Sunday, July 1, 2018

Pvt. William J Hough: Houston, TX 1917 Riot Camp Logan Series

William J Hough was born about 1891 in Alabama. All I know for sure is he had a sister named Mary M Hough who wrote a letter on his behalf for clemency. He was a farmer helping his dad on the family farm. He had Syphilis while he was in Leavenworth Prison.

He enlisted into the 24 Inf Company M 

Inmate #12261 Leavenworth
Rec: 1917
Crime: Mutiny & Murder
Term: Life
Reduced to 30 years
Reduced to 21 years 3 months
Expiring 25 Jan 1938

He may have died 3 Jul 1978 in Atlanta, GA. I haven't confirmed this.

His court documents are located at the link below.

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