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Mike Talarico: Vet of WWI

Mike Talarico was born 9 OCT 1893 Cariati, Cosenza Province, Calabria Region, Italy to Rosario Talarico  and Luigine both born in Italy.

He became Inmate #24685 Leavenworth 
Received: 26 Jan 1926
Crime: Prohibition
Term:1 year 6 mo
Age: 32
Occupation: Farmer

He became Inmate# 43502 Leavenworth
Crime: Mailing Extortion Letters & conspiracy
Received: 13 May 1933
Occupation: Merchant
Reduced to 12 years

Name Mike Talarico
Ethnicity White
Birth Date 9 Oct 1893
Birth Place Cariati, Cosenza Province, Calabria Region, Italy
Father's Name Charles Talarico
Mother's Name Lucia Geossa
Date Recieved at Alcatraz 4 Sep 1934
Place of Incarceration Alcatraz, San Francisco, California
Transferred From L
Old Box Number T-01
New Box Number 1260 - 1261
Shelf Location 3140I
Inmate Number #121
Case File Screened Yes
Pages in Case File 850

Remarks TN: TALARICO, MAURO; ca. 850 pp.

Mike Talarico married Adelina and they had a son named Charles G Talarico 1921-2002

Mike Talarico died 30 Aug 1946 in Springfield, Missouri in the Medical Center for Federal Prisons of a heart attack, but it also says on his death certificate general paralysis insane 10 years.

This must of been so hard for his wife and son. How did she survive??? I would think she would of had to of gotten a job to support herself and then she stayed married to him. I would assume she must of visited him when she could of.  I did not find out too much about her, I got her name from his prison records, 1925 Iowa Census and the 1930 census. I did not find his military records, says on death cert he was a WWI Vet, this may have been the cause of his craziness. 

More Documents I found:

He has a memorial on FAG Memorial #104616065
I attached his son to him.

I am hoping a family member may have more insight and share the untold story with us.

UPDATE: I was contacted by a member of his family, a very sweet lady who sent me a few more pieces of information I will add below. She was a peach to chat with and was amazed by my blog.

He knew Al Capone, I would love to know more about that story. He was also very wealthy at one time.

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