Friday, July 13, 2018

Murray Lesil Pennell: Conspiring For Transportation of Explosives

Murray Lesil Pennell was born 3 Apr 1880 in Kemper, IL to William Franklin Pennell (1849-1926) and Susan Melvina Lamkin (1858-1907).

He was a ship worker in 1918.

He was a part of the International Association of Bridge & Structural Iron Workers. He was their financial secretary in Springfield, IL.

He was arrested in Indianapolis, IN in Dec 1912

Inmate #844 Leavenworth
Crime: Conspiring for transportation of Explosives 
Rec: 1 Jan 1913
Term: 3 years
Discharged: 27 Apr 1915
Below are his prison records

I found some newspaper articles about the arrests of 41 men involved.

Some Additional Reading:,_Structural,_Ornamental_and_Reinforcing_Iron_Workers

Murray married Mattie E Roberts (1882-1975)
They had one child:
Anna Rosemary Pennell (1919-1998)

Below are photos of the house they lived in at Seattle, WA which they moved to sometime after Murray got out of prison 1915-1920

Murray died 1 Jun 1955 in Los Angeles, CA

His FAG Memorial is #85486237
What a story to pass down for generations if they even know.

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