Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Clyde Arthur Bruce: Aka Frank Williams: Drug Addict

Clyde Arthur Bruce born 14 May 1882 in Everett Woodson, Kansas to Arthur William Bruce (1847-1910) and Caroline "Carrie" Bump (1852-1918). He was married to Nelena Florence Orme 11 Apr 1909 in Prescott, AZ. They had a daughter Farne Bruce born in 1912.

Clyde had several Alias: 
Frank A Williams
Frank Williams

He was Inmate # 22729 Folsom Prison
Received:30 Nov 1939
Term: 0-5
Crime: Receiving Stolen Property
Place Crime Occurred: San Francisco County, CA.

Prior Offenses:

Inmate#34199 San Quentin
Crime: Vio Sec 28 M.V.A. (motor Vehicle insurance)I am 100% sure, it could be vehicular manslaughter too. 
Received: 20 Nov 1920
Sentenced 1-5
Paroled: 16 Jan 1923
Discharged: 16 Jan 1923

He was also Inmate #2801 in Leavenworth Prison
He spent 90 days in Los Angeles Jail in 1918 for Vio. Poison Law (Drugs)

My belief is that he was a hardcore addict. If you read his prison cards where it describes his scars, he has hypo marks on both arms.

He had three siblings I found:
Jessie L Bruce 1871-1950
Alfred James Bruce 1874
Rollie Chester Bruce 1881-1959

Clyde Arthur Bruce died 6 Mar 1943 and is buried in the Folsom Prison Cemetery. His Find A Grave #170032650


He was 60 years old.

I have no idea if his line go to The Bruce or not. Mine however does....

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