Saturday, June 16, 2018

Annie Hodgkins: Am I In Your Tree?

Annie Hodgkins was born about 1870 possibly in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

She was convicted 16 Mar 1903 for drunk and disorderly and sentenced 21 days hard labor.

She was 33 years old and placed on the Pub blacklist.

Occupation: Hawker

A hawker is a vendor of merchandise that can be easily transported; the term is roughly synonymous with peddler or costermonger. In most places where the term is used, a hawker sells inexpensive items, handicrafts or food items.

I hope a family member will let us know more about Annie's life.

I didn't find out anything else. I love her photo, she looks so lonely.


  1. Is that the same Annie that was accused of performing an "illegal operation" on a woman who subsequently died (Birmingham Daily Gazette, 2 Dec 1914, p.3)

  2. She was also drunk and disorderly at age 58, and still a hawker. That was her 127th appearance in court, and she was given the chance to go to the "Western Road House" [a workhouse] (Birmingham Daily Gazette, 22 Nov 1930).

    She seemed to make appearances in the papers and court records, and those details could be used to help establish her family (e.g. her sister was married to a miner named William Smith).

  3. Awe!!! Thank you so much for the insight. I made a tree for her on Ancestry so I will have to do more research. This is great!!!!


    1. I also like this type of detective work, Gwen. even though it may not be one of my known relatives. For instance:

  4. I am the same way!!!! I live for this stuff...LOL
    I started a group on Facebook come join us!!!!