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I have been doing genealogy for 30 years. My Great Aunt Ella introduced me to this fascinating adventure when I was a teenager and boy did I get hooked. She inspired me and taught me the importance of my roots and where I came from.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

William Henry Wickham Jr.

William Henry Wickham Jr. Born the 3 Mar 1890 in Puyallup, Pierce, Washington. . He father William Henry Wickham Sr. was a farmer who had served in the Civil War enlisting on 13 Dec 1862 in Monroe, MI for the Union Army. When he gets out he finds himself in Corning, Adams, Iowa and marries Mary Jane Gurney native of Ohio born 1853. They have a daughter Hattie Aurilia while living there then move to Missouri in 1853 and Kansas in from 1878-1880 where daughters Margaret May & Emma May were born. Then he again gets itchy feet and moves his family to Oregon and daughters Mary P. & Cora Edith are born and he finally gets some sons James William, Andrew D and lastly William Henry Wickham Jr. Then he packs everyone up in 1900 and leading them to California and settles in San Jose for the rest of his days, dying at age 80 in 1922 with his wife Mary dying in 1924.

William Henry Wickham Jr started his criminal career in Aug 1915 Under his alias Frank Martin he was sentenced to Life in prison for Murder in the 1st degree for killing 70 year old John Springer a wealthy Rancher from Sunol, CA. They were at a saloon and William notice that John had a roll of cash so he went to his cabin and beat him to death with a bottle. He first plead not guilty reason of insanity, then changed his plea later to guilty. He was received into prison on 18 Aug 1915 and he escaped from prison on 13 Jul 1920 and was found, he was transferred so many times between San Quentin and Folsom because of his behavior and spent countless time in solitary.  He was paroled once and while in Oregon got into a saloon brawl and his parole was revoked for assault & robbery.
Here's a few newspaper clippings I found.

He went up for parole again in 1927 and was denied

In 1928 the prison guards find him laying on floor of his cell with his throat cut from ear to ear

Then in 1949 he tells the newspapers he is ready to go straight 

According to the records he finally gets out of prison and his parole get revoked in Feb of 1950

He dies on 13 Oct 1965 in Sun Luis Obispo, CA 

I couldn't find a memorial for him on Findagravecom so I made him one.

MEMORIAL ID 187151077


  1. Hello,
    Just a few location changes need to be made.

    "William Henry Wickham Jr. Born the 3 Mar 1890 in Pulwallop Pi, Washington."
    The town is: Puyallup, Pierce, Washington.

    "Under his alias Frank Martin he was sentenced to Life in prison for Murder in the 1st degree for killing 70 year old John Springer a wealthy Rancher from Sunoi, CA. "
    The town is: Sunol, CA.

  2. Thank you so very much, the newspapers did not spell things very well back then. I appreciate your help and I updated it.
    Again thank you.