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$100 Reward Missing Boy Fred Draper

In 1908 a missing notice was received in the, Tulare County, California, Sheriff's Office and Jail Records, 1874-1963 for a missing boy from Atlantic, Cass, Iowa. 

He was about 14 years old his description and that he was last seen in Atlantic, Iowa on 4 Aug 1908. He was not known  to be a runaway and he had no coat with him.

Below is the $100 Reward poster on him.

I love this poster for several reasons but mostly this little boys cute face. 

As I was doing my research on him I found a few newspaper articles I have them below. It it obvious this family was worried about their son and wanted him to return safely, at any expense. I am assuming from small bits of information his father was most likely a farmer/rancher. This tells me he was not a wealthy man. It cost a lot of money to post in newspapers and make inquires they could only do that by post and wire back then and if they had a phone which most did not. They would have to go into town and use one at a store or the police station.

I was looking in the 1908 papers and then it dawns on me to look through the 1909 newspapers and like a miracle I found two more clippings.

I am not sure why this kid stole the money, maybe he was hungry or wanted to try and go home. His actions help his family find him.
His dad left Iowa and went to Washington to bring his son home. This tells me that he loved that boy very much. All the money spent looking for him and then the trip there and trip home had to be a great financial burden to this family.

I did not find out anything else about him or his family. I was hoping to find more about his mother. No mention of her except MRS in the newspaper clippings. His father's name was also Fred Draper. All I could find for that area was a man named Herbert Draper with a son Fred about the same age in 1920 Census.

We may never know what happen to Fred when he returned home but I hope he felt his father's love for him in his heart.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Alfred Rosenholz

I was researching an individual and I came upon this wanted poster and something pulled at me to find out more.

This is the story of Alfred Rosenholz

He was born the 13 Feb 1867 in Skallmeja, Skaraborg, Sweden. He was married first to Marnie (Mary C) Macker Some family trees list her as Mary Wacker married 23 Dec 1894 in Alameda County, CA. As far as I could find out they had two children:

1) Renald Rosenholz 1895-1907
2) Anna Pearl Rosenholz 1896-1968

I am not sure what happened to this marriage, I found some newspaper clipping and a wanted poster. In examining these I have come to a conclusion that his wife was a scornful women. Although Mr Rosenholz is a very colorful man.

I did not find out if he had a degree of some kind for the title Dr. I also did not find any proof of the abortion statement on this poster either. 

On 17 Sep 1910 he marries his 2nd wife, thinking he is divorced from the first wife. The first wife Mary must of found out about the second wife and got jealous or mad, because she is the one who went to the authorities to report him. In this poster it says hi wife is about 6 months pregnant. Come to your own conclusions, but I believe she miss-carried or the baby died because the only oldest child we know about is Renald who was born in 1913.  I did however find a newspaper clipping for the loss of a son  from his first wife dated 1907 which would be their son Renald born in 1895.

Below is a newspaper article I found on the death of his son.

Below are a few clipping I found on the Bigamy, I only picked several because there are numerous clipping about this case.

Here's a some of the case I found in text.

MARY C. ROSENHOLZ, Respondent, v. ALFRED ROSENHOLZ, Appellant.

Appeal-Eight To Stay Of Execution-Petition Tor Alternative Writ Of Restitution-Controverted Facts-Continuance For Hearing.-Where an appellant, for the purpose of preserving his statutory right to a stay of execution pending an appeal to this court, petitions this court for a writ of restitution of the possession of the real property involved in the appeal, which is alleged to have been delivered by the court, after an application to fix the staybond, but the facts are controverted, as to whether the writ of possession was before or after the application for the stay-bond, the cause will be continued for further hearing and evidence upon notice to the parties interested.

PETITION for Writ of Restitution of real property by Appellant, pending appeal from a judgment of the Superior Court of the City and County of San Francisco.

The facts are stated in the opinion of the court.

R. M. Royce, and Austin Lewis, for Petitioner.

Leo Kaufmann, for Respondent.

THE COURT.-This is a petition for a writ of restitution, restoring to petitioner the possession of certain real property, and preserving his statutory right to a stay of execution pending an appeal from the judgment of the superior court of the city and county of San Francisco. It is made to appear by the petition that an interlocutory judgment and decree awarding to plaintiff the property in question was duly made and given; that he appealed from this judgment and repeatedly sought the court to fix the amount of a bond to stay the execution of the judgment pending the appeal; that the trial court failed to do this, while maintaining the status quo by its order staying execution of the judgment. The last application to the court to fix the stay-bond upon appeal, it is alleged, was made upon January 5th. Upon January 6th, in the absence of defendant's attorney, upon application of plaintiff's attorney, the order staying execution was vacated, and a writ of possession ordered issued by the judge. Upon acquiring knowledge of this, and before the execution of the writ by the sheriff, defendant's attorney secured another stay of execution for two days, and likewise an order fixing the amount of the stay-bond; that this order was served upon the sheriff; that within the time limited by it a good and sufficient stay-bend was tiled; that, notwithstanding this, petitioner was ousted of possession by unauthorized persons not connected with the office of the sheriff of the city and county; that petitioner's attorney then made application to the court for a writ of restitution which the court refused to consider, "handing the same to the clerk and telling him to tell defendant's counsel to take it away." An application for relief was then made to this court. The answer to the petition joins issue upon certain of these averments. Thus, it is denied that petitioner ever made application to the court to fix the amount of the staybond until after the court had issued its writ of possession to plaintiff under the judgment and this writ had been duly executed by the sheriff. It is further denied that the sheriff did not execute the writ, and that the writ was executed by unauthorized persons. Manifestly the rights of petitioner, if he had made timely application for a stay-bond pending his appeal, would be very different from the rights that would be his if he had made such application only after execution of a judgment. The condition of the record making it impossible for this court to determine this and other controverted questions of fact herein adverted to, it is ordered that the order of submission in the above entitled matter heretofore made be vacated, that the cause be set down upon the calendar of the next law and motion day, October 2, 1911, for further hearing and evidence upon these matters, and that timely notice be given of this order to the parties interested.

[L. A. No. 2594. Department Two.-September 14, 1911.]

This man becomes even more interesting and I am not going to post everything because it would take you months to read. I found many patents he had with drawings. This to me alone explains the lunatic theory as just that, this man was very intelligent.  

There are many, many patents for him and you can google them and find them on

So let's talk about his 2nd wife the very lovely Olga Edna Hoagland
Birth 11 Mar 1890  Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota
Death 24 Aug 1974  Paradise, Butte, California

Together they had the following children

Renald Rosewood 1913-1998
Lenore Rosewood 1918-1922
Dagmar Rosewood 1925-2007
Lester Rosewood 1929-1965

Lenore, Olga, Renald Rosenholz

                                                                     Alfred Rosenholz 

I found in some instants his last name has been changed by some family members as Rosewood. In all the documents I found I never found that name so I am very puzzled as to why some people tracing their genealogy would add that to him as a surname. With the patents alone all in Rosenholz he deserves to keep his namesake.

I am amazed how a wanted poster led me to this wonderful story. I was moved by his story and I am sure that scornful x-wife may have ended up in the lunatic ward herself.

 Mary Wacker
Born 1872 in California died 1947 California As far as I could tell she never re-married

Alfred himself died 14 Mar 1941 in  San Francisco, California

Until next time 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Rolland George Guenett

Rolland George Guenett was born on 6 March 1920 in Gravelbourg, Canada. 
Gravelbourg is a small multicultural town in south central SaskatchewanCanada. It is located just west of the Wood River at the junction of provincial Highway 43 and Highway 58, approximately 125 kilometres from Moose JawSwift Current, and the United States border. The region served as a path for First Nations peoples many years ago, and was also integrated into the Redcoat Trail of the 19th century. Gravelbourg is now a key link on the 21st century Trans Canada Trail.

Rolland along with his parents migrated to America some records say 1927 and census records show 1923. Both of his parents were born in Canada.

Very little is known about Rolland's father. His name was George and he was born abt 1892 His mother was. Marie Anna Gauthier BIRTH 5 APR 1898  Weedon, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 9 MAR 1986  Seal Beach, Orange, California, USA She divorced George in 1926 and re-married to Valentine Charles Edwin Osborne (1898-1974) He worked at a gas station garage in 1930 and he had a son Elmer Osborne age 11. By 1945 She divorced him and in the 1940's she was living at 11116 Kling St in Hollywood, CA She never had any other children.

1930 Census Rolland, Mom and stepdad and step brother listed at the top under Osborne

Records show Rolland Guenett in living with his mom and step-dad in 1930 in the 1935 at age 15 he was arrested for robbery and place in Sonoma State Home. Record below.

1940 California census Sonoma State Home Rolland is on line 55

Sonoma State Home in Sonoma, California

By 17 May 1941 at age 21 he is in Folsom Prison for burglary  #24803

He was sentenced for 1-10 but got out in 1943 or 1944
He then gets himself into more trouble and gets 2nd degree burglary and on his San Quentin prisoner card it states Violent Weapons Act.

I found a newspaper clipping stating that he was looting pinball machines. Bail was set at $2,500 and he was charged with burglary Jan 1944.

Notice the change in him from first photo on left he looks like a lost boy to the right he's hard and cold.

He has a good profession as plummer but  I feel he is carrying a lot of pain inside his heart. Perhaps for his father or the life with his mother. 

Notice his tattoo descriptions, I looked up the meaning I do not know what Frenchy is for I assume it has something to do with Canada perhaps. He hasn't been married or have any children.

The anchor may have to with dad or A lot of people choose anchor tattoo to remind them that although the matters are too difficult to be solved, or the challenges try every way to strike them down, they must keep their faith to overcome every hindrances strongly. 

Here's a text version of a newspaper clipping I found for 1944

Newspaper article
Sausalito News, Number 2, 13 January 1944 

Theft Cases Solved By Parolee Arrest

Roland Guenett, 23, was arrested last week at the Marinship dormitories. Guenett was taken into custody by Chief of Police James Doyle and Captain Cornelius J. McCann of the Sausalito Police Department at the point of drawn guns. His apprehension ends a recent wave of burglaries in the Sausalito area. Guenett, a San Quentin parolee, went to work at Marinship several months ago. Shortly thereafter he quit his job and a notice for his arrest was sent out by the state parole board. The parole board warned that he was probably armed and was dangerous. Meanwhile a Greyhound ticket station at Marinship’s gate three was burglarized twice within a two-week period and the recreation room at the dormitories was entered and robbed. Doyle and McCann, acting on private information, last Wednesday went to the dormitories and found Guenett in one of the rooms. He offered no resistance, being unclothed and in bed. A .25 automatic was found in his clothing, as was a screwdriver, the edges of which fit impressions around windows of the burglarized ticket station. It was later discovered that the gun in Guenett’s possession had been stolen from Marvin Larsh, 31 Bulkley street. Guenetl had worked with Larsh in the shipyard and had been a guest in his home. Larsh reported his gun stolen last November 11. Larsh had no knowledge of Guenett’s past history. Guenett is being charged by the county sheriff with burglary, by the Sausalito police with possession of firearms while on parole, petty theft and parole violation. Guenett is also wanted by the Los Angeles police department on a burglary charge.

Below is a photo of his Mom it's stated on his prison record that she is his closest living relative.

Below is a photo of Rolland's Maternal Grandfather Louis GAUTHIER
BIRTH 21 AUG 1859 Weedon, Richmond and Wolfe, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 14 JAN 1946  Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, Canada

Below is a photo of Rolland's Maternal Grandmother  Leocadie Fortier
BIRTH 15 NOV 1861 Weedon, Cantons De Lest, Quebec, Canada
DEATH 23 SEPTEMBER, 1923  Gravelbourg, , Saskatchewan, Canada

I sincerely wish I would of found out more about his father where did her go? when did he die? did he re-marry too? Somethings a genealogist always asks themselves.

I would imagine life in San Quentin or Folsom during this period in history could not of been easy. Although for some life is easier on the inside, they have a bed and food.

San Quentin Record I only found the one

The last prison date I found for Rolland was a parole date of 13 July 1953

Rolland George Guenett  died 1 Nov 1991 in Los Angeles, CA 

I didn't find a memorial fro him on findagrave, I might even make one for him. I hope he found of life of peace and happiness the last years of his life.

I picked Rolland to research and tell his story because so many times a criminals are labeled as bad and no good. He was just a boy when he was placed in the Sonoma State Home. Maybe he would of turned out differently if he would live with his father. There more questions than answers.

I do know that everyone good or bad has a genealogical purpose and has a story to be told. That's why I am here.

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Kathleen Newman

Kathleen Newman was born on 28 Jun 1893 in Boston, MA. She was the daughter of Thomas Newman and Georgiana Reynolds. She had three other siblings.

Ethel, Alfred & Thomas.

When she was 18 years old the family was living in the Santa Clara, CA area. 

On 8 Mar 1910 she was entering Whittier State Industrial School this wasn't her first time there.  It's states on her admittance sheet that her parents were separated by death of her father. Mother now living in San Francisco, CA He was an engineer. 

Her Father was

Thomas John Newman
BIRTH 17 AUG 1866 • Dover, Kent, England

DEATH 28 MAR 1939 • Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA

Her Mother was:

Georgiana Reynolds also known as Runnells
BIRTH MAY 1872 • Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH Unknown

I found a voters record for her in 1920 in Santa Clara County, CA 

I did come across these two pages from an old autograph book that both signed while in Boston, MA

In Kathleen's juvenile record it states her physical features. Her top teeth are decayed, round raised scar on the inside of her middle finger on left hand, scar on back of right index finger second joint, Scar on right corner of right eye, birthmark front of right ear.
It also states her birthdate as 28 June 1892
when in fact it was 1893. Her offense was dependent and she was committed until the age of 21. She had light brown hair and gray eyes. 

A Mrs. Sue Tripp delivered her to Whittier.

I couldn't imagine how scared this young girl was. Below is her actual admittance record.

As Kathleen grew up and became an adult she married Jack Long married abt 1917 San Diego, CA. They must not of lasted very long because her names changes to Gaines and I didn't find any records on him but they did have a daughter together:

Laura Lorraine Gaines She was born  2 JUL 1912 Tent City, San Diego, San Diego, California, USA

Something happened to Kathleen she died 5 Jun 1918 in San Diego, CA and Laura was raised by her grandmother according to research I found.

 She was raised by her maternal grandfather and step-grandmother who aleady had a daughter named Sarah close to the same age.  Therefore her name was changed to Laura Lorraine Gaines.  She went by the name "Lorraine" for the remainder of her life.

She died DEATH 3 DEC 1967  Redding, CA

Here's a photo of Kathleen's grandmother Sarah Johnson

I wish I could of found a death cert for Kathleen, I would of like to of known why she died at age 24.

I wrote her story because it inspired me, but it also shows you where else you can look for records. I wonder if Kathleen knew her father was alive and re-married with other children? 

I hope Kathleen's daughter had a great and loving childhood.

Suicide, Murder, No Way Out?

Grace S Hafey was born on the 28 Apr 1907 in Merewether, New South Wales. She was a vibrant young lady. She attended church and school and was the only child of Effie Hafey & Sievert Saeter.

The beach at Merewther
Her father Sievert Saeter was from Norway he was a Campany Director in Newcastle. Not much is known about him except he had good standing with the community and his employment.

Effie Harriet Hafey was born abt 1883 she was the 3rd child of Martin Hafey & Harriet Kemp, who only had 4 children.

Life looked good for this family and they seemed to be happy. Then Mr. Sievert Saeter and Effie started arguing and he moved out and into a hotel. He came regularly to visit and see his daughter.

This is where things get strange. Effie sent newspaper clippings and letters to the police and newspaper before 28th of April 1924. She was claiming Sievert was a difficult man and that they were not married and she was afraid of what that would do to her daughter Grace.

On 28th of April 1924 Effie killed her daughter with cyanide poisoning and they killed herself.  

Below the corners inquest record.

I have read all the newspaper accounts and from what I can tell she was scared of people finding out they weren't married and her daughter. I also think she was very hurt and upset that he moved out and this was part of a punishment to him. You never know the mind and heart of a scorned women.

Not only did she murder her daughter she did it on the child's 17th birthday. I couldn't imagine the horror this father must of felt when the police informed him of what happened. In a newspaper article he says he loved Effie and would of married her except he had a wife in Norway. 

Sievert Saeter died 7 June 1993 in New South Wales Australia.

Effie's family was somewhat colorful here's a few records I found about her brother.

This Effie's mother

This young lady Grace S Hafey did not deserve the fate that was handed to her by her mother. She had her whole life a head of her. Marriage, children a career. She could of been and done so many wonderful things. This story struck me strongly and I had to share it because I don't want Grace to be forgotten.

I did not find a memorial for her on Find A Grave hopefully we can find out where she is buried and honor her memory.