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I have been doing genealogy for 30 years. My Great Aunt Ella introduced me to this fascinating adventure when I was a teenager and boy did I get hooked. She inspired me and taught me the importance of my roots and where I came from.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

John Reed

John  Reed
Born abt 1858 in Mount Prospect, Victoria, Australia

Life of crime:
 John Reed, 15, was given two weeks hard labour and five years reformation for stealing money in 1873.Middle-class background: Henry Leonard Stephenson, 12, left, and his fresh-faced accomplice Michael Clement Fisher, 13, right, were choir boys from good stock but were jailed for two months for breaking into three houses in 1873. The media at the time blamed the boys' crime on their penchant for the 'wrong sort of books' on characters like notorious 18th-century highwayman Jack Sheppard

I could not find anything else on this poor lad

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