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Dr. Livingston Anderson: Contributing To A Minor

DR. Livingston Leland Culbertson Anderson was born on 11 June 1891 in Rich Hill, MO, to Montrose Linton Anderson (1857-1909) and Martha Ann Bradley (1859-1955).

He was married twice. First  to Elena Susan Follet  (1894-1979) on 17 May 1914 in Missouri, the had three children. Second to Josephine Frances Rock I couldn't find a date (1907-2002) they had three children.

On his Prison record dated 1945 he states he's a widow.

There's a myth he was born at sea because of an entry on a census record. I found this document from 1921.

On 12 Jan 1945 he became Inmate #11397 in the New Mexico State Pen,  for the crime of contributing to a minor. Now most people would think that is alcohol but it could be drugs, it doesn't clarify. 
He pleaded not guilty.
He listed his nearest relative as Kathyrn Sue Coldiron living in Las Cruces, NY. I found no such person in his family tree.
Occupation listed Surgeon

He was sentenced to 3-4 years.

I would like to point out some interesting facts about some scars he had, which I am sure were a result of the war.

He enlisted on 19 July 1918 in 19th Infantry Bty
2nd Lt FA-RES Texas
Discharged 20 Dec 1918

One of his son's also became a doctor too Dr. William Follett Anderson 1917-1970 Mother was Elena Susan Follett

His other children from Elena
Livingston Anderson Jr. born abt 1916
Sam Follett Anderson 1915-1924

Elena & Livingston were divorced

Children from Josephine Frances Rock

Edward Livingston Anderson 1926-2015
Sandy McPherson Anderson 1927-2012 (Male)
Bettye Alden Anderson 1930-2007

It would be awesome if a relative came forward and told us more of his story. I would like to know about the wounds he sustained in the war. Who was the minor?

17 May 1914 • Jackson, Missouri, USA

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