Friday, November 30, 2018

Bobby Leon Beam: Breaking & Entering

Bobby Leon Beam was born 1937 in Waurika, OK to Lucas Jackson Beam (1912-1971) and Juanita Kennedy (1918-1939). (Wanetta, Wahneta, Waunita, and Juanita are variations of her name).

12 Apr 1939 • Ada, Ponatoc, Oklahoma, USA
This is based on the tombstone. The Weekly paper says Lucas J Beam age 27 married Bertha Juanita Boyd, age 15 on 13 June 1940. Not sure what is going on.
Bertha Juanita Boyd

He was Inmate #16290 New Mexico State Prison
Rec: 21 Sep 1957
Crime: Breaking & Entering
Term: 6 mo-3 years
Paroled: Feb 1958

1952 was a horrible year for the Beam family on 18 May 
Bobby's oldest brother Luther at age 16 drowned.

In November Bobby was in a bad accident with his scooter.

Bobby's siblings:

Luther Beam 1935-1952
Bobby Leon Beam 1937-
David Lee Beam 1942-1995
Kenneth Levon Beam 1942-2002
Patricia Ann Beam
Helen Jo Beam

Bobby's wives and children: Bobby had  three wives and five kids. I found these. The rest are marked private.

Joann J Daniels

Spouse & Children
Karrie Mae Raplee
Kimberly Ann Beam


Kimberly Ann was born when he was at Fort Knox on a base. 

Bobby was very muched loved in New Mexico...

He joined the military:
Name Billy R Beam Birth Date 3 Nov 1937 Military Date 22 Mar 1971 Publication Date 1972 Title U.S. Army Register.

Bobby’s grandpa moved to Shafter, CA with some kids moving west.  While Lucas stayed in Ada, OK, he must have shipped the oldest boys west to be with most of the family.  Like Jed Clampett he was out hunting....

Andrew Jackson Beam died in Kern County in 1952.
Son Alphie, daughter Ruth lived and died there.  The older boys may have gone there as a base for the family.  They all are in Ada, OK area and Kern, CA.

Bobby had Aunt Ruth and Alphie Omega Kennedy there in Kern, CA  Post war boom with oil, animals, plants, and industry.  Cheap land to build plants!

Bobby's dad was a Hunter

3 Feb 1971 Ada, OK

Bobby died 20 June 2016 in California.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Martin Carroll: Robbery at Christmas

Martin Carroll was born about 1874 in Georgia, he was living in California in 1897 and he and a friend wanted a drink.

His friend James Brown (not the singer).

I believe the man with one leg was Martin Carroll, he was a bootblack (shoeshine).

James Brown was born in Illinois he was a waiter age 22.

They were both discharged 17 May 1899, I wonder if they went for a drink?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Arthur Dudley AKA J. F. McKenna

Arthur Dudley was born about 1877 in New South Wales, or so he told the Stockton Asylum in 1915.

I found this wanted poster for him and this crazy story unfolded. He claimed to be a relative of the Earl of Dudley, which would by the way would of lived in England. He also claimed to be a sailor, which I do believe because of the various tattoo's he had. He escaped the asylum but was returned and later discharged. Now what's really crazy is the wanted poster says he blew a safe. I found several newspaper clippings that say he stole postage stamps.

He was discharged and free to go on 8 Oct 1919. Was he insane? Who was he? Was Arthur Dudley is real name. He has many alias list on the wanted poster and I researched them all. He could of been anyone. All I know for sure is he may have been a sailor and maybe even in the military, I come to this conclusion by the description of his tattoo's.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Criminal Genealogy Group On Facebook

I started this blog to write about people who had criminal records and to tell their stories, I became their voice. It's like they were restless and needed their stories told so they could rest easily, once the skeleton fell from the closet. 

I do not always find lots of information on the people I write about, but I try to give as much genealogy information and newspaper stories as I can find to let family who find them later know what all happened to their ancestor.

Some stories are very sad and heart breaking, while others do have happy endings. I have had several family members leave comments or email me thanking me for the story I wrote and telling more about the person. In many cases the family had no idea about the criminal record.

I started this blog several years ago and in June of this year I decided to start a group on facebook to help others find their criminal ancestors. It's not an easy thing to find these records. Most records are not online and you have to write/call or email for them. 

I have 6,636 members as of the time I wrote this. I just want to say that each one of them has made this group the best there ever was on Facebook, there is no drama at all, everyone gets along and all work together. Since June we have only deleted maybe 5 members.

I have a lady named Lisa who helps me run the group because I just can not do it myself, and she is a great researcher and a wonderful friend and sounding board. 

I just wanted to write my blog today about these wonderful people in our group and let others know that even though you may have something horrible in your family tree like incest, rape, abuse, robbery, murder, kiddnapping, we are all here to help and we all understand. No judgements ever.

We have helped so many people get their ancestor's criminal records and mugshots, it amazes me how grateful they are. Even the ones that have no lucking getting theirs have stayed in the group and helped others find theirs.

I wish there was some way of getting records from jails/prisons and start an online database so people can get them before they are all destroyed and all hope is gone in trying to understand why an ancestor did whatever they did.

This group is private, no one outside the group can see anything, I want all my members to feel safe from being harassed by family or others about what they are searching for. We do NOT search for living people.

Today's blog is dedicated to the members of this group and to thank each and everyone one of them for making it a huge success.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Bertha Talkington: Murder 1st Degree

Bertha Talkington was born Bertha Grace Outland 20 Jul 1894. 
Parents were: Charles Grant Outland (1865-1948) and Estella Merill Linard (1869-1943).

Inmate #57153 San Quentin Prison (California) 
Rec: 17 Jan 1935
Crime: Murder 1st Degree
Term: Life
Age: 44 yrs
was transferred to Tehachapi Women's Prison 

Her life was whirlwind of wants.

Back Story:

#1  Charles Julius May (1885 - 1922) was her first husband.  They had Grace Viola May in 1913 and nothing else was found in her.  Hazel May (1914 - 1916) wanted to give her doll a bath and drowned in the bathtub.  Esther R May (1919 - 1926) sometimes is referred to as Esther Talkington.  On the Fourth of July she visiting family when she put fireworks in her pocket and tried to light a punt.  Cinders or sparks fell into her pocket which set her dress ablaze 4 July 1926 in Yuba City, CA.

On 9 Oct 1923 she married Lamar Talkington
She killed him...Here's that story.
They found a small package of ground glass in her handbag. Hum....

Estella Merill Linard parents had her children Bertha, Clara Margaret, Hazel May, and Harry T Outland in Ohio.  In Oregon in 1900 they had twins named Claude and Clyde who disappeared, no records have been found.  In Oregon in 1903 they had Goldie Marie Outland.  They moved to Sutter County, CA where they had Guy Carson, Kenneth Parker, and Viola May Outland.

Charles Outland’s Mother was Martha Starbuck of the Nantucket Starbucks.  He had the Quaker birthright and his family goes back to the earliest Quaker families.

  I am not sure what to think or what was actually proven but it seems to me she she had some serious issues. It was court ordered for for to be released from prison 27 Nov 1935. So she didn't spend much time behind bars.

 Her brother-in-law Alonzo Blaine Talkington was also married to a Bertha, as if one Bertha Talkington wasn't enough.

She was in an asylum for a period of time in 1937.
She was at the ranch with Alonzo and she took a revolver and shot herself in the head and died later. Alonzo found her and summoned the asylum and that's where she died. 

Bertha Grace Outland was the oldest child of 10.
She married again to Harry A Coleman. 

I would like to thank Laurie for her help.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Who Was Janet Marie Roberts??? Really????

Janey Marie Roberts may have been born About 1910 in Minnesota. He had many alias: Frances Wright, Irene Putnam, Janet Connely, Irene Rowe.

She was in San Quentin Prison in California for the following:

No photo on this Mugshot card....Hum

Inmate #51499 San Quentin
Rec: 6 Feb 1932 
Crime: 476a PC (Forgery, Bad Checks)
Term: 14 yrs
Was Transferred to the women's prison when it opened which was Tehachapi 7 Nov 1933. She was paroled 6 Mar 1934 and violated parole 1935 but wasn't returned to prison. 
She was 22 yrs old and her occupation at the time was stenographer. 

She was had a long rap sheet as you can see on her San Quentin Card.

Maybe she should of learned bookkeeping then she would of managed her money better.

Who was she???? I have no idea, I found no concrete records except a few city directories. She was a beautician once.

Alias: Frances Wright, Irene Putnam, Janet Connely, Irene Rowe.

Mystery waiting to be solved.