, shot and killed LIm Sier and seriously injured  Policeman  Pat , Tracy. The indictment for the latter crime is still hanging over his head. While serving a term for murder in San Quentin Henry T. Gage, who was then Governor, acquired a taste for the Mongolian's dainty cooking and, paroling him, took him to his ranch at Downey. On January 6 of the present year, the then Governor granted Mah Noon an absolute pardon, though his crime was one of the most cold-blooded ever committed in Chinatown and his record one of the worst. For the last two weeks Mah Noon has been engaged in blackmailing houses throughout the district and was a leading spirit in the trouble between the Wong family and the Sen Suey Yings, which was recently settled.

When the Hod Sings learned that Mah Noon was bent on murder several animated discussions regarding his purpose occurred on the streets. Then hostilities broke out anew, and a few minutes afterward How Kam Yue, a Sen Suey Ying man, lay on a sidewalk at the corner of "Waverly place and Washington street with a bullet through his neck. Boo Wan Hoey, the Hop Sing man who shot him, ran down to the corner of Kearny and Sacramento streets, where he was captured by Special Policeman Barney Maloney. The wounded man Identified him at the Receiving Hospital. How Kam Yue will recover. Then the Sen Suey Yings, bent on revenge, started out in search of a Hop Sing man and half an hour after the first shooting Chan Luey was hit by a bullet as he was passing in front of 17 Spofford alley. As In the first case, his injuries were not serious and at the hospital he accused Won Ah Chew, a Sen Suey Ying highbinder, of having fired the shot. The latter made his escape. 


Mah Noon, the notorious highbinder v.'ho was paroled from San Quentin and later given a pardon by Governor Gage, was the occasion of two shooting affairs In Chinatown last night. He has been in the city but a few days, and since his arrival has returned to his habits of strife, blackmail and blood, with the result that war between two powerful tongs, has been resumed, and the police predict much loss of life before its close. Mah Noon is a Sen Suey Ying highbinder, and early last night lay in wait for Mah On, the interpreter for the Hop Sing tong. Mah On had been shot by the Sen Suey Ylng men about seven months ago near the See Yup headquarters, but when he recovered the hatchet was burled, and- it remained for Mah Noon to revive  old' feeling as soon as the gates of the prison had been opened to him. Mah Noon had a big revolver and intended to finish the work of murder which his tong had left undone. Mah Noon Returns to City and Bloodshed Is the  Result. Shooting of Tong Man  Quickly Followed by Another.. BULLETS MAIM TWO CHINESE "

The San Francisco Call 
San Francisco, California

06 Dec 1903, Sun  •  Page 33

While numerous, tongs had some similarities. Most tongs did not require new member to be from a specific clan, birthplace, or economic status, since tong members seem to have come from all different aspects of society. Also, while most tong members were Chinese, membership was not limited on the basis of nationality. Japanese, Filipino, and even Caucasians were known, albeit rarely, to join a tong organization.

Although I did not find any family information for Mah I just had to write his story and make him a tree on Ancestry. 

I only found one possible records although the birth year is a few decades off.

NAME: Mah Lung Noon
BIRTH DATE: 1 Jan 1891
DEATH DATE: 26 Jun 1942
DEATH PLACE: San Francisco