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1920 Mass Murder On Wolff Farm in North Dakota

On April 24, 1920, the headline on the cover of The Bismarck Tribune read.

I have searched high and low for information no else has for this story. I want it to reflect the person's involved and their family trees. I will start with the victims.

Jacob Wolff was born on 18 Apr 1879 in Pawlowsky, Odessa, Russia. He married in 1905 Turtle Lake, ND to Beata Bossert born 15 Apr 1885 in Hoffnungstal, Bessarabia, Russia. Jacob came to America in 19 when he was 21 years old. Beata about 1902. 

According to the 1900 Census, he was a servant for the Ketterlings in McIntosh Co, ND. Very few short years later he is married and living in Lake Williams, McLean County, ND in 1910 (Census) with 4 children. 

Jacob & Beata (Bossert) Wolff with daughter (not sure which one).

The Wolff's had the following children
Bertha born 1907-1920
Maria born 1910-1920
Edna born 1913-1920
Lydia born 1914-1920
Martha born 1917-1920
Emma born 1919-2003

Jacob and his family were well liked by their neighbor's and friends. 

 The day of the murders will be remembered forever. IT's a sad event but what follows gets hard to swallow. Not only were these family members murdered, but another was too. For some unclear reason, the boy is continually referred to as the hired farmhand 13-year-old Jake Hofer He is related to this family, his father was Bernhardt Hofer brother of Emanuel Hofer who was Christina Bossert sister to Mrs. Wolff. This is very upsetting to me. I figured this out by reading a few articles and doing some genealogy. This poor boy should have and still should be referred to as a family member.
                                                   The Funeral!!!!!!
                                                             At the Wolff Farm

Mrs.Wolff's sister holding Emma the only survivor 


Thousands of families and friends and neighbors all came to the funeral to say goodbye and give condolences to other family members. 

Emma was raised by her Aunt and Uncle (Her Mom's sister) until she finished high school This is the only photo I could find of her.

Emma Wolff


Here are photo's of the Wolff family and 13-year-old Jake Hofer. The dates of birth for Mr. and Mrs. Wolf is wrong. 

 THE MURDERED FAMILY, is the English translation of the German inscription -- "Die ermordete Familie" -- that appears on the front of the Wolf family tombstone. 

Turtle Lake, McLean County, North Dakota
Turtle Lake Cemetery

The Crime Scene photo's 

Mr. Wolff and 2 of his daughters were found in the barn.

Notice there's still food on the table from breakfast.

Some of the family members were found in the cellar

Newspaper Clippings

Now for the other innocent people's lives ruined.

Henry C Layer the accused. was born 12 Nov 1885 in Eigenfeld, South Russia. Came to America on 12 Oct 1886 landed in New York.

His first wife was Mathilda Miller I could not find a marriage date for them They had two children.

Elizabeth Katherina Layer born 1908
Edward Layer 1910

They were divorced 11 Mar 1911

Second wife was Lydia Brokofsky they married on 30 Jan 1912 in Ashley, ND
Their children were. 
Blanche Rose Brokeofsky born 1910 (Stepdaughter, who always referred to him as her dad even after his death).

Blanche Rose Brokeofsky

Alvin Layer born 04 Dec 1913
Emil Berthold Layer born 17 Mar 1915
Berthold Layer born 01 Aug 1916 died 14 Oct 1922 (This story I will add after the children).
Edwin John Layer born 26 Jul 1917
Willard A. Layer born 09 Jun 1919

All the children except for Blanche and possibly Willard were placed in the Ward Home for children in Fairmont, MN After Henry was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of the Wolff Family.

Here's a clipping describing what happened.

This is an article in the Fairmont (MN) Sentinel from October 14, 1922,
concerning the death of Berthold Layer

Tragedy at Ward Home

Instantly Snuffs Out Life

Of Inmate, Aged 6 Years

Little Berthold Layer Falls Under Wheels of Heavy Load of Sugar Beets---One of Seven Children Without Parental Care.

There was sadness at the Ward Home today as the little orphans gathered around the stilled form of Berthold Layer, aged 6, who was instantly killed this morning when a wagon loaded with sugar beets passed over his head, fracturing the skull just at its base.

Among the orphans were three of Berthold’s brothers and a sister. Edwin, aged 4, was too small to realize just what had happened, and tears welled in his eyes as he attempted to comfort his sister, Blanch, and brothers Alvin, and Emil.

The little boy had gone to the beet field south of the orphanage with the other boys and F.C. Fuller, the driver of the wagon. He was returning to the house with them about 9 o'clock this morning.  Mr. Fuller had driven into the lane and was about to drive through the gate when the accident occurred.

"I told the children to stay away from that wagon," said Mr. Fuller, "and did not see Berthold, who was on the opposite side. The bang-board obstructed my view, and the first thing I knew was when the back end of the wagon rose up. 'Berthold had been run over' shouted one of the boys. I picked him up, but the life must have left him instantly.  He made no outcry.

Dr. Richardson, who hurried to the orphanage to make an examination, said that death was practically instantaneous.

Berthold was one of a family of seven children, four of whom were brought to the Ward Home last June. The father and mother of the children are living, but have parted and Berthold and the three brothers and one sister who to the Ward Home this year, made their home with their mother and grandmother. Their home was at Turtle Lake, N.D. The children were brought to Fairmont by Rev. George Newcombe of Bismarck.

Funeral arrangements are being held up pending word from the he boy's mother."

After this tragic event Henry C Layers second
wife Lydia Brokofsky divorces him on 21 Dec 1922. I believe the children may have been adopted out to a family with the last name of Benn.Whild researching each child was listed with this name in certain family trees.

Henry C Layers

Henry maintained his innocence even as he laid in the prison hospital, he told the warden he was innocent and that a man that was admitted to the State Hospital in Jamestown was responsible for the murders. Unfortunately according to the warden he gave no name of this man.

Two families destroyed. Hurt. Betrayed. 

Hopefully, someday the whole truth will come out and these families can heal. There are still family members out there very hurt on both sides. I pray they find peace and the unanswered truth.

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Mary Amelia Shockley

Mary Amelia Shockley was a very pretty, 15-year old girl born in 1859 in Maryland. Her Father was a farmer and very well known and liked in their community. 

He was James H Shockley who was born in 1822 in Maryland. He was a Civil War Veteran who joined the cause when he was 38 years old under Capt. John Frazier Jr.

Her mother was Gertrude Jane Perdue born 1833 in Worcester, MD and died in 1887. Her family came to Maryland from France in the later part of the 1600's.

Mary had a few siblings,
Elijah Calvin born in Nov of 1857
Charles Lee born Feb 1864
Cra born abt 1867
All born in Maryland.

On a March 9th, 1873 , Mary was walking in the schoolyard where she was a pupil with several other children when George W Hall a 19-year-old boy son of Phillip W Hall.  Who was in love with her and kept writing her letters of his affections. He approached her and asked her if she was going to answer his letters he had given her. She refused to, she did not have the same feelings for him he had for her. 

He threatens her and she said, " Pshaw, George Hall, You can't frighten me!"
He asked the little girl by Mary's side to move and he shot Mary in the heart.
Mary's brother Elijah was there and ran for Isaac S Adams the Schoolmaster.
He ran to her and held her and tried to get her to say something but she died in his arms. 
George ran off and was killed by a train later that night. Most likely a suicide.

1873 mourning garb Marys mother and sister would of worn

Helena Weekly Herald (MT), 13 March 1873

Shocking Affair

Salisbury, Md., March 8--On Friday, George Hall, 18 years of age, shot dead Amelia Shockey, 14 years old, while she was returning from school. Hall had courted Amelia and written her a letter, which was unanswered, because, as she stated, she had no time. Both are of respectable connection.
Chrisfield, Md. March 8--A freight train tonight ran over and killed a man supposed to be the murderer of the girl, Amelia Shockley, yesterday, near Salisbury.
Salisbury, Md., March 9--The funeral of Miss Shockley, the victim of the murder on Friday last, took place this morning. About 1,000 people attended. The coroner's jury rendered a verdict that she came to her death at the hands of George W. Hall.
Salisbury, Md., March 10--The body of the man who threw himself under a freight train on Saturday evening last, has been identified as George W. Hall, the murderer of Miss Shockley.
Complete story in The Herald and Torchlight, Hagerstown, MT, newspaper, 19 March 1873. 

1873 Map Of Worchester County Maryland

A 1850 census shows a Jeremiah Hall living with the Shockely, most likely a relative of George Hall's

Son of Sam Connections in North Dakota Part II

John Carr was born abt 1947 most like in Yonkers NY.  He died 16 Feb 1978 Minot Air Force Base Minot, ND to a gunshot to the head (Assumed Murdered) The police officials on the base ruled it a suicide. Yet he was found laying on his stomach, which would not  happen because of the force of the blast to the head. 
Their Father Samuel was born on 14 Sep 1912 and died on 21 Mar 1996 he was 83 yrs old 

I have yet to find any information on Samuel's wife.

Wheat Carr worked for the New York police Dept and married a police office. She was born about 1951 also most likely in Yonkers, NY.
This is all the information I could find on this family. 

Michael Vail Carr & sister Wheat Carr

Maury Terry  Author of The Ultimate Evil was able to connect the 1978 death of John Carr at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to both the Process Church and Son of Sam murders. Carr, who was shot in the head at the home of his girlfriend, was initially listed as a suicide, but it turned out, John’s father, Sam Carr of Yonkers, was the inspiration for the term “Son of Sam.” Berkowitz told Terry the group likely killed John Carr, a user of illicit drugs and diagnosed schizophrenic, because of his bizarre behavior and the fact he was untrustworthy. Berkowitz also fingered Carr as one of the Son of Sam shooters. 

Michael was killed in a car crash in New York on 04 Oct 1979 He was born 12 Jun 1952 in Yonkers New York. The police report says there were no skid marks and looked suspicious. 

Following his trip to Minot,ND. Terry next traveled to Stanford where he retraced Arlis Perry’s steps that led to her death. He concluded that as many as four people were involved in her murder, including Mentzer, and one or more cult members from Bismarck. Terry was of the opinion that Arlis did something back in Bismarck that convinced the group she had to die. “She might have heard or seen something she shouldn’t have,” he surmised. “They may have feared she would expose them.” Either that or she discovered there was a person, or persons, involved in Satanism, who, if exposed, would be greatly embarrassed and possibly lose a position of authority. “Someone in Bismarck okay-ed this and someone had the hooks to get help on the West Coast. This was a pretty sophisticated operation,” he insisted. “I think one of them was the law firm visitor. And one of those two still lives in Bismarck, ND.”

 Rumors were circulating in Bismarck about well-known men and women who were members of a Satanic club that sacrificed animals and drank blood. Brad King, a Bismarck dentist and former classmate of Arlis Perry’s, recalled: “There were a lot of religious groups coming through town at the time. I remember seeing people dressed in priest’s outfits. But instead of white collars, they wore red collars and sported upside-down crosses draped around their necks. I think they were called the Holy Order of MANS.” Nevertheless, he wasn’t convinced Terry’s theories concerning Arlis’s death were correct. King recalled being interviewed in his office by California detectives just before he attended his 10-year class reunion. “The police heard a rumor that someone in our class had set up an altar for her, but it was just a couple of photos of her along with other classmates who passed away,” he said. Around the time of his 30th class reunion, King called law enforcement officers in Santa Clara County to ask if there had been any breaks in the case, but was told there was no new information. Of Terry’s book, King said: “It didn’t surprise me that someone came out with some kind of conspiracy around her murder. I don’t know if I agree with the author that she was stalked from Bismarck to California. I remember a lot of weird religious stories going on around here in that time, like convents dancing under the full moon and rituals taking place down by the river bottoms. But in her case, I think she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Michael Vail Carr  and a sketch of one of the shooters

Sketches from witnesses of shooters

I am appalled at our police officials across this land. It would be so much better if they would just work together and share information. IT's everybody's sandbox!!!!

Update another North Dakota connection to Son of Sam
'Organic farmers' jailed for making drug 'crank' Leading North Dakota "organic farmers" Barry and Serena Dossenko were sentenced May 31 on charges of manufacturing illegal drugs and tax evasion by federal district judge Patrick Conmy. Barry Dossenko was sentenced to four years on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, known as "crank" or "speed" and his wife Serena to one year on charges of tax evasion. The Dossenkos have been identified to EJR as associates of the satanic Son of Sam cultist  
John Carr in Minot in the I 960s. Satanic paraphernalia was discovered on their property during the drug raids on their farm according to police. The prosecuting U. S. Attorney referred to Dossenko as a pioneer in the organic farming movement. They are activists who publish a newsletter and head an organic farming group called "Organic Futures," which sponsors meetings and seminars. They are active in the 'sustainable agriculture' circuit. A character witness for Dossenko was Dan Carlson, a University of Minnesota based geneticist who has invented a "miracle" fertilizer called "sonic bloom."
Source: Click here for Full Issue of EIR Volume 17, Number 24, June 8, 1990  

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Son Of Sam Connections to North Dakota Part I

Arlis Kay Dykeman born 22 Feb 1955 in a little town called Linton, ND Her parents were Marvin Dykeman & Jean Van Beek. She graduated from Bismarck High School in 1973, where she was a cheerleader and a member of the Fellowship of Christain Athletes. She may have also been a member of Young Life.

She attended Bismarck Junior College for a year 
before she married .

In Aug of 1974 she married Bruce Perry. 

Her grandparents were

Abel Dykema 1903-1993 & Wilmina Millenaar 1903-1998

Arlis' grandmother Wilmina Millenaar 

Garritt Van Beek 1904-1976 & Virginia Wolf 1905-1992

All of whom were born and died in North Dakota. Deep roots here.

Arlis was raised a Christain. 

After Bruce and Arlis were married they moved to California to finish schooling at Standford. 

Unfortunately one evening they got into a spat about the air pressure in one of the car tires. That would be the last time the two newlyweds would ever see each alive.

Arlis went to the chapel on the campus to pray and she was brutally murdered.

Police need to do more research on Occult's

Chapel where Arlis body was found

Now the rest might be a theory, to some but it's really not.

We have had Devil Worshipers in the Bismarck area for a long time. The caves that were out by the University of Mary were closed by authorities placing dynamite in them and blowing them up.
It is said there were altars for sacrificing and occult writings on the walls.
I remember when I was a teenager and on a Halloween night we drove through Hillside Cemetery and the Occult Worshipers were there and attacked our car. We were scared and got the heck out of there. 

Arlis' murder is I believe connected to The Son of Sam. I think she tried to convert some young followers of this Occult and it pissed someone off. 

This poor girl must have been frightened out of her wits and what they did to her was beyond cruel and morbid.
I am not going to write all the gory details, you can read about them in books, newspapers, and the internet. 
I am doing this out of respect for her and her family.

I have read almost every article and book I can get my hands on about this case. I will say the best is  a book called The Ultimate Evil the truth about the cult murders: Son of Sam & Beyond by Maury Terry.
He did an outstanding job investigating information and talking directly to David Berkowitz, who by the way told him of all the connection in North Dakota including the Carr family. (I will do a separate blog on them).   

As far as I am concerned the police in North Dakota and California need to step up and do their jobs. If a private investigator and an author can dig up stuff and lead them in a direction, they should maybe head down that road.
It's utterly ridiculous that David Berkowitz has been the only person arrested when most of the Nation knows he was not alone in this. The dead and their families deserve Justice!!

               Arlis Rest In Peace the truth will come

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Amelia Elizabeth Dyer

Amelia was born Amelia Elizabeth Hobley on Oct 1837 in Clifton, Gloucestershire, England She was the youngest of 5 children to Samuel Habley  1798-1859 & Sarah Weymouth 1806-1848. 

She was a very bright child learning to read and write at a young age. 

Her mother Sarah contracted Typhus ( is a disease caused by an infection with the Rickettsia bacteria. Fleas, mites (chiggers), lice, or ticks transmit it when they bite you. Fleas, mites, lice, and ticks are types of invertebrate animals known as arthropods). She would have fits of rage.

After her mother death in 1848, she went to Bristol to live with her Aunt. While there she received her apprenticeship with a corset maker. Then her father passed away in 1859. Her brother Thomas received the family shoemaker business. During this time she became estranged from one of her brothers and about 1861 when she was 24 years old she met and married 59 year old George Thomas. They both lied about their ages on the marriage license.

She started training as a nurse and used their home for unmarried mothers who wanted to farm off their unwanted babies, which there seemed to be plenty of, as well as plenty of families that wanted the babies. By the way, this is against the law even back then.

Mothers would leave their unwanted babies to be looked after as "Nurse Children"  

These young women were often exploited for financial gain; if a baby had well-off parents who were simply anxious to keep the fact secret that they had given birth to a baby. The single fee for the full transaction might be £80 but may be dropped to £50 if that is all the woman could afford. Should the particular mother be poor than £5 would be the cost, even then the poor mother might struggle to find that sum? Sometimes the women would go out and suffer the humiliation of becoming a prostitute just to raise the cash that was needed. That certainly wasn’t an easy decision for these girls to make. They had to be careful they didn’t become pregnant again.

During her time as a nurse, she  became friendly with a midwife, Ellen Dane and learned an easier life which had larger rewards. There were a number of unscrupulous careers who resorted to starving these little babies in order to save money and even to hasten death. Noisy or demanding babies could be sedated with easily-available alcohol. This was known as ‘Mother’s little friend.’ It was a syrup containing opium but there were several other similar types of sedation cocktails.
Amelia had to leave nursing with the birth of her daughter, Ellen Thomas but in 1869 George Thomas died aged 67 years and Amelia needed an income. She remembered what Ellen Dane had told her and thought she would try it and see if she could make a living at it.

So she started to take in expectant women on the verge of giving birth. She also decided that she would advertise to nurse and adopt a baby, in return, for a substantial one-off payment and adequate clothing for the child. They would be very well looked after. In her adverts and meetings with clients, she assured them that she was a very responsible, married and that she would provide a safe and loving home for the child.

At some point in her baby farming career, Amelia was prepared to forgo the expense and inconvenience of letting the children die through neglect and starvation; soon after the receipt of each child, she murdered them; thus allowing her to pocket most or all of the fees she had been given.

For some time, Dyer eluded the resulting interest of the police. She was eventually caught in 1879 after a doctor was suspicious about the number of child deaths he had been called to certify while in Dyer’s care.

When she came out she appears to have started to begin abusing alcohol and opium-based products early in her ‘killing career.’ Her mental instability could have been responsible for this. In 1890, dyer cared for the illegitimate baby of a governess. When she returned to visit the child, the governess was immediately suspicious and stripped the baby to see if a birthmark was present on one of its hips. It wasn’t, and prolonged suspicious by the Authorities led by dyer having, or feigning a breakdown. Dyer, at one point drank 2 bottles of ‘laudanum’ in a very serious suicide attempt, but her long-term abuse had built up her tolerance to opium products, so she survived.

She returned to ‘baby-farming,’ and murder. Dyer realized the folly of involving doctors to issue death certificates and so began disposing of the bodies herself, after all they were small bodies. The precarious nature and extent of her activities again prompted undesirable attention; she was alert to the attentions of the police – and of parents seeking to reclaim their children. She and her family frequently relocated to different towns and cities to acquire new business. Over the years, Dyer used a succession of aliases. 

In 1893, Dyer was discharged from her final committal at Wells mental asylum. Unlike her previous ‘break-downs, this had been a most disagreeable experience   and after that she never entered another mental asylum in her life. Two years later, in 1895, dyer moved to Faversham, Berkshire accompanied by an unsuspecting associate, Jane ‘granny’ smith whom Amelia had recruited from a brief spell in a workhouse and Amelia’s daughter and son-in-law, Mary Ann (known as Polly) and Arthur Palmer. This was followed by a move to Kensington Road, Reading, Berkshire later that same year. Smith was persuaded by Amelia to be referred to as ‘Mother’ in front of innocent women handing over their children. This was an effort to present a caring Mother-Daughter image.


In the Central Police Court to-day the case in which Annie Batten (70), a widow was charged with having caused the death of Ethel May Perry on October 21, 1902.

In early May the inquests were held on the six bodies and no evidence was found to link Mary Ann or Arthur Palmer acting as Dyer’s accomplices. Arthur Palmer was discharged as a result of a confession written by Amelia Dyer. In Reading Gaol she wrote a very lengthy story telling how the different events happened.

On the 22nd May 1896, Amelia Dyer appeared at the old Bailey and pleaded guilty to one murder, that of Doris Marmon. Her family and associates testified at her trial that they had been growing suspicious and uneasy about her activities, and it then emerged that Dyer had narrowly escaped discovery on several occasions. There was evidence from a man who had seen and spoken to Dyer when she had disposed of the two bodies at Caversham Lock also proved very significant. Her daughter had given graphic evidence that ensured Amelia Dyer’s conviction.

The only defense that was offered was one of insanity but that was dismissed.

The Judge summed up and asked the Jury to retire. They returned within just five minutes to find Dyer guilty. The Judge then sentenced her to death, being guilty as charged.

At 9am precisely on Wednesday 10th of June, she was hanged at Newgate Prison by James Billington. She was asked if she had anything to say and she replied, ‘I have nothing to say.’ Billington then released the trap door and she was hanged in that position for exactly one hour which was customary.
Amelia's letters of confession and a lock of hair. By kind permission of Ken Wells – Curator of the Thames Valley Police Museum, Sulhamstead, England

She  murdered 300 babies and was charged with only 2 murders.

By nature, Lord, I know with grief,
I am a poor fallen leaf
Shriveled and dry, near unto death
Driven with sin, as with a breath.
But if by Grace I am made new,
Washed in the blood of Jesus, too,
Like to a lily, I shall stand
Spotless and pure at His right hand.

She wrote this while she was in prison and had the audacity to sign it,


Here's a youtube video for more knowledge