Monday, March 27, 2017

Elsie Bowman

Mug shot of Elsie Bowman, 31 October 1928, Long Bay Women's Reformatory.

Miss Elsie Bowman was born about 1904 according to arrest records. 

In almost all of her arrests she was with a character by the name of Leslie Thompson, he has a long rap sheet for burglary stealing and breaking and entering. 

Prisoner identification photograph no. 743 LB. Elsie Bowman was a pickpocket, prostitute, and thief and was a close associate of John Brendon Parker, thief and notorious escapee. Bowman's MO as recorded in the NSW Criminal Register, 22 July 1938, includes
such details as 
She Sat down alongside a man on a seat in University Park, Sydney, at night, and stole a sum of money from his fob pocket. When the man discovered his loss and accused Bowman she handed the money to Alfred Thomas McGovern ... by whom she was accompanied. 
 After having several drinks with a man whom she had picked up on a city street, stole 12 pounds from his pockets whilst pretending to feel his privates in the approved fashion of the lower type of prostitute. 
 Snatched at a gold watch chain on a man's vest, but only succeeded in stealing a gold-mounted sovereign, which she later sold to a gold buyer.  An associate of criminals and prostitutes generally ...  Frequents Newtown, Enmore, and Darlington.



New South Wales. Police Dept.
City of Shadows at the Justice & Police Museum, Sydney, November 2005-January 2007.

Glass plate negative:

In my research on Elsie, I could not find any family information, where she died or if she ever married. 

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