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Sidney , John and Thomas Fulcher Father and Son's Train Robbery

Thomas Henry Fulcher was born in 1873 in Texas, he married Rachel Virginia Armentrout on 18 Dec 1889 and they had the following children:

Thomas Henry Fulcher

Thomas Henry Fulcher

John Francis Fulcher 1890-1922
Sidney Fulcher 1895-1951
Archie Thomas Fulcher 1897-1968
Bertie Fulcher 1898-1910
Emma Mae Fulcher 1900-1984

They lived in Arizona where our story unfolds, between the Arizona and New Mexico boarders. The first part of our story started in July 1922, near the Carlisle Mining Camp. When there was a gun battle between the alleged members of the Bradbury and Fulcher Clans. Where Bradbury and John Francis Fulcher were killed and Thomas Henry Fulcher was arrested as Sydney Fulcher was shot in the should shattering his bone.

John Francis Fulcher 

Now there's a cowboy outlaw photo for ya, I love it!!!!
Here's a Newspaper article on the scandalous events.

Now as if this wasn't enough adventure and mayhem for one family, it doesn't stop there.

Thomas and Sidney are charged with robbing a train on 12 May 1922

Here's newspaper clippings on that story.

Thomas Henry Fulcher 
Received: 5 May 1926 Leavenworth Prison
Inmate #25295
Term: 25 years
The 1930 Census listed him as being in the Prison hospital
He dies 5 Aug 1950 in Clifton, AZ

Sidney Lee Fulcher
Received: 5 May 1926 Leavenworth Prison
Inmate #25296
Term: 25 Years
Sydney died 5 Sep 1951 in Clifton, AZ

Sidney had a wife Frances Clara Casto 1910-1951
I am assuming she had this child the same year he was sent to prison. 

Child: Phillis Fulcher 1926-2000

The 1930 Census listed him as divorced

The 1940 Census has them in Leavenworth prison

This story may be adventurous and exciting but these men had real pain. I bet it could not of been easy for Sidney to get those divorce papers.

Thomas wife committed suicide, I found her death certificate.

That breaks my heart, below is a photo I found of her and Thomas and one of their daughter's. Isn't she stunningly beautiful?

Thomas, Rachel and daughter Bertie

Their daughter Bertie died very young here's her death certificate. She died of a  Appendicitis

She was about 12 years old

They all have memorials on FAG

Rachel's #59945427 
Thomas' #24482359
Sidney's #24482330
John's #24482267

May the all rest in peace!!!

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