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The Daniels' Clairvoyant Way of Grand Larceny

William Daniels was born in 1884 in Pennsylvania and his beautiful wife Georgia was born in 1885 in Georgia. They were the best scammers of their time, using her clairvoyance to entice their victims out of their money.  In 1912 they convinced an elderly lady that the inheritance she received was curse.

William Daniels 1912

Georgia Daniels 1911

Georgia said to the Widow Mrs. Anna Neill "That money is cursed if not removed it will bring you bad luck."

Georgia put the money in a pouch and sewed it shut and said a few magic words to removed the curse and told Mrs Neill not to open the pouch for 2 weeks or the curse would not be broken. 

Mrs Neil had gone shopping and wanted to by a watch and found she didn't have enough change so she opened the pouch to removed a few bills and found it contained only paper.  She went to the police crying and explaining what had happened and the Daniels were arrested before they could leave town. They were both held in the Tulare County Jail.

William Daniels had been in the Stillwater Prison in Minnesota at some point before this charge.
He was received into San Quentin on 19 Jul 1912 as Inmate #25873 for a 4 year sentence being discharged on 19 Jul 1915. 

San Quentin Mugshot

San Quentin Prison Record

San Quentin Prison is located in San Quentin, California

Front of San Quentin Prison in 1900

San Quentin Prison in 1910

Georgia Daniels was received at San Quentin on 1 Apr 1911 and discharged on 1 Apr 1914 she was sentenced to 4 years.

Georgia Daniels Mugshot San Quentin Prison 1911

Georgia Daniels Mugshot San Quentin Prison 1911

San Quentin Prison record for Georgia Daniels 
I found no records for either of them after their release from prison.  

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