Thursday, January 31, 2019

George Baker: Criminal Career Since Age 9

George Baker was born in 1867 in New York.

He stared his criminal career at age 9.

As George Smith

Inmate #5272 Walla Walla Prison in Washington
Rec: 21 Feb 1909
Crime: Burglary
Term: 5-14 years
Age: 41

Was also INmate #2425 (no Photo) Walla Walla
Rec: 1901
Crime: Burglary
Age: 33

Inmate# 23787 Auburn Prison (New York) as George Hart
Inmate #1690 Utah State Prison as George Tully

Inmate #29444 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 16 Mar 1916
Crime: Assault To Murder
Term: 4 1/2 years
Discharged: 30 June 1919

Inmate # 33293 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 27 Dec 1919
Crime: Robbery
Term: 1-Life
Transferred to Folsom 29 Dec 1919

Inmate #11372 Folsom Prison (California)
Rec: 29 Dec 1919
Crime: Robbery
Term: 1-Life

On 24 Nov 1927 Thanksgiving Day, Folsom Prison was taken over by inmates.

Healdsburg Tribune, Number 148, 1 May 1929 

Five Folsom Riot Ringleaders Must Die on Gallows

Five of the six Folsom prisoners, who led a desperate attempted prison break on Thanksgiving day of 1927, must die on the gallows for the murder of fellow prisoners. They are: Tony Brown, San Francisco bandit, the ringleader; “Eddie” Stokes, Los Angeles thief; Walter E. Burke, Sacramento robber; James  Gregg, Fresno murderer, and Eugene Crosby, Oakland holdup man. The fate of the sixth convict, Albert M. Stewart, the “men with 21 aliases,” who turned state’s evidence, is still in the balance, as his case was not included with that of the request before the supreme court. The attempted break on Thanksgiving day, 1927, cost the lives of four guards, seven convicts and three deputy sheriffs, turned 1200 of the 2100 prisoners into a rioting horde, which seized the inner sections of the prison and called into action 500 national guardsmen and as many more deputy sheriffs and other posse men.

George was killed during the riot.

He was buried in the Folsom Prison Cemetery
Row 7, grave 17.

Photo added by EDHGS

Find A Grave Memorial #170112286 

I didn't find any solid family information on George, I do not know if he was ever married or had any children. I made him a tree on Ancestry as I do all I write about. I am really bothered by the fact that he was in and out of prison since age 9. Perhaps he was orphaned and that's where it all started. I would love to know more about him.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Arthur Burke Arnold: Burglary, Dies in Knife Fight In Folsom Prison

Arthur Burke Arnold was 1895 in Alabama.

Inmate #42066 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 17 April 1926
Crime: Receiving Stolen Property 
Term: 0-5 Years
Age: 30

In 1928 he was sentenced to Folsom Prison

Inmate #15746 Folsom Prison (California)
Rec: 9 June 1928
Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree
Term: 1-15 Years

In October of 1932 he was accused of stealing a newspaper and was hit by Dizon Alperto who was placed in the dungeon and because of this there was retaliation against Arthur.

Frank Miller Inmate #14935 Folsom prison
Rec: 8 Oct 1927
Crime: Murder 1st Degree
Term: Life

James Syverson Inmate #16679 Folsom Prison
Rec: 28 Feb 1931
Crime: Robbery 1st Degree
Term: 20 Years

I did not find any record for Dizon Alperto, I am wondering if the newspaper got his name wrong, or misspelling it.

Sad that these men took a life over an argument of such trivial importance, I wonder what was in that newspaper.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Joseph Aquirre Acosta: Burglary Many Times

Joseph Aquirre Acosta was born about 1900 in Mexico to Sipriana Acosta and Placida Aquirre.

Joe started his criminal career as a teenager.

As he became an adult he was still finding trouble.

Inmate # 32782 San Quentin Prison (California)
Rec: 14 june 1919
Crime: Burg 2nd Degree
Term: 1-15 years

 He was arrested for Vagrancy and placed in the Tulare County Jail 26 July 1921.

Inmate # 36546 San Quentin Prison
Rec: 13 June 1922
Crime: Grand Larceny
Term: 1-10 years
Transferred to Folsom as Inmate # 12171 on 15 June 1922

Inmate #12171 Folsom Prison Trans from San Quentin
Crime: Grand Larceny
Rec: 15 June 1922
Term: 2 years

Unfortunately Joe would never get out of prison, he would die there. Reasons unknown. He was 27 years old.

Photo posted by EDHGS

hie Find-A Grave Memorial is #170112283

May he of found peace.