Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lena Koehn: Kills Husband in a Duel

Lena Koehn was born Eleanor Paganetto 9 Jan 1878 in Italy to John A Paganetto (1845-) and Louisa (1852-1909).
John was a Shipwright for the Union Iron Works Company in San Francisco. She had a brother named Peter Paganetto (1899-1960), they all arrived in America in 1886.

Lena married Edward R Koehn 18 Dec 1904 in Alameda, CA. He was the son of Christina.

After their marriage they fought continually and by 1905 it had escalated out of control.

No charges were brought against her.

This article was a shocker and most likely why she was never charged.

She named him Edward L Koehn born 30 Oct 1905 in Alemeda, CA. She was living with her parents at the time.

on 12 May 1914 Edward was playing by a creek with his friends Ida Wolff and her brother Carl Wolff, when Ida almost fell into the creek and Edward had saved her just before she fell in, Edward lost his balance and fell into the creek, the children were yelling and Mrs. Mildred Blum rescued the body of the boy.

Very sad he died.

Lena married again on 28 Oct 1914 in Alameda, CA to Ralph Dechare.

Lena dies 24 Apr 1948 in Alameda, CA.

I found no photos and very few records most of this story came from newspaper articles.

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