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Ernest Edward Caldwell

Ernest Edward Caldwell was born on 25 May 1890 in Massachusetts. He traveled between Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois and California from 1897 to 1951.

The trouble started at a young age when he was placed in a School For Boys in Hartford, CT on 10 Sep 1897, he escaped twice, finally being released 1 Jun 1908.

At some point in time he picked himself up the alias George Elwick.

In 1912 he was sentenced to the Illinois State Prison for burglary and was received on 4 Jun 1912 from Vermilion County, PA Inmate #1676 he was released on 12 Jul 1916.  

The he again was arrested and placed in the Illinois State Prison received on 12 Dec 1919 inmate #14797 and was paroled 9 Jun 1922 as George Elwick.

He was arrested for theft and placed in the Connecticut State Prison received on 7 Jun 1917 and discharged on 9 Dec 1919.

While in California Ernest again was arrested for Burglary and received 10 years in 1933.
He was transferred several times back and forth from Folsom to San Quentin.

San Quentin Inmate #71210
Folsom Inmate # 20768
FBI #76374

His final release for parole was 27 Feb 1951


I found his WWII Draft Registration Card but it did not give very much information.

Ernest Edward Cadwell died 25 Jun 1955 in Beverly hills, CA. I could'nt find any family for him that I felt 100% sure about.

This man had a very hard life some of the paths he chose himself and others were chosen for him. If you read his cards from prison they list his scars, the 1944 list's a clear picture. Cut scar through right eyebrow, Vaccination scar upper Left outer arm. Operation scar on the base of his spine. Indention scar center of back, and operation scars on both testicles.

I am wondering if he at sometime was put into an asylum but I do not have any proof. 

  I also did not find a memorial for him.

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