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Gabrielle LaPierre, Husband & Brother Locked Up

Gabrielle LaPierre was born Gabrielle Archambault About 1905 in Quebec, Canada to Joseph Lucien Alphonse Archambault and Rose Marie Levesque.

Her brother was Leo Archambault Born 18 Jun 1894

She married Edward LaPierre 8 Nov 1924 in California, he was born 19 Jan  1895 Canada.

Inmate #44948 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 27 Feb 1928
Crime: Manslaughter
Term: 0-10 yrs
Paroled: 20 Dec 1932
Discharged: 27 Aug 1934 (This is when she got off parole)


Inmate #44944 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 25 Feb 1928
Crime: Murder 1st Degree
Term: Death by execution (Hanging) 15 Feb 1929

Thought this was interesting: Wonder what they talked about.

The adjoining cell to his was occupied by William Edward Hickman Hung 19 Oct 1928 

A.K.A.: "The Fox"
 Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Holdup - Kidnapping - Dismemberment
Number of victims: 2 - 5
Date of murders: 1926 - 1927
Date of arrest: December 22, 1927
Date of birth: 1908
Victims  profile: A 24-year-old man (druggist) / Marion Parker, 12 (daughter of Perry Parker, a prominent banker in Los Angeles)
Method of murder: Shooting / Strangulation
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Status: Executed by hanging at San Quentin Prison on October 19, 1928


Inmate #4495 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 25 Feb 1928
Crime: Murder 1st Degree
Term: Life

Story: They were wanted for grand larceny and the police showed up at the house and three had a shootout with the cops and a cop was shot and killed. 

The house as it looks today where to shootout occured

The white house the car is parked in front of

The trial:

Gabrielle's daughter gets sick

All three had jail records in Oakland, CA for theft/Grand Larceny

Edward To Hang

As of the 1940 census her brother Leo was still in San Quentin, he was just married to Aimee Valliere 27 Sep 1927 in Canada before the shootout with police.

Leo was in the service in Canada WWI

I found a Leo and his wife buried in Canada:

Name: Aimée Valliere Archambault
Cemetery: Notre Dame - Section 31
Burial Place: Carleton (incl. Ottawa), Ontario, Canada

She must of been pregnant when he was sent to prison the child above was born in 1928.

 I did not find Gabrielle's death record. He daughter Loraine Barbara Lapiere 1925-2005 and Gabrielle did remarry to Albert Raymond Trempe in 1940 in Canada.

I am not sure where Edward's body was buried, I would assume Gabrielle claimed him and he was taken to Canada as well.

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