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Amanda Harriet Willis

She was known as Harriett and she was born the 22 of March 1879 in Marquette, NE
Marquette is a village in Hamilton County, NE In 2010 the population census 229 persons, 89 households, 68 families here.

Harriet's parents and older siblings moved here from Iowa before 1877 when her brother John Ira Willis was born here.
In 1900 Harriet married John Ostbloom and they had 5 children.
John Devere Ostbllom
Arthur Otis Ostbloom
Velma Christine Ostbloom
Zola Carolie Ostbloom
Marie J Ostbloom
For some reason, John & Harriet divorced
And on 4 Jan 1924 she re-married to a man who was married twice before.
Frank Ewing Sharp He was born 2 dec 1876 in 
Plattsmouth, Cass, Nebraska to Pvt Joseph Garvin Sharp & Amanda Jane Rager 

Harriet and John had no children together he had children from one of his previous marriages.
They had to be known to argue frequently, Including the evening in question.

On March 17, 1926, a Wednesday Frank claimed his wife was abducted by bandits, who held them up on Tuesday night north of Havelock. 
He was blindfolded and his hands tied with wire, he staggered into the yard of George Carey, 1244 N Roberts Street, Bethany.
About 10:30 Tuesday night. The Carey family heard him shouting in the yard, and a relative went out. Sharps blindfold was removed and the wire-heavy galvanized steel No. 9 that was fastened his hands, was untwisted. 

Frank explained to the Careys that he stopped his Ford sedan on the road between University Place and Bethany to see if he had a flat tire A large car drove up and a man got out asking if he could help.
The man pulled a gun and ordered Frank back into his Ford. While in the vehicle his hands were bound by the wire and he was blindfolded with a torn black shirt. Harriett was in the front seat and fainted. 
The bandits drove about 50 yards and then let him out of the Ford, leaving Harriet in the vehicle. This was at 8:30 pm, Frank aroused the Careys at 10:30 pm.
Mr. Casey phoned the police station and the officers came to his home, listened to Frank's story and began a search that lasted all night, with several patrol cars patrolling the roads.
Frank was kept with the officers all night going with Sheriff Hensel and several others.
Early Wednesday morning he was turned over to Deputy Sheriffs Hughart & Vorhies.
Vorhies noticed Blood on Franks vest and said Where did you get that blood?
Frank answered, "Well it's not from her."
He was then placed in the University Place jail and kept there until he was taken by Deputy Sheriffs Vorhies & Hasson, to an unknown place for safe-keeping.
Frank let officers know he had a criminal record. He did 10 months for receiving stolen goods.

The above are newspaper article I found on
I also found the following website to be a very useful source about Frank's palm print which ultimately put him to his demise.


Frank Ewing sharp was the 15th person in Nebraska to be executed by electric chair on Jan 19, 1928, for the murder of his wife.
He went to his death declaring his innocents. When I read through the blood evidence and his statement I felt he was guilty. What I would like to know is how he bound himself with the wire. I am sure there's a way I looked at the type of wire his hands were bound with and it's very flexible.
He has no gravestone.
Harriett is buried at  Richland Cemetery in Marquette Hamilton NE I made a memorial for her on Findagrave under Amanda Harriett Willis Sharp. I also requested a photo of her grave be placed.  

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