Sunday, October 21, 2018

Edna Keifer & Robert O Bradburn: Counterfeiters and Lovers

Mrs. Edna Kiefer was born Edna Knowlton about 1887 in Michigan or Canada. Husband Albert A Kiefer married in Washington on 23 May 1904.  He was born 1877 in CA they divorced by the 1910 census, He was a waiter. This is all I found out about her.

Inmate #23457 San Quentin Prison
Rec: 22 Mar 1909
Crime: Counterfeiting
Term: $100 fine & 18 months
Discharged:  5 Jun 1910
Age: 22

Robert O Bradburn born about 1880 in Kentucky to Otho M Bradburn (1844-1893) and Mary Lincoln (1849-).

Inmate #23456 San Quentin Prison
Rec: 22 Mar 1909
Crime: Counterfeiting 
Term: 5 yrs
Age: 30

Transferred to Leavenworth Prison 28 Jan 1910 as Inmate #6877

He was also incarcerated as inmate #6738 in Oklahoma State Prison 5 Mar 1916.

His occupation was Switchman for the railroad.

I found no death information for either of them and no marriage information.

I did find these newspaper articles:

She told the newspaper man to drop dead, as he was taking her photo, she covered her face with her muff...She seemed to be a feisty little women. I do not know what happened to either of them, I didn't find death records or other marriage records. 

Too bad would of made the story better if they did get married and ran off somewhere....

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