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I have been doing genealogy for 30 years. My Great Aunt Ella introduced me to this fascinating adventure when I was a teenager and boy did I get hooked. She inspired me and taught me the importance of my roots and where I came from.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Pvt. Harry Richardson: Houston, TX Riot 1917 Camp Logan Series

Harry Richardson was born 1894 in Oklahoma.
He enlisted in the 24th Inf, 3rd Bat, Co. I in April 1917.

#12273 Leavenworth 
Crime: Mutiny & Murder
Rec: 1917-18
Term: Life
Reduced to 30 years then reduced to 28 years 6 months.
According to the clemency records he was still at Leavenworth in 1935. The link below will take you to his records and several of his hand written letters.

I made him a tree on Ancestry but I have found no further information. He is listed in the 1920 census as being in Leavenworth and I did find the text version of his prison record.

Bessie Violet Ingram-Mitchell: Murder

Bessie Violet Ingram was born 8 Jan 1892 in New Berg, OR to Edward Ingram and Annie Therbur. She married Sylvester Penoyer Mitchell in 1910 in Multnomah, OR. They had a son together named Edward Mitchell born 1915 in Washington. I found no further records for their son except a 1920 census he was 4 years old and in and institution, I am going to assume it's an orphanage. (Posted at end).

Bessie Violet Ingram

Sylvester Penoyer Mitchell was born 10 Mar 1889 in Portland, OR to Joseph Franklin Mitchell (1845-1927) and Anna Emaline Forgey (1851-1928).

On 4 Jun 1916 Bessie and Sylvester went to a picture show and took their 9 month old son with them, the baby kept coughing and Sylvester wanted Bessie to take the baby and leave. An argument ensued and continued on the way home. 
Here are the newspaper clipping of the event that followed.


The Mitchell House

Bessie & Sylvester

Sylvester Mitchell died 4 Jun 1916 in Vancouver, WA

1920 Census listing their son Edward

Bessie was held at the Clark County Jail here is here mugshot and record.

I found her prison record as well but's only a text.

Record Series: Institution Records
Collection: Corrections Department, Washington State Penitentiary, Commitment Registers and Mug Shots, 1887-1945
County: Statewide

Name: Bessie Mitchell
Inmate Number: 8137
Crime: Manslaughter
Where Convicted: Clarke
Year Of Receipt: 1916
Nativity: Oregon
Age: 24
Reference Number: AR129-5-4-008257


I do not know the year Bessie was released from prison but she married her second husband Carl O Johnston on 30 Sep 1925 in Olympia, WA. They had 2 daughters.

Frances C. Johnston 1928-
Joyce Mable Johnston 1930-1994

I never found out what happened to poor little Edward.

Bessie has a Memorial on FAG #87991746 and so does Sylvester FAG #104395908. I asked to have them attached and I left flowers for both. I also made a tree for Bessie on Ancestry with all attached. 

They are all at peace.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dolly Rogers: Arrested for Vagrancy, Prostitution & Venereal

Dolly Rogers was born around 1896 in I believe Rhode Island. Her possible parents might be Stephen Rogers & Anna. 

Dolly was arrested in Clark County, WA 29 Aug 1917, when she was 21 years old. 

Inmate #1029

She was arrested for Vagrancy, Prostitution & Venereal and was sentenced to the county jail until she was cured of venereal disease. She violated her parole but it wasn't listed as to how or why, or when.

If I have her birth place right she was admitted to the Exeter School for the Feeble Minded from 1920-1940 according to those census records.  I did not find any other records or newspaper clippings.

I hope I am wrong and she isn't the one locked up in a school like that.

Pvt. Alvin Pugh: Houston, TX Riot 1917 Camp Logan Series

Alvin Pugh was enlisted in the 24th Inf, 3rd Bat, Co. I. 

I have very little information and no mugshot.

Inmate #     Leavenworth
Crime: Mutiny & Murder
Term: 2 years Hard Labor 

I am sorry Alvin I tried to help you home to your ancestor's but I just couldn't find enough information yet.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Dollie Walker: San Quentin

Dollie Walker was 30 years old and a widow when she committed the crime of grand larceny and was sent to San Quentin (San Quentin, Marin, CA) for a term of 3 years on 17 Nov 1903. She was discharged on 12 Mar 1906. 

Dollie was born abt 1873 in Illinois
Her first husband was Edward Walker born Aug 1869 in Illinois. (no further Information on him).

She was Inmate #20408

April 1906 she married her second husband P.L. Murphy.

I wish I could of found out her maiden name and more information on her family. This is all I have found so far. I wonder what she stole to get grand larceny, maybe a fur coat?  I hope the rest of her life went better for her with better choices. 

Pvt. Edward Porter Jr. : Houston, TX Riot 1917 Camp Logan Series

Edward Porter Jr. was born in Kansas in 1893.

He was enlisted in 24th Inf, 3rd Battalion.
He enlisted 12 Apr 1917 at Jefferson Barracks, MO.

Inmate 13229 Leavenworth 
Crime: Mutiny & Murder
Term: Life
Reduced to 18 years 6 months

This link will take you to his clemency documents.

There is a beautifully hand written letter by him among these documents, but I can not figure out how to download or copy them.

His parents were Edward Rupart Porter Sr. (1872-1955) and Ada B Meyeres (1877-1974)

I found an record of marriage but not 100% sure it's his. His maybe wife was Myrtle Williams 1888-1978

There is no FAG for him, he died Jan 1966 in Wichita, KS or Florida there are 2 identical records for each state...I chose to add Kansas since he was born there.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Tony Clements: Committed Suicide in Folsom Prison

Tony Clements was born in 1833 in California. He looks like the sweatiest old man, I would love to curl up by his feet and listen to all his life stories. I bet they would be fascinating,
I see a lot of knowledge in them eyes.

Tony convicted of  Grand Larceny 

Inmate #4346 Folsom Prison
Rec: 21 Mar 1898
Crime: Grand Larceny
Term: 5 years
Age: 65
Occupation: Laborer

Poor Tony must not of like prison life very much because he committed suicide. He died 3 Nov 1899 and is buried in the Folsom Prison Cemetery, Folsom, Sacramento, CA.
He has a FAG Memorial #166788653
I left a memento. I also made Tony a Tree on Ancestry so now he will never be forgotten and hopefully a family member will be able to find him.