Friday, February 22, 2019

Mary Jane Farr: Embezzlement

Miss Mary Jane Farr called "Minnie" was born in 1886 in Rathdrum, ID to Hiram Farr (1839-18940 and Margaret Walker (1845-1932).

Minnie was never married

Inmate #6691 Idaho State Prison
Rec: 17 Jan 1944
Term: 1-10 years
Age: 57
She became addicted to slot machines and going to nightclubs and started living beyond her means financially. 

She was pardoned and released from prison on 1 Oct 1944.

Here are a few photos of found of slot machines from that era.

Minnie had 2 siblings
Hiram Farr 1868-
Joseph Farr 1870-1943
Solomon Tredwell Farr 1875-1969
Emily Farr 1878-1969

Both were born in Ireland before their parents came to America.

Emily never married either she stayed with her mother until her death in 1932.

She embezzled almost $10,000 within 3 years, and pretty much got away with it. First mistake was keeping the slips.

I made her a Tree on Ancestry and I connected the family's memorials on Find-A-Grave.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Family Of Trouble: The Street Men

Richard Henry Street was born 3 May 1908 in Kalispell, MT and married Jewel Anderson (1907-1954) on 8 Sep 1931 in Polson, MT. They had seven children:

Phylmena M Street
Clifford Ray Street
Valerie Fay Street
Vonnie Dean Street
Valeta V Street
Darryl Laverne Street
1938– (2009) maybe
Gerald Dick Street

Clifford Ray Street was in and out of the Flathead, MT jail many times.

From 1952 to 1960 he was in and out for D.U.I., Child Support, Reckless Driving, Grand Larceny, Burglary which he was paroled to his parents. Was fine %25 for no muffler, fined for not licensing his vehicle. Burglary 3rd degree. He started his crime spree early in life and I would bet there's a juvenile record. He was married twice, here's a divorce record.

Pay very close attention to her name because it will show up again.

Clifford and his second wife Margaret had a baby that died, it was born prematurely.

Vonnie Dean Street

Inmate #18236 Montana State Prison
Rec: 10 Sep 1957
Crime: Assault 2nd Degree
Term: 3 years
Age: 23

Flathead Jail record said Burglary, Robbery, Contempt, Disturbing the Peace, Petty Larceny.

He worked for the Great Northern Railroad.
He married Barbara Jean Twigg (1938-1980) who also had a D.U.I they divorced. They had at least one child he was Terence J Street 1955-2013.

Darryl Laverne Street

 Inmate #18237 Montana State Prison
Rec: 10 sep 1957
Crime: Assault 2nd Degree
Term: 2 years
Age: 19

 He was with his brother in the Bar (Newspaper article above)

Inmate #19257 Montana State Prison

Rec: 6 Jan 1960
Crie: Robbery
Term: 4 years
Age: 21

There are many charges for him and time spent in the Flathead Jail as well, he had a Burglary 2nd Degree 18 July 1957 did 30 days, drunk driving, Petty Larceny, child support.

He married Norma Lorraine Hedge (1940-2013) 
2 Sep 1958 
she was only 17 years old, they had a daughter. divorced 21 May 1959.

Gerald Dick Street 
Flathead Jail Records

Grand Larceny 1 Aug 1963
Grand Larceny 20 Jan 1968
D.U.I & Driving without a License 26 Sep 1968
Petty Larceny 18 Aug 1969
Traffic Violation 16 Jan 1970
Bad Check 2 Jun 1971

He was married to Evelyn Margarette VanHorn (1943-1993) on 3 May 1966 divorced 11 July 1966.

I didn't find any criminal records for their parents. The daughters were all married and divorced at least once.

The father Richard Henry Street became a widow in 1954 and married his son's x-wife and they had a daughter in 1953.

She was married to Clifford Ray Street.

I know there are families that are dysfunctional and some have a few members that get themselves into trouble, but this family really had some issues and I am sure there are more prison records but because of the years they are not online, which I could of written or called for them but have chosen not to. It a sad thing to have so much hurt all in one family.

I found a newspaper clipping about an automobile accident when some of the kids were young I think Richard was driving, nine people were hurt.

Donnie Hamilton was married to Valerie Fay Street and they divorced, he died in 2015. He was also in the Flathead Jail for Larceny and 3rd degree Assault, he relocated to Idaho and remarried. Valerie had two more husbands, both had jail records.

The other two sisters were only married once.

I made them a tree on Ancestry, it took me a very long time to sort it all out, but it's full of documents for someone who will be looking for them someday.

Hopefully they are all at peace now.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

James Jim Kirby: Murder 1st degree

James jim Kirby was born 8 Aug Aug 1909 in Smith County, Texas (most likely in Tyler). To Robert M Kirby (1869-1960) and Edith lillian Liggins (1875-1967).

James was a most Courteous barber.

Inmate #13046 New Mexico State Prison
Rec: 9 Dec 1949
Crime: Murder 1st degree
Term: Commuted to 50 Years Flat
Paroled: Dec 1956
Age: 40

He was married and divorced by this point of his life.
I did not find out why he shot and killed his girlfriend Grace Williams. Guess we will never know what she was doing next door.

He had the following sibling:

Robert Kirby 1875-1967
Cornelius Kirby 1903-
Polly Kirby 1904-
Rosia L Kirby 1907-
Narcissus Kirby 1913-
William Kirby 1915-1998

His brother Robert Kirby had a daughter named Willie Faye Kirby who was in a car accident on .8 mile N of Anson, TX on Highway 83. It was during a rainstorm, she died and was 18 years old a basketball player at her high school.

James Jim Kirby died 15 July 1995 in Tyler, TX

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Anita Aldaco Montes: Bigamy

Anita Aldaco Montes (Maiden name unknown) born about 1900 in Cookspeak, NM.

Inmate #4456 New Mexico State Prison
Crime: Bigamy
Rec: 18 Nov 1919
Term: 2-2 years 1 month
Age: 19
Paroled 1921

I found her in the 1920 census in New Mexico State prison and then in the 1930 and 1940 census married to Jesus Montes with the following children.

Carmel 1916-
Louis 1921
Raymond 1923-
Arthur 1924
Leana 1925
Eleanor 1926
Maria 1928

I am not sure who the other husband would of been but I would assume Jesus to be her first and legal husband, due to her last name and the fact that her first child was born 3 years  before she went to prison. 

It's incredible that a 19 year old women would have 2 husbands in 1919, she looks like a tough cookie that has gone through some rough times.

I made her a tree on Ancestry and I will continue the search.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Walter Fowler Kennedy: Burglary 2nd Degree

William Fowler Kennedy was born about 1882 in Missouri to Thomas Duncan Kennedy (1849-1926) and Mary "Matie" Casibiannca Fowler (1863-1936).

Photo posted on Ancestry by Wendy Davidson

Walter and his brother Ralph Daniel Kennedy (1885-1948) grew up in a home located in Holden, MO. Walter was at home in the 1900 census and then he disappears. 

Photo posted on Ancestry by Wendy Davidson

The Kennedy Family

Photo posted on Ancestry by Wendy Davidson

Walter and his dog.

Sometime between 1900 and 1904 Walter goes to California. California had a plague epidemic from 1900-1904.

The San Francisco plague of 1900–1904 was an epidemic of bubonic plague centered on San Francisco's Chinatown. It was the first plague epidemic in the continental United States. The epidemic was recognized by medical authorities in March 1900, but its existence was denied for more than two years by California's Governor Henry Gage. His denial was based on business reasons, to protect the reputations of San Francisco and California and to prevent the loss of revenue due to quarantine. The failure to act quickly may have allowed the disease to establish itself among local animal populations. Federal authorities worked to prove that there was a major health problem, and they isolated the affected area; this undermined the credibility of Gage, and he lost the governorship in the 1902 elections. The new Governor George Pardee implemented a medical solution and the epidemic was stopped in 1904. There were 121 cases identified, including 119 deaths.

Much of urban San Francisco was destroyed by fire in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, including all of the Chinatown district. The process of rebuilding began immediately but took several years. While reconstruction was in full swing, a second plague epidemic hit San Francisco in May and August 1907 but it was not centered in Chinatown. Cases occurred randomly throughout the city, including cases identified across the bay in Oakland. San Francisco's politicians and press reacted very differently this time, wanting the problem to be solved speedily. Health authorities worked quickly to assess and eradicate the disease. Approximately $2 million was spent between 1907 and 1911 to kill as many rats as possible in the city in order to control one of the disease's vectors.

In June 1908, 160 more cases had been identified, including 78 deaths, a much lower mortality rate than 1900–1904. All of the infected people were Caucasian, and the California ground squirrel was identified as another vector of the disease. The initial denial of the 1900 infection may have allowed the pathogen to gain its first toehold in America, from which it spread sporadically to other states in the form of sylvatic plague (rural plague). However, it is possible that the ground squirrel infection predated 1900.

There was also the Presidential Election going on at the time.

The 1904 United States presidential election in California refers to how California participated in the 1904 United States presidential election. California voted for the Republican incumbent, Theodore Roosevelt, in a landslide over the Democratic challenger, New York judge Alton B. Parker.

Inmate #5873 Folsom Prison (California)
Rec: 5 Nov 1904
Crime: Burglary 2nd Degree
Term: 4 Years
Age: 22

He was so young

Walter Fowler Kennedy would die behind Folsom Prison walls and be buried in their cemetery on 2 Sep 1907.

Photo added by EDHGS on FAG
Find A Grave Memorial #175729681 I connected him to his parents, they are now reunited in someway. 

I did send and email to who take care of Inventory of the Department of Corrections Records, asking if they had a record stating the cause of death for Walter.

When I hear back from them I will update this post with further information. 

Walter must of been a very good buglarer, he got away with many robberies and if it wouldn't of been for his confession to his other crimes he may not of gotten 4 years.

I made him a tree on Ancestry, there seems to be 2 others but only one has his mugshot attached and no death date.