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Kathleen Newman

Kathleen Newman was born on 28 Jun 1893 in Boston, MA. She was the daughter of Thomas Newman and Georgiana Reynolds. She had three other siblings.

Ethel, Alfred & Thomas.

When she was 18 years old the family was living in the Santa Clara, CA area. 

On 8 Mar 1910 she was entering Whittier State Industrial School this wasn't her first time there.  It's states on her admittance sheet that her parents were separated by death of her father. Mother now living in San Francisco, CA He was an engineer. 

Her Father was

Thomas John Newman
BIRTH 17 AUG 1866 • Dover, Kent, England

DEATH 28 MAR 1939 • Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA

Her Mother was:

Georgiana Reynolds also known as Runnells
BIRTH MAY 1872 • Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH Unknown

I found a voters record for her in 1920 in Santa Clara County, CA 

I did come across these two pages from an old autograph book that both signed while in Boston, MA

In Kathleen's juvenile record it states her physical features. Her top teeth are decayed, round raised scar on the inside of her middle finger on left hand, scar on back of right index finger second joint, Scar on right corner of right eye, birthmark front of right ear.
It also states her birthdate as 28 June 1892
when in fact it was 1893. Her offense was dependent and she was committed until the age of 21. She had light brown hair and gray eyes. 

A Mrs. Sue Tripp delivered her to Whittier.

I couldn't imagine how scared this young girl was. Below is her actual admittance record.

As Kathleen grew up and became an adult she married Jack Long married abt 1917 San Diego, CA. They must not of lasted very long because her names changes to Gaines and I didn't find any records on him but they did have a daughter together:

Laura Lorraine Gaines She was born  2 JUL 1912 Tent City, San Diego, San Diego, California, USA

Something happened to Kathleen she died 5 Jun 1918 in San Diego, CA and Laura was raised by her grandmother according to research I found.

 She was raised by her maternal grandfather and step-grandmother who aleady had a daughter named Sarah close to the same age.  Therefore her name was changed to Laura Lorraine Gaines.  She went by the name "Lorraine" for the remainder of her life.

She died DEATH 3 DEC 1967  Redding, CA

Here's a photo of Kathleen's grandmother Sarah Johnson

I wish I could of found a death cert for Kathleen, I would of like to of known why she died at age 24.

I wrote her story because it inspired me, but it also shows you where else you can look for records. I wonder if Kathleen knew her father was alive and re-married with other children? 

I hope Kathleen's daughter had a great and loving childhood.

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