Monday, June 11, 2018

Pvt. Harrison Capers: Houston, TX Riot 1917 Camp Logan Series

Harrison Capers was born 22 Feb 1899 in South Carolina (Almost 90% positive this is accurate, although there a discrepancy with a date on enlistment papers saying his birth date was about 1892, he may of lied about his age). His mother's first name is Silvia, his father was Henry Capers.

Harrison enlisted into the Army in 1912.

Look at this face, see the pain in those eyes?

Above are the only records from the Houston, TX 1917 Riot for Harrison.

He died from tuberculosis while he was in Leavenworth Prison, on 12 Aug 1919. I really cried after finding this, although maybe it was a blessing compared to living in prison for over 20 years like most of the rest of his soldiers he served with. 

He has a memorial on FAG #88700650 I left virtual flowers honoring him and I edited his information so now it has his full name. He is buried in the Leavenworth Prison Cemetery.

And someone made one on 3Fold I added his photo, others can contribute as well.
Here's the link

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