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I have been doing genealogy for 30 years. My Great Aunt Ella introduced me to this fascinating adventure when I was a teenager and boy did I get hooked. She inspired me and taught me the importance of my roots and where I came from.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Louis John Rogina: Wanted Poster

Louis John Rogina was born 18 Jun 1885 in Austria. He was wanted by J.J. Fox Constable in Crockett, CA.

He married Anna Zager and they had the following children

Frankie Rogina
Tony Rogina
Louie Rogina
Edward John Rogina
Anne Delores Capan
Albert Donald Rogina Sr

Louis John Rogina died 25 Jan 1947 in San Francisco, CA
His FAG #106579481

I did not find any criminal or prison records for Louis except for the wanted posters.

I also looked under his alias John Melrose and found nothing.

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