Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The lives of Kate Morris & John Thomas Kibble

Kate Morris was born 1854 in Birmingham. Warwickshire,, England. She married John Thomas Kibble on 1 Nov 1891 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Tey had one known child Annie Marie Kibble born Jan 1893 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Married Lenard R Myring in 1930 and died Jun of 1968 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Not much is known about their daughter and all the records I found on Kate & John were criminal records. 

John Thomas Kibble started his life of crime at age 11 and was sent to Harwick Reformatory School for several years. This, however, did not stop him from assaulting his father among others and stealing. Below are photos of Hardwicke Reformatory School for Boys.

Church at Hardwicke

John Thomas Kibble Criminal records

It was listed in a census I came across that at one point John was a Brass Caster but listed as Unemployed. Also as you read through his criminal records you will see he was a soldier and he deserted.

What would make a young boy go down this path to despair?

His parents James Kibble & Harriet Powell seem to have lived productive lives, he died at age 70 and she at age 75. All his siblings also had good trades and had families except for his sister Mary Ann Kibble who was born 1847 and died 1851. 

So now let's look at Kate Morris life. I found very little on her. She was born in 1854 in Birmingham Warwickshire, England to William Morris and Ann. This is all the information I have on them.
Her siblings may have been Emily, Jane & Charles Henry, Agnes, Herbert & Elizabeth.
John Thomas Kibble died Jun 1921 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He was only 67 years old.

They lived in Birmingham as well.

Kate was black-listed from all the local pubs
here is her criminal record and mug shot. I warn you it's not pretty.She was noted for cuts to her face and missing fingers.

I wonder if she wasn't abused by her husband.
How did she lose her eye??? Did that and or abuse turn her to alcohol? She died in 1930 in Birmingham Warwickshire, England.

On the blacklist, each drunkard’s entry includes photographs, their name, alias, residence, employment, physical description, distinguishing marks, nature of conviction, and the sentence received for booze-related crimes.
Offenders came from all different backgrounds and worked as metal cutters, grease merchants, labourers and hawkers among other occupations.
A large number of the undesirables were women, working as bedstead polishers, hawkers and grease merchants. Some resorted to prostitution to supplement their incomes.
Many had aliases – suggesting criminal careers - 31 had scars or physical handicaps, ranging from Kate Kibble’s one eye to cut marks on faces, broken noses and missing fingers. Who hurt her? What Happened?
I guess we may never know.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

John Reed

John  Reed
Born abt 1858 in Mount Prospect, Victoria, Australia

Life of crime:
 John Reed, 15, was given two weeks hard labour and five years reformation for stealing money in 1873.Middle-class background: Henry Leonard Stephenson, 12, left, and his fresh-faced accomplice Michael Clement Fisher, 13, right, were choir boys from good stock but were jailed for two months for breaking into three houses in 1873. The media at the time blamed the boys' crime on their penchant for the 'wrong sort of books' on characters like notorious 18th-century highwayman Jack Sheppard

I could not find anything else on this poor lad

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Catherine Cain King

Catherine Cain King

Seems like she may have been orphaned, her earliest arrest records has her age at 15.

Catherine Cain King was born abt 1825 in England.

Catherine Cain King was convicted of stealing a pocket watch, she had previously served 7 days for drunken conduct, on this occasion she served 3 months with hard labor. Age (on discharge): 23 Height: 5’1 1/2” Hair: Dark Brown Eyes.
Below are the arrest records I found for Catherine.
I couldn't find any other information for her.

Her photo is heartbreaking.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Henry F Bell

Henry F Bell served in WWI  from Feb 6, 1917, to May 6, 1919. Supply Co. 317th Infantry as a Pvt.

There isn't much information on Henry. His wife was Leola and he was born on 6 Jun 1901 in St. Louis MO and died at age 50 on 15 Jul 1951.

I Made a memorial for him on Find-A-Grave.

Here's part of his sad tale.

I feel a sadness for this man. Did the war affect him and therefore he drank? Or was this a deeper sad situation where the police were racist? I do know he served our Country and he had a wife.

Please visit his memorial and leave a little memento honoring him. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Elsie Bowman

Mug shot of Elsie Bowman, 31 October 1928, Long Bay Women's Reformatory.

Miss Elsie Bowman was born about 1904 according to arrest records. 

In almost all of her arrests she was with a character by the name of Leslie Thompson, he has a long rap sheet for burglary stealing and breaking and entering. 

Prisoner identification photograph no. 743 LB. Elsie Bowman was a pickpocket, prostitute, and thief and was a close associate of John Brendon Parker, thief and notorious escapee. Bowman's MO as recorded in the NSW Criminal Register, 22 July 1938, includes
such details as 
She Sat down alongside a man on a seat in University Park, Sydney, at night, and stole a sum of money from his fob pocket. When the man discovered his loss and accused Bowman she handed the money to Alfred Thomas McGovern ... by whom she was accompanied. 
 After having several drinks with a man whom she had picked up on a city street, stole 12 pounds from his pockets whilst pretending to feel his privates in the approved fashion of the lower type of prostitute. 
 Snatched at a gold watch chain on a man's vest, but only succeeded in stealing a gold-mounted sovereign, which she later sold to a gold buyer.  An associate of criminals and prostitutes generally ...  Frequents Newtown, Enmore, and Darlington.



New South Wales. Police Dept.
City of Shadows at the Justice & Police Museum, Sydney, November 2005-January 2007.

Glass plate negative:

In my research on Elsie, I could not find any family information, where she died or if she ever married. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Arthur Davis Adams

Arthur Davis Adams Mug Shot

I did some research on Mr. Adams and besides his potty mouth, all I found was his birth year 1857 and his alias John Kilson.

One common element in many mug shots, however, is the display of prisoners’ hands. In 1886, the introduction of fingerprinting in New Zealand was still nearly two decades away, so the inclusion of hands in mug shots provided an additional point of identification for police. Missing fingers, scars, and the general shape and condition of the prisoners' hands could all help in the identification of a suspect.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sarah Amer Patterson

What do you see when you look into her eyes?
Heres her story.

Sarah Patterson, arrested for trying to steal money from a gas meter 
Name: Sarah Patterson
Arrested for: Thief
Arrested at: North Shields Police Station
Arrested on: 14th March 1904
Tyne and Wear Archives ref: DX1388-1-35-Sarah Patterson

Sarah Patterson, married, appeared before the magistrates at North Shields on a charge of attempting to steal money from a gas meter, the property of the Tynemouth Gas Company. Mrs Lawson, 44 Charlotte Street, said that on Saturday accused went to her house and asked her to for a pint of beer. On returning she found the woman coming out of the front room. From what she was told witness examined the gas meter, which was in a cupboard in the front room, and found the lock had been damaged. Accused was committed to prison for 14 days."
Shields Daily Gazette, 14 Mar 1904, page 3

Born: Sarah Amer, in 1865 at Sunderland in Durham, the daughter of William a shoe & boot maker and Mary Ann.
Sarah Amer married, Samuel Septimus Patterson in 1886 at South Shields. A daughter Mary Ann Amer Patterson was born in 1887, at Tynemouth, Northumberland.

1891 census, 10 Stephenson Street, Tynemouth, Northumberland.
Samuel Patterson Head 25 Stoker On Steamship, North Shields.
Sarah Patterson Wife 23 Sunderland, Durham.
Mary A Patterson Daughter 4 North Shields.

1901 census, 16, Stephenson Street, North Shields, Tynemouth, Northumberland.
Samuel Patterson Head 37 Steam Ship Stoker, North Shields, Northumberland.
Sarah Patterson Wife 34 North Shields, Northumberland.
Mary A A Patterson Daughter 13 North Shields, Northumberland.

Shields Daily Gazette 
Wednesday10th December 1902
Sarah Patterson, Stephenson Street, was charged at North Shields today with assaulting Eliza Shepherd.
Complainant stated that while she was transacting business with another woman, defendant went up to her and after using filthy and abusive language, struck her a violent blow in the face.
Defendant did not deny the charge and was fined 5s., and costs.

Shields Daily Gazette 
Friday 27th March 1903
Sarah Patterson was fined 5s., and costs by the North Shields magistrates today for assaulting Eliza Boyd.
Complainant, alleged that defendant, who was drunk, deliberately struck her behind the ear without any provocation. In her defense Patterson stated that the complainant drowned her with soap suds and then struck her with a poker.

Shields Daily Gazette 
Wednesday 22nd April 1903
Samuel Patterson, who works on a trawler, applied to the magistrates at North Shields this morning for a judicial separation, under the new Licensing Act, from his wife Sarah Patterson, who he alleged, was an habitual drunkard.
Mr. Chapman appeared for the applicant. The applicant stated that he had been married to the defendant for seventeen years. During the last eight years she had led a fearful life, and had been addicted to drink. He had given her plenty of money to keep the house on, but several times when he had returned from sea he had found her out, and a lot of his clothes and bedclothes pawned. He had tried all he could to get her to lead a better life. 
Last Thursday when she came out of prison he thought he would give her another chance. He made the fire on, and put the house in order, and then went to seek her. She was at her sister's and he got her to go home with him. He gave her 2s 6d., then, and the next morning he gave her half-a-sovereign. She kept sober all the Friday, but on the Saturday was drinking all day with other women. He could not give hwe another chance, because she was unfit to look after her own affairs, or the house.
Defendant made serious allegations against her husband but said she was glad she was going to get a separation order because it would save her being badly used.
The Bench decided to grant a separation, ordered the applicant to contribute 7s 6d., per week towards his wife's maintenance, and gave the husband the custody of the daughter, who is sixteen years of age.

Shields Daily Gazette 
Monday 14th March 1904
Sarah Patterson married appeared before the magistrates at North Shields on a charge of attempting to steal money from a gas meter, the property of the Tynemouth Gas Company.
Mrs. Lawson, 44 Charlotte Street, said that on Saturday accused went to her house and asked her to go for a pint of beer. On returning she found the woman coming out of her room. From what she was told witness examined the gas meter, which was in a cupboard in the front room, and found the lock had been damaged.
Accused was committed to prison for 14 days.

Shields Daily Gazette 
Monday 20th June 1904:
At North Shields Samuel Patterson, fireman, and Sarah Patterson, his wife, 10 Stephenson Street, were charged on remand with having been drunk and disorderly in Saville Street. The husband was further charged with assaulting P.C. Hannah, and his wife with having assaulted P.C. John Dodds.
The officer explained that he found the couple drunk and behaving in a very disorderly manner, whereupon they became so violent that he was compelled to call P.C. Radcliffe and P.C. Dodds to his assistance. On the way to the station the male defendant struck him a severe blow in the mouth, and kicked him several times about the legs, and P.C. Dodds was also assaulted by the female defendant. This was corroborated named J.W. Nichol.
The defendants called three witnesses, who swore that they were sober at the time.
They were fined 2s 6d., and costs on the first charge, and 5s., and costs on the second.

Shields Daily Gazette 
Monday 07th November 1904:
At North Shields Sarah Patterson, no fixed abode was charged with having assaulted Catherine Hunter, and wilfully damaging a hat to the amount of 12s 6d.
Complainant said the defendant was jealous of her and charged her with being familiar with her husband. On the 4th inst., she came to her house, abused her, struck her in the face, and pulled her hat to pieces.
Corroborative evidence was given, and the accused who pleaded that she was provoked, was fined 5s., and costs on each charge, and ordered to pay the amount of the damage.

Mary Ann Amer Patterson Married Robert Legg in 1908 at Tynemouth.

1911 census, 37 Wellington St, North Shields, Tynemouth, Northumberland.
Samuel Patterson Head 46 Waterman, born North Shields County of Northumberland.
Sarah Patterson Wife 43 born Sunderland County of Durham.
Married 24 years, 1 Child. 

1911 census, 56 Stephenson St, North Shields, Tynemouth, Northumberland.
RobertLegg Head 28 Bricklayer, North Shields Northumberland.
Mary Ann Amer Legg Wife 23 North Shields Northumberland.
Mary Ellen Legg Daughter 2 North Shields Northumberland