Tuesday, May 22, 2018

David John Abel: Long Criminal Career

David John Abel was born 2 Dec 1910 in Asotin, Washington to Leora Betha Zimmerless 1884-1972 and David Jesse Abel 1873-1928. In the records I searched Leora was called Ethel, his father on some records show John David Abel, but a Family Tree has his middle name as Jesse.

Davids Mother Leora Betha Zimmerless

Leora And David had 13 children I know of:

Elmer Abel 1897-
Minnie Abel 1902-1984
Thelma Myrtle Abel 1904-1988
Ida Velma Abel 1905-1978
John David Abel 1910-1992 *
Madress "Madge" Lenore  Abel 1912-1991
William Henry Abel 1915-2006
Norman A Abel 1916-1960
Violet L Abel 1919-1982
Manford Byron Abel 1921-1987
Martha Gay Abel 1923-2000
Roberta Margaret Abel 1926-2008

This list may not be 100% accurate. Both his parents were married multiple times.

David John Abel was married at least twice, his first wife he married 27 Jul 1930, in Garfieled, WA. Gladys M Dickinson.
I believe they divorced according to his prison record which states divorced. His second wife he married 25 Jun 1969 in Clark, WA, She was Gretchen A Chapman.

I found one child that was on a prison record listed as closest relative. Delores M Kelly living in Idaho.

David John Abel's criminal career started in 1926 and went to at least 1950.

22 July 1926 he was #4283 for forgery and placed in the Washing State Training School in Chehalis, WA (Reform School). He continued his behavior for almost the rest of his life. He was placed his first time in Prison on 1 May 1932 as Inmate #2325 in Walla Walla State Penitentiary For Grand Larceny. He was in the Idaho State Prison at least twice, Folsom State Prison in California, Oregon State Prison, Montana State Prison.

He was pardoned once in Idaho. Here are his prison records I found, I will place them in order of years.

1932 Inmate #4036 Asking for a Pardon Idaho State Prison

1940 Inmate # 6108 Idaho State Prison asking for a Pardon

1934 Inmate #  Montana State Prison 3 year sentence

This list's most but not all of his criminal career

1948 Inmate # 7249 Folsom Prison at age 36

I notice as I was researching that none of the family trees have any of his criminal records attached. They either don't known or don't want others to know. I personally would attach everything, I am not going to live forever and I would want my family tree as complete and accurate as possible. I do have a criminal in my tree and his mugshot and criminal record are attached. I am not ashamed.

David John Abel died the 3 Nov 1992 in Pomeroy, Garfield, Washington at the age of 81.

His FAG # 153177953 He is buried at Pomeroy City Cemetery

May he rest in peace the demons are gone.



  1. Gwen, thank you for posting this information. I am a Zimmerlee descendant. I research the Zimmerlee lineage and collateral lines.

  2. You are very welcome...You can copy anything you want, I got all this info on Ancestry...I am so tickled that I found a relative..I started this blog to tell their stories and hopefully connect them to their family....God Bless


  3. Thank you Gwen for this genealogy report. I am Tami, and I'm one of the many great grandchildren to David and Leora. My father is the son to one of the children that was not listed here. Her name is Madge Lenore Abel. I am going to share this with my dad soon and he will love it! He loves to trace his roots. He grew up knowing all his aunts and uncles and stayed pretty close to them until they passed. Thank you again! Tami

  4. I am so delighted you reached out to me, I enjoy hearing from the families and knowing that I helped in some small way telling their ancestors story. Feel free to copy/download anything I have here. I also made a tree on Ancestry as I do each person I write about. I will add Madge.


  5. What a wealth of information was in those inmate records. I thank you so much for sharing that with us.