Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Susie Lichter: Prostitution

Susanna "Susie" Theresa Lichter was born 14 Jan 1896 in Nelson, WA to Christopher Lichter (1863-1933) and Katherine Newman (1869-1960).

Susie was arrested 7 Aug 1918 in Clark County, WA for prostitution, vagrancy, venereal,  she was 23 years old and her occupation was a waitress. She spent 30 days in jail.

Susie's life was sad, her father was committed to Eastern Hospital on Medical Island for the Insane by the 1910 census at age 40 and stayed until his death 8 Apr 1933. His wife had 4 other children along with Susie to raise. Katherine never married again. 

Christopher & Katherine's Children:

Steven Lichter 1894-1939
Susanna Theresa Lichter 1896-1954
Mary Louise Lichter 1899-1993
Elizabeth Katherine Lichter 1900-1993
Annie Lichter 1900-

I noticed 2 of the sisters died in 1993, I looked through newspapers but found nothing but I only have the minimum subscription. 

Susie married 1 Feb 1919 Vancouver, WA to Herman Roy Hoveland who was born 1 Jun 1894 in Menunie, MI.

They had 2 son's

Vernon Hoveland 1919-1972
Eugene Roy Hoveland 1922-1997

She was divorced by the 1940 Census
According to the cities directories they had a bakery and she was a baker and chef, in Ellensburg, WA
I did not find a 1930 census for her.

Susie died 30 Jan 1954 Seattle, WA, her FAG Memorial #8358332

I am very moved by her story and felt the need to make her a tree and tell her story so that a family member would know what kind of life she had and try and understand her pain. 

I would never be ashamed of any of my ancestor's for whatever they did and I do not judge. Susie did what she had to do and had to live with that. I admire her for that. Now she has peace.

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