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Elizabeth Bahone: England Gaol

Elizabeth Bahone was born about 1815 and had a son named John. She used the last names of Garrethy and Tracey as alias'.

These records are from: UK, Licences of Parole for Female Convicts, 1853-1871, 1883-1887 (On Ancestry).

Name:Elizabeth Bahone 
Age: 47
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1815
Date Convicted: 5 Apr 1860 Court Convicted Westmorland, Sessions, Kendal Convicted Of Larceny from the person: stealing a purse containing 11 sovereigns
Sentence:3 years penal servitude Licence Number 1238 
Date of Licence:30 Sep 1862

Her 1860 Prison Record from the above incident.

She also had 1 other previous conviction.

Name: Elizabeth Garretty
Date of Trial: 29 June 1858
Trial Year: 1858

Location of Trial: Derbyshire, England 
Sentence: Imprisonment

Then she had 2 more convictions after her pardon.

Name: Elizabeth Tracey
Date of Trial: 8 April 1873
Trial Year: 1873

Location of Trial: Lancashire, England 
Sentence: Imprisonment

Name: Elizabeth Garritty
Date of Trial: 14 January 1890: 
Trial Year 1890:

Location of Trial: Lancashire, England 
Sentence: Imprisonment

There are convictions listed in her parole records:

1855 Larceny Convicted at Bradford received 14 days
1858 was stealing from a person at Darby received 1 year.
1865 Vagrancey at Darby received 14 days
1856 Vagrancey at Wakefield 

This was the last record I found for her, I assume she must of died, when is unknown. I tried searching all the last names for her and found very little, without knowing for sure what her maiden was it's hard to track her and I never found a husband or son.

These early records are a gem to find for your naughty ancestor. Maybe someday someone will find her tree I made on Ancestor and they may night shed new light on Elizabeth's life.

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