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Franklin Everett: A Career Criminal Who Lost His Mom

Franklin Everett was born 20 May 1894 in Redwood Falls, MN, to Charles Walker Everett (1841-1916) and Charlotte Bowman (1843-1989).

Franklin was a "career criminal". He was born in MN, but his mother died when he was 4 years old. He was raised for awhile by his sister, Marion Everett Atkinson, but was later removed from her home by their father. He then began his life of crime, mostly robberies. He was the leader of the "Dinner Gang", a group of criminals who robbed people when they were out for the evening. His sister Marion tried for years to get him straightened out, but to no avail. She died in 1921, and he went downhill after that. Prisoner number 19760. He died of TB in prison.

Inmate #19760 Folsom
Crime: Rec Stolen Poperty
Rec: 27 May 1935
Discharged: 22 May 1940 (He was dead)

Franklin Everett died 6 Jul 1935 in Folsom Prison of Tuberculosis 
He is buried in the Folsom Prison Cemetery
FAG Memorial #83613146

He had a son George William Everett and a wife Luiza P Bagwell

His siblings were:
Marion Louise Everett 1873-1921
Charles Walker Everett 1875-1900
Elmer E Everett 1876-1938

Below is a newspaper article I found about his little so called gang "Dinner Gang"

There are a few more articles on if you would like a fun read.

Here's a criminal time line lynnestallcop originally shared this on 21 Feb 2011 on Ancestry.

Franklin’s Criminal Timeline

9/27/1909 First Arrested for Burglary (15 Years Old)
4/25/1912 Paroled at 17 Years of Age to C. W. Everett at 2821 Blanchard (Marion’s House)
8/13/1916 Arrested for Burglary in the 1st Degree. Received a 2 year sentence.
10/8/1917 Paroled
12/16/1917 Marion requested a full pardon
4/13/1918 Discharged while on parole (Restored)
2/25/1919 Arrested for Robbery.  Sentenced to Life in Prison.
12/14/1921 Marion dies.
1935 Paroled
5/22/1935 Arrested for Burglary and Receiving Stolen Property.  Sentenced to 0-5 years.
7/6/1935 Dies in prison.

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