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I have been doing genealogy for 30 years. My Great Aunt Ella introduced me to this fascinating adventure when I was a teenager and boy did I get hooked. She inspired me and taught me the importance of my roots and where I came from.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Leo Gauggel: Shoemaker

Leo Gauggel was born 16 Oct 1845 in Germany, I found this record:

Name: Leo Gauggel
Birth Date:16 Oct 1844
Baptism Date:16 Oct 1844
Baptism Place: Veringendorf, Hohenzollern, Preu├čen, Germany
Father: Klemens Gauggel
Mother: Franziska Rettich

Inmate #4276 Folsom Prison
Rec: 10 Jan 1898
Crime: Asst  to Rape
Term: 14 years
Discharged: 10 Nov 1906

The judge gave him the maxim sentenced but wanted to give him life, the girl was 14 years old.

Leo had a good business in San Francisco as shoe & boot maker and repair. Located at 316 Sutter. He had this business for over a decade.

He came to America in 1870.

On 19 Apr 1910 he was an inmate in the Relief Home for aged & Infirm in San Francisco at age 65.

Relief Home for Aged and Infirm

Laguna Honda first opened in 1867 as an almshouse for the Gold Rush pioneers (the ones who didn't strike it rich, anyway). The city constructed a four story wood frame building on the old San Miguel Rancho west of Twin Peaks. The large rancho site had a natural spring that fed a deep lagoon, hence the name Laguna Honda, and the almshouse grew its own food and livestock on the 87 acres. A 24-bed hospital was opened during a smallpox epidemic in 1868, and was replaced by a small asylum two years later. Buildings continued to be added to the site.

The defining event of the early part of the new century was the great earthquake and fire of 1906. The Almshouse was pressed into service to house and care for thousands of displaced San Franciscans. Now known as the Relief Home, it consolidated earthquake victims living in refugee camps scattered across the city. A new pavilion-style building was constructed, able to accommodate 1,000 people. The building was dedicated in 1909 by President Theodore Roosevelt. By 1910, the city had added another stately new building to the Relief Home. Known as Clarendon Hall, it housed 250 people, and for the first time was intended specifically for people who needed long term medical care.

The leap from Relief Home to skilled nursing facility began in earnest in the 1920’s when Mayor James “Sunny Jim” Rolph turned over the first spade of earth for the Spanish Revival-style buildings that would become Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Those buildings, whose Mediterranean tile work is echoed in the architecture of today’s Laguna Honda, were opened in 1926 and continued to grow in the decades that followed with the addition of new “finger wings,” the long, Florence Nightingale-style open wards that were customary at the time.

In the 1930s, Laguna Honda became a teaching center for the University of California medical school. Surgery began to be performed, and cardiograph and x-ray technology was introduced. The entryway to the main building was graced with now-classic WPA murals, which are still on display.

By 2008 Clarendon Hall was demolished for the new Laguna Honda Hospital buildings designed by Anshen+Allen Architects and Stantec Architecture, though they are not really visible from the road with all the tree coverage.

Leo died 26 Apr 1913 single and alone.

He was never married while in America, I do not know if he was in Germany.

No burial on Find A Grave

Monday, September 24, 2018

Thomas Williams: 5 Year Term

Thomas Williams was born about 1882 in Kentucky. 

On 24 Oct 1904 he was received at Folsom Prison as Inmate #5863 at age 22.

Crime: Burglary 1st degree 2 counts
Term: 5 years
Discharged: 1908

I didn't find any other records for Thomas, which broke my heart, I really want to know know more about him.

I found a small newspaper article that really made me mad.

How is it possible he got burglary in the 1st degree for stealing something to eat and then get 5 years for it. I realize this was his 3rd term in prison, and I did not find those records either he must of used an alias possibly. But still he took food, I understand stealing is wrong but this punishment doesn't fit the crime at all.

Thomas I hope the rest of your life was not this hard.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

James B Clifton: From Blood Poisoning to Electrocution

James B Clifton was born about 1879 in Ohio. Parents unknown at this time.

He had blood poisoning from a bullet wound he received at some point in his life. 

At age 17 he was arrested for 2 counts of Burglary and sent to Folsom Prison.

Inmate #4176 Folsom 
Rec: 19 Sep 1897
Crime: Burg 2 degree 2 cts
Term: 5 yrs each ct
Discharged: 13 Mar 1905

Inmate # 21213 San Quentin
Rec: 28 Jun 1905
Crime: Robbery
Term: 5 yrs
Age: 26
Discharged: 28 Jun 1909

Inmate #23509 San Quentin
Rec: 14 Apr 1909
Crime: Assault To Murder
Term: Life

Although I did not find any genealogy information except his father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother born in Connecticut, from 1900 census while incarcerated in Folsom Prison. I did find some colorful newspaper clipping about his character. He was something.

He died 21 Aug 1911 in San Quentin Prison, I would assume that's where is buried also.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

John Wesley Hardin: Gun Slinger

John Wesley Hardin was born 26 May 1853 in Bonham, Texas to Rev. James Gibson "Gap" Hardin Esquire and Mary Elizabeth Dixson.

John's father James was a Methodist Minister and a lawyer and teacher. He wrote once about his mother saying she was a blond highly cultured, and charity predammate in her disposition and she made his father a model wife and helpmate.

He loved his wife and children with tenderness.

He cam from a rather large family having 5 brothers and 4 sisters.

He was sentenced 5 Jul 1878 to 25 years for murder and was received at Huntsville Prison in Texas, it was claimed he killed 42 men but newspapers only attributed to 27. While he was in prison he wrote his autobiography and studied law. He was released in 1894. In Aug 1895 he was shoot to death by John Selman in a El Paso saloon. 

His son

I have read several books about John but the best is The Life of John Wesley Hardin written in his own words.
I was rather moved by his words and explanations of events, you felt like you were there with him riding the dusty trail and you can smell the saloon and feel the danger.
He is now my favorite outlaw. Smart as a whip and gentle to his children. 

If you haven't read it it's free for Kindle.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Jesus Martinez: Rape

Jesus Martinez was born 25 Mar 1893 in Mexico.

He became San Quentin #32468 age age 26

Rec 16 Mar 1919 San Quentin Inmate #32468
Crime: Rape
Term: 0-50 years indeterminate

Place and date of conviction Stanislaus County, CA
Date of receiving Application: 14 Jul 1920

Eligible for parole:
Appeal: Affirmed Judgement in California
Applt 29 Dec 1924

On 20 Aug 1918 Jesus Martinez committed rape upon a 12 year old girl Catherine Medina, by having sexual intercourse with her.
1913 He was convicted of contributing to minors, giving liquor to young Indian girls, and having lewd & lascivious conduct with them.       
He spent time around schools and other places young girls congregated.

Danger To Society

1920 Catherine Medina was in the care of Roman Catholic Asylum at Medesto, CA 
Pardon denied 3 Aug 1920

Thank goodness, but he was paroled 14 May 1935 and then finally discharged on 25 Nov 1935.

He died 5 Jul 1940 Los Angeles, CA    


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Lucas De La O: Assault With Deadly Weapon

Lucas De La O was born 18 Oct 1889 in Mexico to Antonio De La O and Antonia Domiquez.

He was living in New Mexico and go into a little scrap with the constable.

After getting out of prison he made his way to California and worked as a boilermaker Helper for the railroad.

Unfortunately Lucas contracted Tuberculosis while he was in the New Mexico State Prison, which through my research he is the 5th case I have found to have contracted it while there.

 He died 9 Dec 1927 at age 38, buried in the Ray Memorial Cemetery.

Sad he was getting his life together and was still single and then dies a horrible death.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

C. W. Caddigan: Who Was He Really? Another D. B. Cooper?

C. W. Caddigan, who was this man? 

According to newspaper accounts his first name was Clarence he was married to a Clara and might of had a son named Don. Lets see what I found.

I found some rather awesome newspaper clipping about him, that just make him even more mysterious.


The next few newspaper article are actually one article I broke up so you can read it better.

Here are a few more I found

I never found an article that claimed they got him, or a claim that this man was for sure identified as him. I am thinking because there were no more articles, they never found him.

His son Don took a trip to Nassau, Bahamas and arrived 8 Apr 1926, aboard the SS Munargo (Photo's below).

SS Munargo

SS Munargo State Room

So as I was researching his son I found his first name to be Cornelius and his wife's name was actually  Eudora H Baughmann born abt 1860.

Something else I found interesting was he applied for a passport.

It's dated 31 Aug 1908

Notice it says He's a miner.

Has his birth information also. He was born 13 Mar 1854 in Dunkirk, New York.

Did he use an alias to leave the country or did he use his passport and flee and then his son visits in 1926?

Guess we will never know for sure, but I kinda hope he got away with it, $25,000 was a ton of money back then.