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Evelyn Violet Courtney Robbery

Evelyn Violet Courtney was born on 18 Dec 1901 in Hamilton, Tasmania, Australia, to Thomas Courtney and May Elizabeth Woolley.  Who were married in 1901 in Tasmania, Australia.

I did find that Evelyn's mom did re-marry to a William Henry Harbuckle and they had several children. Date and place unknown

Above are 2 birth records I found for Evelyn.

She had the following siblings:

Thomas Henry Courtney born 8 Nov 1903 in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia, died 1958 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Below are some of his mug shots. he was arrest on many larceny charges and loitering, drunk and disorderly indecent language. between 1922-1949

Ella May Courtney born 17 Mar 1905 Glenora, Tasmania, Australia.

David Clarence Courtney born 25 Nov 1906 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He died 16 Dec 1980 in Glrnora, Tasmania, Australia and is buried in Cornelian Bay Cemetery in Cornelian Bay Tasmania, Australia. He married Lillian Ada Steed they had a daughter name unknown.

Eva Eileen Courtney Born 27 Nov 1908 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Died in Victoria, Australia. She married Leslie Richardson Miller.

Edward Vincent Courtney born 27 Jan 1911 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He died 6 Jul 1983 in Hobart. He married Florence Victoria.

Stanley James Courtney born 27 Jun 1912 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

John Frederick Courtney born 11 Jun 1913 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Dorothy Isabel Courtney born 28 Mar 1915 in Tasmania,, Australia.

Lucille Helen Courtney born 1916 in Tasmania, Australia, died 7 Jun 1933 in Tasmania, Australia.

Children of May Elizabeth Woolley 7 William Henry Harbuckle:

William Robert Henry Harbuckle born 2 Jul 1923 in Australia, died 29 Oct 1998 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Phyllis Jean Harbuckle born 1927 in Australia she died in Victoria, Australia.

 Gloria Dawn Harbuckle born 1913 in Australia.

In my research I found some citations of psychological profiles in an index with no record or image attached. For Henry Thomas Courtney, John Frederick Courtney, Stanley James Courtney, and Edward Vincent Courtney.

Here's the source I found them at:

Series Details
Series Number: AA9

Creating Agency:
Description (Content/Function):
These are examination papers completed by individual patients many of them children. The papers may also include correspondence from the Clinic's psychologist and a certificate of examination summarising the results and observations. The examinations seem to have been conducted for a variety of reasons ranging from the need to prove mental deficiency (and certification) to a need for vocational and educational guidance. The indiividuals for whom there are papers do not appear to be in the series AA8 nor AA4.
Start Date: 01 Jan 1923
End Date: 31 Dec 1970
Contents Start Date:
Contents End Date:
Date Range of Holdings:
Access: D75 Years

AA9/1/555 Courtney, Edward Vincent dob 26/1/1911 19 Sep 1922 19 Sep 1922
AA9/1/556 Courtney, Frederick John dob 6/11/1913 29 Jul 1925 27 May 1928
AA9/1/557 Courtney, James Stanley dob 27/6/1913 19 Sep 1922 19 Sep 1922
AA9/1/558 Courtney, Phyllis dob 31/1/1927 03 Apr 1940 03 Apr 1940

AA9/1/559 Courtney, Thomas Henry dob 2/11/1904 06 Apr 1927 06 Apr 1927

On 22 Nov 1919 in Hobart, Tasmania Evelyn married Ivan David Thomas Dunn son of Daivd William Dunn and Mary Ann Finch. I have no idea if they had any children or not. But Ivan was a sailor at the time of their marriage.

Above are 2 marriage records I found for Evelyn and Ivan.
In the 1920's something went terribly wrong for Evelyn she was arrested on 11 Mar 1920 and 3 Nov 1920 she was sent to State Reformatory for Women, Long Bay, NSW.  
Evelyn Courtney stole a remarkable array of items, ranging from an umbrella to Irish linen napkins. She was a suspect in at least seven different robberies during 1920. 

Evelyn Courtney, criminal record number 493LB, 3 November 1920. State Reformatory for Women, Long Bay, NSW. 

 Part of an archive of forensic photography created by the NSW Police between

1912 and 1964.

New South Wales. Dept. of Prisons
Glass plate negative

So what happened to Evelyn and why was she stealing?

Ivan Dunn died 16 Feb 1965 in Tasmania, Evelyn had a second husband Leslie James Moore. I couldn't find out anything on him. But poor Evelyn died on 19 Feb 1988 in Australia. 

It breaks my heart, I really wanted to know more about this lady and know why she did these things, was she hungry? Or other reasons. What happened with Ivan??? Did he re-marry?? Did he die???

I did find his parents and siblings and one of his brothers died in France during the war. Thomas Howard Dunn born in 1894 in Hobart, Tasmania, died 5 Apr 1918 in Villers Bretonneux, Somme, Picardie, France burial 5 Apr 1918 in Villers Bretonneux Memorial France Military Service, Australian Infantry, A.I.F. That must of been hard for the family. 

If there's any relatives out there I hope they reach out and fill us in on what happened or even send some photos I can post.

In the mean time hold your loved ones close.

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