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Billie E Deal: Killed in Folsom Prison By Another Inmate

Real name Clyde Edmond Deal born 19 Jun 1909 in Camptonville, Yuba, CA, to Samuel Crawford Deal (1877-1917) and Lillian Francis Archer (1883-).

His criminal career stated as a teenager when he was arrested for robbery in the 2nd degree and sent Ione Reform School on 26 Jul 1928 as William Deal Inmate #8956.

It was called the Preston Castle, looks haunting, could you imagine being a young kid having to be locked up here?

The link below will tell you more about the history the reform school.

In 1930 he became Inmate #10444 for Robbery 2nd degree at Ione Reform School. He was received 23 Jul 1930 and discharged in 1932 as C. Clyde Deal.

Clyde then as an adult must not have learned any lessons because he became Inmate #18362 Folsom on 10 Mar 1933 for a term of 0-5 years, then transferred as Inmate #55451 San Quentin on 4 Feb 1934 As Clyde Deal for Petty Theft.

He was discharged 11 Jun 1936

San Quentin Info

He last little escapade was in 1940 as Inmate #23152 Folsom
Crime: Robbery 2nd Degree
Rec: 24 Jul 1940
Term: 1-Life

After this stunt he was stabbed and killed by another inmate while in Folsom and buried in the prison cemetery. Died 15 Jul 1942 FAG Memorial #170112303

This may have been the cause of his deep pain.  


Saturday April 21, 1917


Because his wife filed suit for divorce a few days ago, Samuel Deal kissed his six little children good by, told them he was going to kill himself, walked into the screened kitchen back of his home in Camptonville and ended his life early yesterday morning.  


Deal had been brooding for days over his domestic troubles.  Just before he took up his rifle and made his way out of the door to his home, he told his wife, Lillian Frances Deal, that he was through with everything and displayed the bullet with which he intended to end things.


Last week Deal advertised that he would not be responsible for his wife's debts.  And yesterday Mrs. Deal told her attorney, W.P. Rich, that Deal had threatened suicide three weeks ago and that he had cut off all credit, leaving her without any way to provide for her children.


Coroner J.K. Kelly was notified immediately after the shooting.  The inquest was held in the afternoon by Justice of the Peace Fraser, who is acting coroner at Camptonville.  The jury returned a verdict of suicide.


Deal was a prominent figure at Camptonville.  He was a native of California and was 38 years old.  He had lived in Camptonville for a number of years.


Besides a widow and six children, he is survived by five brothers, Robert Deal of Lost River; Joe Deal of Downieville; Ben Deal of Oakland, and Jake Deal of Camptonville; two sisters, Minnie Ochambaugh of Nevada City, and Grace, a married sister, living in Sacramento.

Deal was a member of the Nevada City Parlor of Native Sons.

Samuel Crawford Deal as a young man
Died on 17 Apr 1917

nolan1928 originally shared this on 02 Jun 2012

nolan1928 originally shared this on 02 Jun 2012
The gold country of California

Not everyone has been identified in this photo. However, it is thought that Samuel is sitting to the right of brother Ben, who has the dog.

Clyde must not have ever married I did not find any records of any kind, I guess he was too busy being locked up. This is such a sad story. Samuel must of been broken inside to have left his family the way he did. Those children must of been scared to death.

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