Sunday, September 2, 2018

Jack Brown: Criminal Career Spans 1893-1943

Jack Brown Born 1872 California or New York, places he gave when incarcerated. Parents unknown. Alias John Brown, Charles Moore, might be more.

First known incarceration:

Inmate #15566 San Quentin as Charles Moore
Crime: Forgery
Rec: 24 Sep 1893
Term: 2 yrs

Inmate #4275 Folsom
Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree
Rec: 10 Jan 1898
Term: 4 years
Discharged: 10 Jan 1901

Inmate #5217 Folsom
Crime: Grand Larceny
Rec: 30 Sep 1902
Term: 9 years

He escaped 24 May 1906, later returned and then was discharged 1 Jul 1909

Inmate # 27006 
Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree
Rec: 12 Dec 1914
Term: 3 years
Discharged: 12 April 1916

Inmate #20325 
Crime: Vio Sec 288 (Lewd or Lascivious Act with a child) & 3 priors
Rec: 2 May 1936
Term: 1-life

Alias: John Moore Brown, Charles Brown, Charles Moore

Occupation: Electrician (Electrical Engineer)

Jack died in Folsom prison on 8 Feb 1943 he was 70 years old

Photo added by EDHGS on FAG Memorial #170032695

I really wonder what his real name was, I found no other records for him except his prison records and death index. Now he's just a number in a lonely prison grave yard.

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