Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Pvt. Nathan Curtis Humphries Jr.: Houston, TX 1917 Riot Camp Logan Series

Nathan Curtis Humphries Jr. was born 9 Nov 1893 in Columbus, GA Death date unknown but may have been in Columbus, GA.

Nathan enlisted into 24th Inf on 18 Feb 1915 at Atlanta, GA, he was 26 years old.

Inmate #12263 Leavenworth
Crime: Mutiny & Murder
Term: Life
Clemency denied 4 Jan 1924

Nathan Curtis Humphries parents were Nathan Curtis Humphries  1835-1919 and Missouri Johnson 1867-

He had the following siblings:

Mabel Humphries 1891-
Curtis W. Humphires 1894-1939
Cora Lee Humphries 1902-1988

Nathan I am sorry for happened to you, it should of never happened. I pray you are in a better place and at peace.


  1. Hi--What you're doing here is extraordinary. I'm writing a musical about the riot and aftermath. I'm especially interested in former members of the 24th Infantry who were isolation orderlies at Fort Leavenworth. I know that Roy Tyler was one. Do you know others who were, off-hand, or should I go through the records you have here? Thanks!

  2. How wonderful!!!!! No I do not know which ones, I remember seeing a few though when I wrote these and I have all them blogged or at least I think I do. Feel free to use any info I have.


  3. A great source would be the National Archives