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I have been doing genealogy for 30 years. My Great Aunt Ella introduced me to this fascinating adventure when I was a teenager and boy did I get hooked. She inspired me and taught me the importance of my roots and where I came from.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pvt. Franklin Brother's in Leavenworth Prison

Henry Franklin 
Inmate# 2805
Leavenworth Prison, KS
Rec: 12 Dec 1901
Term: 1 year and 1 day

Caesar Franklin
Inmate# 2806
Leavenworth Prison, KS
Rec: 12 Dec 1901
Term: 1 year and 1 day

This is all the information I have found, I am not even 100% sure they are brothers, but I am assuming they are related. If you notice there inmate numbers and date received, that's what lead me to believe this. Hopefully we will get a family member to help us with their story.

Leavenworth Prison is a Federal Prison, They called "The Big House" therefore the inmates came from all over the United States, which makes research difficult when they have a common name.

The United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth (USP Leavenworth) is a medium-security United States federal prison for male inmates that is located in northeast Kansas. It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice. It also includes a satellite federal prison camp (FPC) for minimum-security male offenders.

I did find a Caesar and a Henry in different newspaper clipping in Oklahoma for larceny. 

I also found a Caesar Franklin living in the Creed Nation, which was not uncommon back then.

I did make a Family Tree for them on Ancestry hoping to find a match but no luck. 

When I started this blog it was to find out more about these people's lives and hopefully make a connection for their families who didn't know their story. As time has gone by I have noticed more and more that certain races have very few or no family trees. This has compelled me to make some. I believe we are all family and therefore we should work together and share with all. I have over 50 trees made on Ancestry that I am not related to because each tugged at me to look for their story. I don't always find what I am looking for but I do go back at times and keep trying to add more information. 

If you feel compelled to help feel free. Maybe you can find out if these gentleman are brother or relatives of some kind.


  1. Wow love what your doing! As society seems to be more and more isolating genealogy is reconnecting people I feel,bringing back that community feeling.

  2. Thank you ever so much, I sure feel that way also...Hopefully it will spread like wild fire.