Friday, June 15, 2018

Dr. Reilly Jefferson Alcorn: Manslaughter For Illegal Abortion

DR. Reilly Jefferson Alcorn Gave an abortion to Cora A Burke in Kootenai, Idaho in 1900. He was sentenced to 7 Years in the Idaho State Prison.

Dr. Alcorn was born 10 Sep 1866 in Goodwater, MO to Harmon Nelson Alcorn and Elvira E Smith. He was called Argie.

Below are the prison documents I found.

Inmate #739 Idaho State Prison
Crime: Manslaughter
Rec: 19 Jan 1900
Age: 32
Parole: 2 Dec 1902
Discharged: 18 Oct 1904

DR. Alcorn married Dr. Cora Elnora Hilton born 11 Jun 1871 in Green Bay, WI to James Hilton and Mary Randall.

They had These children

Argie Frenoy Alcorn
Wilma Mae Alcorn
Infant Son Alcorn

DR. Reilly Alcorn died 21 Feb 1937 in Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Cora Hilton-Alcorn 29 Nov 1940 Spokane, WA


  1. How sad that Cora died, sad she chose an abortion. I should think the method would have been extremely primitive.

    1. I agree....I am wondering if it wasn't his wife who performed the abortion, she too was a doctor, maybe Reilly took the fall for it to protect her...Either way a life was lost...