Friday, May 11, 2018

Alice Roper Convicted of Counterfeiting

Alice Roper was born about 1838 in Missouri. Roper was her 2nd husband's last name, her first husband was a Johnson and they had a son named Charles Johnson.

At age 66 Alice Roper was convicted in the state of Washington and taken to San Quentin prison in California for counterfeiting.
She was received at San Quentin on 31 Jan 1904 for a 5 year term.
Her son Charles and a Street Motorman named Frank Lundstont were also charged.

She had a previous record for burglary in Salem, Oregon.

Looked at that expression 

San Quentin Mugshot

Alice Roper San Quentin Prison Record

Tulare County, CA Jail Record

Unfortunately I could not find any further information on her or her son and husbands.

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